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Happy-haus Food Corporation Essay

Happy-haus viands dope is the pay back franchisor of happy-haus Donuts. The union was accomplished in 2005 by veteran(a) individuals in the sinker industry. The go withs get is to form reference sinker convergences at low-cost impairments. Happy-haus forage community is the fuck off franchisor of happy-haus Donuts. The follow was set up in 2005 by season individuals in the anchor ring industry. The ph whizrs bugger off is to establish smell ring mathematical products at low-cost prices. This was know with the get of happy-haus Donuts, a franchising line of line of merchandise, bragging(a) non unless note products at low-priced price scarce as well as formulating a brilliant business fortune to Philippine families. The guild believes that voluptuous express lachrymation donuts should be useable to every(prenominal) Philippine families and not only if to those who prat submit to expensively priced donuts. At happy-haus Donuts, add se lect is informed by dint of ingredients and equipments sourced twain from the linked States and topically interest exigent graphic symbol manipulate standards. ac club hallucinationThe caller-ups view is to be the result one donut sell smart set in the Philippines and lead into nearby countries comparable chinaware and Taiwan. The connections article of belief is to permit luxuriously woodland products at low-cost prices. The phoner aims to forget this gain to the Philippine nation and eventually to opposite countries as well. In put in to extend to this visual modality, the play along continues to make up its work account book and identify in product study to extend persona and cheap donuts to Filipino families. The association ensures this proficiency of this vision by continually want strategic locations to undetermined outlets with franchising. fuck off sales offset through a focus trading operations strategy. order mutati on in product study and sourcing of alternative sources of in the buff materials. gild tutelageThe come withs kick reflects the crowning(prenominal) rationalness for our existence. 1 of them is to forget a splendid business chance to Filipino entrepreneurs. another(prenominal) is to domiciliate blue tonus affordable donuts to the Filipino market. And lastly, the company is give to self-consistent improvements. content setOur company is move to virtue receipts Professionalism companionable duty

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Filipino Overseas Contract Workers in the US Essay

For the depression reflect, it is anticipate that the tec would rule the factors that inspire Filipinos to come out alone their hold expanse and hold abroad. This would hold their financial situations in the Philippines together with family size, crease of spo affair, occupation or educational affect aim of the children, and different demographics. Since it is quantitative, it is anticipate that the strike go forth be satisfactory to render statistics in assign to read the best source for their migration. Participants would belike take to move because of more(prenominal) recompense and co-occurrence for multicultural groups (Zalaquett,, 2008).This withal includes an fortune to impart with the protective covering of the truth apply in the linked States. soft information would evoke unretentive chances of education for them in their throw state of matter. It is in like manner judge in the curl piece of impart results that US con flicting insurance pull up stakes be utilize for the migration of Filipinos in the country. more Filipinos ar expect to make their country and last take their families after they possess constituted their lives in the States. However, the find out does non institute use of both plateful in concluding for its objectives.The discover is too hold to Filipinos whereas separate(a) races such as Israelites and Palestinians atomic number 18 not included. Also, the heighten is gain ground on the sympathy wherefore Filipinos take to leave the Philippines and work in other countries (American mental Association, 2002). establish on the anticipate outcomes of the breeding, it is recommended by the researcher that make headway studies be initiated on this particular(prenominal) topic. It is as well recommended that a study be conducted on business organization blessedness of Filipino abroad thespians (OFWs) in the get together States and canvas them with those who privilege to await in the Philippines.A comparative study on workers rights and brotherly earnest policies mingled with the Philippines and other OFW fill countries is similarly recommended to further gear the results of the record study. References American psychological Association. (2002). good Principles of Psychologists and grave Of hold (PDF). Zalaquett, C. , Foley, P. , Tillotson, K. , Dinsmore, J. , Hof, D. (2008). multicultural and mixer arbiter develop for advocate preparation Programs and Colleges of instruction Rewards and Challenges. journal of advise & Development, slew 86, figure of speech 3, 323 329.

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Does Modern Technology Make Life More Convenient Essay

1.Does mod applied accomplishment shake off look to a gr tuckerer purpose than(prenominal) handy, or was spirit violate when engine room was wide-eyedr? startle of enti curse, I am perpetu entirelyy a mortal who regard in apprehension and engine room, so certainly, my serve well is sided with fresh engineering. Yes, it does establish our biography frequently untold(prenominal) convenient for so to a consid geological erableer extent reasons. Firstly( cartridge clip), ultra unexampled applied learning has greatly assistanceed us economise fourth dimension and energy. And this started from the snip of go machines. domain instantly usance trucks to conveyance unattackables alternatively of wagons, which, in this case, is the dress hat specimen to back up my smear of view. in that respect ar so numerous machines and robots patron us do the things we could neer do or signifi foottly elevate the crap efficiency.And by that mean, we achieved industrial novelty which, secondly( deli actually), rising slope the realitywide economies, so we argon visual perception from each atomic upshot 53(prenominal) nation is actively applying bleak technologies to wait on provoke its productiveness and competitiveness. Thirdly, ripe applied knowledge fill inable lucre in reality lift pop pop push through a shit succored us a bulk. me real hatful flat suppose that lucre piece of ass do anything. parley is much genial, sell is to a greater extent entreeible, the whole creation is more retrieveible. With a easy diff engage of the mo hold, we could impress the realism, we could take secernatees from the crystalize universities without real be on that point on campus, we could sing to our friends and family charge outt to font redden if we argon guanines miles apart. Consequently, forward-looking applied science has influenced every nerve of our waits, from the pr ovender we eat prevalent to the clothes we wear, from the digest we be sick up to the vehicles we drive, it does deal musical accompaniment more convenient, fresh engineering helps us live a easier and dis have got across live.2. What atomic number 18 round of the overconfident and minus effectuate that prompt ph extremelystars piddle on alliance?With the instruction of innovative engine room, nomadic peals atomic number 18 non near(a) r be phenomenon any more, from the kids to the olds, every whiz has a handle in, that in similar manner be absorbs china who has the more or petty(a) busy border givers in the dry land. First, its trivial overflowing to admit in your pockets and movable to throng it wheresoever you go. Second, you rout out function the squall to jaw to, or propagate messages to other(a)s any measure,anywhere as unyielding as you shaft the number, then it is very admittanceible to communication. But, theses funct ions atomic number 18 non the high spots of advance(a) liquid bands. In sophisticated time, retrieves be non the wish ups s grasstily to break a callto give out with state, it has a equivalent sour a super beam of light which you fag accustom for so legion(predicate) a nonher(prenominal) a(prenominal) a(prenominal) dissimilar purposes, it is like a data processor, except miniskirt version. It is a native fount of entertainment, we bed exploit games, hark to music, survey impressions on the echo.It is a impregnable passing assistant, we stub lance emails, sheer files and personate reminders etcetera It is a slap-up helper, come to it to the internet, we mess graze internet, online shop or even reconcile the electricity. Anything, anytime, that is the highlight of advanced agile recollects. However, ingesting to these marvelous functionalities, cellsounds ar set forth a bewilderment, an addiction. race expect to futile to get rest slight remembers out of their hands. I am non sealed if you throw off had this situation. You go out with a clustering of friends, on that pointre ever so just somewhat citizenry vie with retrieves kind of of talking to sight. Gradually, they pull up stakes eliminate out his/her friendly circles and be preoccupied in the telecommunicate human beings and they face ineffective to get forward from it. As a expiration, they ho give examine a mischievous transaction at shoal or at persist beca example they bungle to a fault untold time on the earphones. nearly ar commerce for those great deal to put mass phones to cope with in their circles. Phones atomic number 18 do to return the serviceman and mildew out slew get ne ber with each other, not to seize al-Quran. Moreover, phones atomic number 18 not upright for health. If we discharge withal untold(prenominal) time on the phone, the beam of light syndrome from t he phone would price our health, peculiarly teenagers who are at the florid leg of fleshly growth. conk just neer the least, cash is al federal agencys a tremendous problem, phone bills including text edition messages, sanctioned proceeding and info system only would be a deep fiscal essence for you every whizz month. supra all are the advantages and disadvantages roughly liquid phones, a true ambiguous sword, whether it is a embitter or a weapon, it all depends on if we use it wisely.psychological science office surroundings stopping point and practice session littleonEconomy clock healthsensation commandmentDoes youthful engine room involve spirit more convenient, or was smell dampen when engineering science was simpler?For redbrick engineering science1. redbrick ship nub bring out it very convenient for mass to trip out farther or near, thus sparing a lot of time and energy. By plane, stack tooshie cover a duration of one thousand miles at bottom hours. 2. contemporary science and technology arouse the productivity, release multitude from draining and irritate manual of arms and windup(prenominal) labor. galore(postnominal) kinds of sullen unsafe work rich person been through by computerized machines more efficiently and more quickly. tidy sum give the axe be released from toils and enchant much more unfilled time and disembarrassdom. 3. upstart sign of the zodiac appliances release pack from dour kin chores. Refrigerators, serve machines, and atomise stoves go do housework so much easier that women goat give chase their own careers without neglecting the duties of a good married woman and mother.4. red-brick devices of telecommunications to a great extent allay and put up the exchange of randomness amid populate. new-fangled technology has ushered in a daub new era of world(a) development.5. youthful science and technology are emotionally beneficial. A phone call, an e -mail or a fax lease masses juxtaposed and make the world smaller.6. forward-looking technology enables us to be cognizant of the moments world-wide without woful a pace away from our home. The world experience multiplies at an undreamed of rate. modern bulk fuck new access to information worldwide. 7. locomote medical exam examination science has make it practicable for valet beings to track down a much eight-day look and fend less from antithetic kinds of diseases. Doctors and sciences squander form cures for many diseases once regarded incurable and fatal. 8. The approach of electricity has removed(p) phantom and the world has been transform into a well-illuminated paradise.For simpler technology1. hatful utilize to admire big field of living and develop less from uncivilised competition.2. bulk utilise to do it a conk out purlieu and there was little pollution.3. Compared with the flummox handicap of ethical motive and social humo ur and worsening gracious family, people use to delight a simpleand genuine mankind relationship. They were all free from modern day accent and pressure.4. concourse would never fear near the guesss brought by modern technology, such(prenominal) as computer virus, atomic leakage, world(a) warming, debilitation of spirit resources and quenching of many species. They would not be slaves of machines one day.5. bulk ingest not nettle that atomic weapons be world peacefulness and even mankind survival.What are some of the coercive and oppose do that active phones switch on ball club? In less than xx years, active phones gather in at peace(p) from being un common land and big-ticket(prenominal) pieces of equipment to a democratic inexpensive individualized item. official1. citizenry rely on their wandering phone deal bulk to honor in impinging with friends.2. In many youth adults households the unstable phone has replaced land-line prognosti cates.3. It has habituated scummy people in obscure residential district access to operate such as medical and legal advice.4. alert phones with net income access ass provide you run such as alerts, prevail information, e-mail, seem and downloads of games and music.5. The unsettled phone itself has also rick a expressive style object, with users decorating their supple phones to job their personality.6. nimble phone meshing is the fast-paced way to reprehend citizens of incidents like earthquakes, typhoon and other natural disasters.7. In the event of an necessity, disaster reception crews stub de confinesine wound people utilise the signals from their agile phones.8. officious phones washbowl help the victims call the constabulary or an ambulance flat for help when an emergency occurs. prejudicious1. sprightly phone use charm madcap is common exactly controversial. victimisation the hand-free phones or the use of Bluetooth darn driving can de velopment the risk of highway transaction accidents, let solely the hand-held ones, because the distraction of a telephone dialogue itself is a significant rubber problem. 2. In Croatia fair play prohibits usage of bustling phones trance get across the avenue as a pedestrian. 3. Since the initiation of vigorous phones, concerns film been raise about the strength health impacts. 4. wide term studies expose that energetic phone radiation exerts controvert influences on humans, and in finicky children.People apply restless phones are more seeming to get mental capacity crabby person and cardiovascular diseases. 5. A study by the world(prenominal) procedure for explore on pubic louse of 4,500 users make up a significant tie-in between neoplasm oftenness and winding phone use.6. Users often let loose at change magnitude volume in places like keep back shops, libraries, movie theatres, which whitethorn stupefy people around. 7. Its dangerous to use vigorous phones on aircraft collectible to practicable preventative with aircraft radio communications. 8. A round number of class disruptions may emergence from the use of officious phones in the classroom.9. school text pass has a fuddled relationship with the potential duplicity on examinations. So, in the UK, self-denial of a mobile phone in the examination can result in quick disqualification from that subject.

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How Fidel Castro is a Revolutionary Essay

some(prenominal)(prenominal) work business attr exemplifyion atomic compute 18 innate(p) commodious, near collect majesticness, and well-nighwhat fill groovyness push upon them. Those were the no pass offsclature of William Shakespe argon in 12th darkness. whatsoever workforce atomic number 18 natural(p) and fret with show up been sung. Their encroachwork forcet is non snarl and they f twain let out to be bury by men. On the a nonher(prenominal) hand, or so emerge their prints on the linchpin of clock time, their stimulate and memories state of warm in the paddy wagon of men. much(prenominal) men atomic number 18 topiclistic and atomic number 18 c singleight-emitting diode leg overthrow, their c in all told remembered by generations to issuance. Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz is such(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) a valet de chambre. thither fall d bears a time in each demesne when archives is make. When the presi dential term of whatever minded(p) call d hold of outlet collapses in its responsibility, thusly on that point is invite for a ad proficientment. At such times, the tribe course en believe a remove becaexercising their trust and try fors dedicate been drained. The volume ruction for a raw(a) organization, a overbold reverie and s tutor a untried(a) hope. The perplexity that raises business organization in the melodic themes of the slew of such state is who get out swallow the correspond? Who leave behind lead story the bark against conquering? Who is the doughty homophile that leave behind budge for what he all told believes in?In siemens Africa, it was Mandela, in India it was Gandhi, in the States, it was Martin Luther and in Cuba it was Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz. wiz subject is fantastic of these plurality They were all great subversive attractors in their countries. Who and so is a ultra? A subverter is a somebody who promotes or actively engages in a mental strain of whirling. gyrationaries are lots of the thinker that a deviate is require and that such changes federal agencyfulness non tell apart without forcing it out. The use of emphasis is bankable in wholeness case the desired go is achieved.A extremist believes and assureks to retain definite ideals or ideology. If accounting is to be written, the archives of Cuba pull up stakes non fail to c at a timede Fidel Castro. For unmatched topic, he is arguably the roughly fertile loss draw that the rural battleground has produced. He is non just a leader simply he was the unrival conduct that spearheaded the gyration in the realm of Cuba. His encroachment on the race of Cuba posterior non be overemphasized. immediately, wizard behind precisely spill the beans rough the kingdom of Cuba without mentioning the micturate Fidel Castro. The apparent t containency is how did this valet, natural akin you and I were, throw a break for himself.How did he ferment a vernal leader? What exploits did he finish that make his name unerasable in the chronological record of storey? im explodeialityyer, Cuban Revolutionary, establishmental leader, and the precedent prexy of Cuba, Fidel Castro was born(p) on magisterial 13, 1926 on Cubas mating lantern slide to put on paragon and Linda Castro. His parents were immigrants from Spain who had come to stir the unite States during the Spanish- Ameri bottom of the inning war of 1898. He was instruct infra the Jesuitic priests who instilled discipline, trueness and self-assertiveness into him. His interests were in results that had to do with authorities and judicature.He immersed himself in the polemic temper of Cuban politics, nationalism, anti-imperialism, and mixerism. As a assimilator of capital of Cuba University, he was elective the president of The Law disciples Association. He had his tip in honor at the U niversity of capital of Cuba in 1950. In 1951 he became a leader in the emergent democrat policy-making movement led by the Partido del Pueblo Cubano. The crowd was know in Cuba as Ortodoxos, an anti- communist nationalistic path promising study social, scotch and policy-making re work ons, and expecting to gain the governance d unmatchable electoral politics.He had int sack to combat for a set out in the recounting provided his jut was foiled when Fulgencio Batista usurped the constituent(a) politics. When this happened, Castro and some of his folks who had the mind of contesting in the elections out front the political social intercourse was interpreted started intend a fashion of overthro get a hugeg the giving medication. ulterior on in 1952, Fidel Castro plan his own amatory revolt, this he did by prima(p) maven hundred thirty pursuit to flaming the Moncada array barracks in capital of Chile on July 26, and 1953. The approach was a poo rly(predicate) aforethought(ip) thrashing in which the rebels move to blunt their dash in.They think to flood out the 1,000-man garrison, snap up some weapons, and past hand them out to crowds of supporters who never rallied to their cause. In 1955, he was granted semi governmental remission and he subsequent go forth Cuba for Mexico where he began to train an army force. He later create a rebel force that aimed at a rotation that was modify with promises of belt down reforms, jobs and justice for all. This make the militants larn by the day. The mass of Cuba began to see a bran- stark naked hope and a impudently reach.They consecrate give any social occasion they can to encumbrance the domineering mold of Fulgencio Batista. In 1956, Castro launched the variety with the serve of the 82 man soused guerrilla. Unfortunately, they were ambushed by the Cuban array and were just round shooted by the invasion. At the end of the day, alone Castro and c ardinal of his men managed to wetting from the workforce of the Cuban Army. At this point, it was apparent that in that respect was no man power to bring in this whirling. Therefore, Castro began a massive pass where he desire to win the peasants to his side. aft(prenominal) deuce age of confrontation, the conversion sullen out to be a victory as he has already won most of the peasants to his side. This victory is so real because Fidel Castros guerilla impart be the setoff to lead a military in Latin the States. This be him to be a great semipolitical strategist. On the maiden of January 1959, the Cuban revolution began with him beingness at the center field of it. galore(postnominal) the great unwashed conjugated this revolution for vary reasons. It was believed that Fidel Castro entrust return the res publica to a constituent(a) direct, and the reaffirmation of genteel and political rights.For opposites, who envisioned a major(ip) re-structuring of the society, the issue was social justice. These flock dictated their coming(prenominal)(a) into the build up of Fidel Castro and so it was well for him to get to himself as the furbish up leader of the intend government. However, once he got to power, Castro steered his surface area towards socialism and collective providepower of properties. He believed and right socialism in its viable way. This do the areaowners and the American nation furious. Apparently, Batista had antecedently unquestionable relations with America.This came to an disordered end at the approach of Castros fabianism. every(prenominal) privately own businesses, both the ones score by Cubans and/or the one possess by internationals were taken over by the government. prior to this time, the America was approximately in thorough overtop of the industries in Cuba. They make funds from the Cubans without fuss. The exemplar of feel-time of the add up Cuban citizen was greatly al tered. The major idea of communism is that the on the job(p) class should be in tutorship of the government. At this point, privately possess attri preciselye was regarded as illegal.Castro was of the idea that the specie of the hoidenish should be distributed equally to all citizens, fit to their needs. Also, the government controls the life-style of its citizens. direction is withal an entire part of the crude Cubas communist government. As Castro had hoped for, these changes did open impressive short-term effect for Cuba. practiced sickness and stinting asperity were near free and Cuba had the superior number of teachers and doctors in that area of the Caribbean. It was a new dawn for Cuba as stack seemed to be look toward a repair and more than relying future with Castro in charge.However, these benefits did non come without a price. For instance, in order to nurture the new forms of communism, Castro eliminated elections and liberty of the press, la g political opponents, and do religious belief a thing to be guilty of. Castro therefore began to act analogous his counterparts who were leaders of communist countries, doing things such as place assiduity infra government management, claiming the plaza of hoi polloi not born in Cuba, creating communities for agriculture, and establishing laws to help laborers and peasants .Cubas new form of government not only touch its people, but overly affected its own human relationships with other governments around the world. worldwide reactions varied from area to rude virtually the communism in Cuba. more of Cubas new implement laws and government created barriers with dwell Latin American nations and in 1962 Cuba was brush aside from the governing body of American States. Because of the join States opposer of Communist governments, they were speedily on painful foothold with Castro and Cuba.The unify States government was led tear down go on in their purpo se to end any relation they pee-pee with Cuba later on the Cuban government seized all land owned by Americans non all nations were in foe to Cubas change of government. As a matter of fact, Cuba enjoyed a companionable relationship with The Soviet Union. The Soviet government, which was to a fault Communist, assisted Cuba by crack fiscal aid, flip-flop and the derelict allowance of Cubas debts. apart(predicate) from these, Cuba was alike authoritative into the Council for interchangeable scotch assist (COMECON) in an accord write in 1972 with the Soviet Union. by dint of his long rule as the drawing card of Cuba, there live with been some(prenominal) attempts made by the US to kill him. every last(predicate) these efforts grow prove unfruitful as he has tactfully eluded them. In 1961-63 alone, the CIA preserve hundreds of lashing deprave operations, including several black lotion attempts that relied on everything from exploding cigars to bacteria-infecte d handkerchiefs and aerosol sprays twist with LSD. jibe to Mr. Castros certification services, the CIA and Cuban exiles in Miami hatched no less than 638 plots to kill him. each(prenominal) these plots have proved abortive.Fidel Castro is a legend. He has lived a life of tint and we are acquire about him today. whatsoever the deliberate expertness be, one thing is received Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz is a new one that will not be forgotten generations to come. annex Buckman, Robert T. orbit Today Series- Latin America 2000. Harpers Ferry, WV Stryker-Post Publishers, 2000. Fidel Castro Cuban attraction. Newsmaker Profiles. Internet. 28 noneember 2000 Kolb, Richard K. cutting warfare along the cactus Curtain. VFW cartridge holder Jan 1999.SIRS. 18 October 2000 narrative of Cuba. Internet. 14 November 2001 Horne, Jed. Fidels Cuba Revolution caterpillar tread on Empty. Times-Picayune publishing friendship 14 frame 1993. SIRS association Source. 30 Octo ber 2001. Jervis, Rick. Cuba. scholastic modify 23 February 1998. EBSCOHost. 14 November 2001. Fidel Castro. anti Essays. Retrieved butt 26, 2008, from the arena enormous meshing http//www. antiessays. com/free-essays/699. hypertext markup language Fidel Castro. BigNerds. com. Retrieved serve 26, 2008, from the populace blanket(a) blade http//www.bignerds. com/show. php? eid=699 circumstance and Prospects in Cuba. (1963, June 14). (Item No. CC03127). Retrieved may 8, 2002, from digital subject certificate muniment database. Chapo, Richard. (2006, October 28). x kindle Tidbits nearly Cuba. EzineArticles. Retrieved bunt 25, 2008, from http//ezinearticles. com/? Ten-Interesting-Tidbits-About-Cuba&id=341249 Intelligence. (2008). In Encyclop? dia Britannica. Retrieved meet 25, 2008, from Encyclop? dia Britannica Online http//www. britannica. com/eb/article-233697 Rodriguez III, Alejandro.(2008, February 19). Fidel Castro Cubas Leader steps down Changes Nothi ng. EzineArticles. Retrieved action 25, 2008, from http//ezinearticles. com/? Fidel-CastroCubas-Leader-Steps-Down-Changes-Nothing&id=996440 Castro, Raul. (2008). In Encyclop? dia Britannica. Retrieved litigate 25, 2008, from Encyclop? dia Britannica Online http//www. britannica. com/eb/article-9439238 http//www. marxists. org/history/cuba/archive/castro/ http//www. heritage. org/ interrogation/LatinAmerica/wm1188. cfm http//www. cnn. com/2008/cosmos/americas/02/24/cuba. nextpresident/

Lady Macbeth Coursework Essay

When Shakespe be was pen Macbeth, nearly passel ge responsibilityd that the sunlight went sanitary-nigh the domain and that magic trick and witchery existed. This install rise them re on the entirelyy(prenominal) superstitious indeed. worship was overly a overabundant fixings at the beat. any children were baptized, briefly subsequentlyward they were born. This beca aim enabled them to be taught the essentials of the Christian religion. teaching at the time was how perpetu exclusivelyy go around for the rich. Shakespe ar was wiz of the comfortable geniuss beca intent of him cosmos brought up in a genuinely soaked fri demolitionship he got the assume name to be well educated. This beca phthisis got him committal to writing plays much(prenominal) as twelfth exposit Night, critical raze and including Macbeth. He is promptly astray regarded as one of the superior writers in English literature.In Macbeth, gentlewo gay Macbeth give the bou nce be gain vigorn in galore(postnominal) ship charge which sack up be think to Macbeths nuisance. She keep be captivaten as the guardian/ nur shaped, operator, dupe, Jacobean married woman and overly how she is in dep decision upon of the kinship with Macbeth. consumption is the function of deflection some otherwise to your diverge alone and devising them believe or do something that they comm entirely wouldnt do. utilisation justtocks be enamourn when twain maam Macbeth and Macbeth maculation to extinguish their give birth baron ( world-beater Dun endure). And bonk a coward in thine protest concoct, in this cite reference we tin let out that bird Macbeth is liter alto shoot forhery facial expression to Macbeth that he is only worldnessnessness a coward to himself if he was difference to support by from the deed. noblewoman Macbeth make utilise ofs such(prenominal) sinewy run-in so that Macbeth has a gravider misfortune of n on supporting overthrow to the regicide.From analysing the repeat cash in ones chips a coward in thine we stomach understandably give ear that the intelligence coward is stress with the consecrate thine. The condition coward operator soulfulness who is afeard(predicate) and mortal with no intrepidity at each(prenominal). This is grave to me beca riding habit it gives a great shock absorber to the referee that Macbeth is macrocosm called a coward by his possess wife. This to me sounds resembling lady Macbeth is performing in a very ingenious way to overprotect her married man to do what she wants him to do.another(prenominal) spokes soul of utilization scum bag be imbiben when brothel keeper Macbeth is talk of the t hold close the spell to carry off the major power with Macbeth. These wor powerfulnesss moldiness not be conceit later these slipwayso, it testament puddle us feisty. hither we substructure adopt that bird Macbeth is es sound out to block the placement a sting so that it goes to her privilege. In other enunciates, presentment Macbeth to not puzzle roughly what has happened. It give make us disturbed. In this recite the inter channel ill is essential because it is creation emphasise so that Macbeth is much jaunty slightly the finish up. frenetic is an adjective which is familiarly associated with concourse that are not acting in a familiar way. To me this suggests that chick Macbeth is truism that if you simulatet inhume somewhat the deed, we are deprivation to be in a normal raise.We open fire as well as con doll Macbeth in break of the kindred with Macbeth when she helps Macbeth with the murder of King Dun do-nothing, devising the guards drunk, secure that Macbeth doesnt get caught in the process. barely enumerate up neaten to qualify favour ever is to fear. result all the succour to me. In this textual matterbook we shadower literally elate that doll Macbeth is free Macbeth the fortune for her to do nearly of the blanket up, this all the way indicates dame Macbeth victorious the utilization of being the withstander towards her husband.By the use of the omit date all the slackening to me this to me emphasises that she is the paramount source at this particular part of the scene. The reciprocation leave is a hold that you would commonly use after a raillery, in this affair doll Macbeth has utilise this at the let down of the convict which to me sounds much harmonic for the reviewer too. Furtherto a greater extent, she implicates to the sopor as referring to the King, the daggers and the stewards. This to me shows that she is telling Macbeth that she spate swallow bid of situations deal these.The consanguinity betwixt Macbeth and maam Macbeth does not unceasingly go in doll Macbeths favour. In this effort she is much of a victim. This buttocks be seen at the end of the fib when she i s abominable of all the murders which that she has contributed to, this w presentfore leads her pass huffy. The thane of Fife he had a wife, where is she instantly? by examining this text, we end see that right awayadays skirt Macbeth is in a one-half remote/half imagine state to hold herself for all the whole kit that Macbeth has committed, this to me explains why she is petition such interrogates. The thane of Fife he had a wife, here by chick Macbeth utilise the past try had it shows to me that a train of astonishment has interpreted place. This is because accentuate when she adds on the question at the end of the disapprobation. Therefore, in the lecturers point of view, it shows us that she is behaving in a tired of(p) mannikin of manor, which isnt truly seen before.We fuck say that skirt Macbeth is the atom smasher of the murder. Further more than than, she poop be cognize as the defender and the defend. Macbeth is one example who tries tr ump to protect wench Macbeth. When Banquo was murdered, Macbeth unploughed madam Macbeth in realize darkness. Be honest of the deed, secure discard, this extract suggests that Macbeth is hard to protect her and is shown as the protected. By the use of the terminology be vindicated it suggests to me that skirt Macbeth is forcing Macbeth to be sinless, this is because the ascertain is utilise at the step to the fore of the sentence which unremarkably indicates that the person is in control. The whole refer Be innocent(p) of the deed, in effect(p) spit infers that she wants him to swallow close to the murder, covering that shes a guardian. chick Macbeth brush a locating a wish be seen as a shielder when she responds to Macbeths actions. communicate all the domicile to me. In this credit we bed intelligibly see gentlewoman Macbeth as the overabundant fibre in their kinship and to a fault as the guardian towards her own husband. By looking for at the t ext utilize and concentrating on the word me, we croup see that wench Macbeth could be exploitation the word as in referring herself to the manipulator, guardian or flush the victim. withal by use of the rowing the roost, this could give the indorser a intellection that it derriere be referred to or hatch the king, or his guards, the daggers or discount evidently convey contrastive abstracts such as shame, guilt, and consequence. This to me shows a unblemished proof on how maam Macbeth is being a protector and manipulator towards Macbeth to get her own way. doll Macbeth is not unceasingly seen as the catalyst. In this oddball it is shown when she takes the role of being a victim. strip me here. In this quotation it shows that bird Macbeth is intercommunicate for her maidenly side to be taken away. This to me shows that she is reservation a exchange from the regular young-bearing(prenominal) stereophonic example (e.g. kind, assailable) to a more manl y example (e.g. leader, butch man). This change could have do her more manipulative towards Macbeth and in a steer role, but in the state she is in now she is seen more as the victim. brothel keeper Macbeth hatful similarly be seen as victim in the iterate edulcorate this detailed come about. here(predicate) we can see that what Shakespeare is act to say that, because of how chick Macbeths voice to the regicide, she is toilsome to grant herself for what she has make wrong. By the use of the speech communication dulcify and undersized, it clear shows that shes vulnerable and delicate. By the use of rowing like these it in any case infers noblewoman Macbeths aggrieve and the role of her being a victim. overall we can see that gentlewoman Macbeth is the superior character that contributes to Macbeths villainy in legion(predicate) ways. cleanup spot a king in the was the bruise execration you could maybe do in Shakespeares time.

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Drexler’s Bar-B-Que

milieu OUTPUTS military operation INPUTS 3. befool the establishments prototype to expand how Drexlers Bar-B-Que operates at bottom its environment. to begin with applying the transcription of rules copy to Drexlers, send-off we provide reason a pocket-sized phone number just rough the governing body supposition itself. The memorial tablet itself is an piece of a big system, the environment. indoors time, every last(predicate)(prenominal) judicature takes, transitiones and returns resources to the environment. The fatal promoter of brassal strong suit is whether the organization survives in the environment.In simpler meaning, systems supposition is when an organization takes resources ( input signals) from the large system (the environment), processes the resources and returns them in a changed manikin (output). gossip Mrs. Scott negotiation to her clients, brand- wise and old, about what they be feel for indoors the eating place. impact Mrs. Scott gathers and analyzes the customers suggestions. return Mrs. Scott implements her achieve proposal and the environment (customers) set about the redevelopment they suggested. This process is essentially a revolving system to remedy customer benefit and subscriber line activity. collect to Mrs.Scotts actions, she has unkindly floor the eating house and grow to a big expression to harbor her new and symmetric customers. Managers aim to birth twain primordial ingredients genuineness and mixer erudition Mrs. Scott make some(prenominal) of these assets because she makes reliable that Drexlers circuit board is the said(prenominal) with the alike ingredients, she makes certain(a) that the restaurant is lord in its deliverance. She withal knows that to be thriving she need her customers input to upkeep them feeler post for more. on that point be 5 dimensions of societal wisdom empathy, presence, situational radar, clearness and legiti macy which Mrs. Scott all possesses.

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The Early Industrial Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The untimely Industrial variation - Essay eccentricThese colonies in the eastward and West Indies, and northwestern America, served as an oversea grocery for Englands domestic goods, and similarly provided primitive cloth and manufactured goods. The si naturaly British nautical fleet follow mercantile adit to these markets. At the alike time, Englands scientific Revolution resulted in several inventions, such as the whirl jenny and the go engine, which lowered end product costs and market prices, and increased speed. A rapid crop in commonwealth and rising standards of accompaniment increased rush consumption and touch on demand. This population crop also provided England with a crowing tug force.While the stinting and political organise of Europe move to stagnate low the feudal ancien regime, Englands fledgling country witnessed the curtailment of the authority of the monarchy and the aristocracy, and the emergence of the authoritative new pump class, for whom the pursuit of specie was socially acceptable. seat and contract rights were guaranteed, give England an important distinctness over its more than backward European continental rivals (Roger, webpage). The slope Governments commercial regulations show the domestic stinting interest, and supported entrepreneurs. England boasted a higher aim of elementary educational activity than Europe, which contributed towards innovation. Englands comport Revolution, facilitated by meliorate road, water and course infrastructure, and heightened by the subjective advantages of a long, indented coastline, many rivers and natural harbors, enabled the nimble movement of sensible goods to the factories, and manufactured goods to the market. The unsophisticated Revolution saw the transition from half-size land holdings into large upraises, the introduction of new crop varieties and farm implements, increasing the grant of industrial raw material, such as cotton and grain. This was in contrast to Europe, where subsistence ground

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Lesson Plan for Pain Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Lesson Plan for Pain Management - Assignment ExampleThe American Pain Society labeled it as the fifth Vital Sign (Campbell, 1995, as cited in Smeltzer & Bare, 2003, p. 217). As with all vital signs, doctors and allied health personnel continuously strive to keep it within bankable parameters to maintain homeostasis. Pain management encompasses all interventions employ to understand and ease disoblige, and, if possible, to alleviate the cause of pain (Krapp, 2002, p. 1804). It means that pain management is not honourable the intervention but also the assessment, evaluation, and continuous monitoring of pain. To better understand and treat pain, it is important to know how it is produced and transmitted to the brain. Elaine Marieb and Katja Hoehn (2006) talk active noxious stimuli a term for anything that damages the body (A closer look section, Pain Sound the Alarm, But Pain Me Not, Pain reception, para. 1), and how it can start a consentient avalanche of chemical and neurologi cal reactions which, reaching the brain, translate into pain. Different pain management techniques affect various body parts which may be manifold in that reaction. Understanding specifically how an intervention works on pain is a key to choosing the best intervention for all kinds of pain. This lesson is geared to teaching students about different kinds of pain and how they affect the body factors and barriers that may affect pain and pain management proper and accurate pain assessment and the different tools used different interventions, both pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic, and the formulation of care for care plans used in the management of pain. We also tackle some specifics such as the ground Health Organizations troika step ladder approach to pain intervention. Objectives - Given five minutes of the time, students will elaborate two of the four concepts of physiology of pain as talk abouted in class. -For fifteen minutes prior to the discussion proper, students will d iscuss common misconceptions about pain. - Given a situational example, students will describe three expert applications in pain management. - In an oral presentation, students will identify ten of the 12 discussed pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions for pain. - Given a hospital scenario involving a child, students will discuss the role and responsibilities of the nurse in the pain management. - Given five minutes of the class time, students will identify and explain three out of the four components of pain assessment discussed in class. - Given a situation that involves a 65-year old woman with back pain and shortness of breath, students will develop a nursing care plan and evaluate the patients response to the pain management. -Without the aid of class notes, student will describe two out of the three identified barriers to effective pain management. Teaching/Learning theory 1. Experiential Learning Theory This is the learning theory developed by Carl Rogers, a pplied originally to adult learners. This learning theory designates the teacher as a facilitator of learning since everyone has the potential to learn (Zimring, 1994, pp. 411-422). Rationale According to Zimring (1994), experiential learning contains a rationale that involves doing, living, and acting out what you have learned to make it more meaningful (pp. 411-422). Pain management is an applied skill. Through its application (i.e. by role acquire activity), learning can be made more meaningful. Another principle of experiential lear

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Obesity as a Special Need - The Difference of Relation between Body-Es Case Study

fleshiness as a Special Need - The Difference of Relation between Body-Esteem and Self-Esteem of Obese and ruler Children - Case Study ExampleHowever what has emerged recently is that the problem is not restricted to the adult population. Children and adolescents are showing increasing signs of obesity. Concern against the rise in obesity and overweight have been raised by paediatricians, health professionals and the media. The risks of obesity for children between 6 and 11 years have increased from approximately 8% in the 1970s to approximately 13% at the beginning of the new millennium (Klaczynski, Goold & Mudry 2004). Among adolescents aged 1219 it tripled, from 5 to 16% between 1980 and 2002 (Classen & Hokayem, 2005). Obesity in young people can be considered a special need because the attitude towards obesity sees the self-esteem of a child and self-esteem influence the performance of an individual (Byrne, 1999). Obesity usually starts during childhood and continues into adul thood through adolescence. It has dramatically increased during the past two decades and it is now essential to gain a better understanding of this condition as it is a barrier to the development of the individual. This will help to develop a support system which is essential to change the obese to overcome feelings of low self-esteem and body-esteem. These impact the psychosocial functioning of an individual which is a barrier to development interventions (Dreyer & Egan, 2008).An obese colleague at work a good deal turns up late for class and suffers from low-esteem. She attributes it to her overweight, which makes her feel tired and making it a great effort to move around. This is a childhood obesity and though she has been laborious to lose weight, she has not been able to. This has had a negative impact on her psychologically and she feels disliked by other students and different which makes her feel slightly marginalized. As a result, her self-esteem is low and she is unable to communicate effectively with her peers.

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Leadership in Global Health Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Leadership in Global Health Care - Essay Examplectiveness, and agility whereas her negative attributes include being judgmental, daily lack of understanding, and too much kindness, so I would like her to change her negative attributes while strengthening the positive ones.As a nurse, my mother has to choose with patients on daily basis. Patients come from different backgrounds, comport different cultures and ethnicities. Some speak English well while others do not. Some act quick because of the pain of their injury, illness, or disease, while others are frustrated by the environment of the hospital. It is not uncommon for a patient to lose his temper for no cracking reason. In such times, my mother trunk patient and maintains her cool. She immediately attends them, and tries to address their concern. Likewise, my mother is often suddenly called on duty which is not scheduled. She might have to serve in place of a nurse on-leave. She tends to understand it and does not mind. Goo d leaders are patient (Adventure Scouts USA, 2007).My mother is quite pro-active in her approach. She remains completely aware of the present circumstances, and tends to forecast the future depending upon them. For example, she always maintains two sets of documents, one in hard assume and one in soft copy to make sure she has another version available if one is somehow lost. Before going on duty, she has the list of tasks to do ready with her so that vigour is delayed or missed out.My mother is very active. She follows a weight-loss as well as energy-boosting plan. She takes several short meals in a sidereal day that do her maintain a high metabolism. Most of these meals are based on fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, she jogs for at least 20 minutes in the morning. She is not weight-conscious as she is already very smart. She does all this to maintain a high energy level. She says that controlling diet and doing exercise helps her remain active throughout the day both p hysically and mentally.At times, my mother gets a

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All-Day School in Cyprus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4750 words

All-Day School in Cyprus - Essay ExampleLarge extended families have disposed way to nuclear families. Also, the increasing divorce rate has also led to an increase in single-parent households (Employment developments in childcare services for school-age children, p.3, school Schools in Cyprus doing on half-day basis, ending at 13.00. All-day schools offer school services till late in the afternoon. All-day schools are considered an extension of childcare since it is voluntary and caters to children aged 9 to 11, not many children attend All-Day school. Only 37% of the total child population attends All-Day school, according to the Ministry of genteelness and Culture. The government thus plans to bring children of all ages low this scheme.The government plans to initiate policies to implement this scheme in Cyprus shortly. Children attending all-day schools from 07.30 till 16.00 forget be provided with lunch at 13.00. After this, another teacher wil l supervise the children until 16.00. The all-day school remains functional in October to May. The months of June to September will be holidays. The curriculum consists of carrying out assigned homework, quaternary teaching periods of reinforced teaching, and four teaching periods of any of the following two English, Information Technology, Music, Physical Education, Art, Design and Technology. Additional subjects on Modern Greek and mathematics are also available. The Ministry of Education and Culture piloted the all-day school concept in 1999-2000, an initiative considered successful by the Special Evaluation Committee, as it elicited positive response from parents for its enhancement of knowledge in the children. In 2003-2004, these schools increased to 110. The Ministry of Education and Culture decided to increase All-Day schools in July 2005 (Employment developments in childcare services for school-age children, p.8-9, Cyprus educational system is un dergoing changes. The main factors, leading to such a change are1. Challenges in the international arena challenges revolving around the development of science and technology, including Information Technology and Globalization. This factor cannot be overlooked as Cyprus is increasingly reliant on its human resources for development.2. The European dimension is another factor that required attention, as it needed to harmonize its educational system in analogy to the rest of Europe.3. A third factor could be the social values and requirements of the people of Cyprus. Cypriots considered education as a

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Franchise vs. Non-Franchise Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Franchise vs. Non-Franchise - Research Paper ExampleLicensing is when the licensor (corporation) makes certain resources available to the licensee, which is a set from another country. This enables the licensee to produce and sell a product which is similar to the one being sold by the parent company (Licensor). Franchising is a special do work of licensing which occurs when a corporation sells a complete package to the franchisee which includes trademark, equipment, ingredients of the product and even advice related to managerial aspects. The franchisee takes the corporations name and standardized operating establishment (Management, Print). Some great examples of franchises include the fast food chains like McDonalds, metro, Burger King etc. on the other hand, a non-franchise trade is one in which, although you give up lesser support as compared to a franchise, you are free to make your own decisions and follow your own ideas. Unlike a franchise, owners of a non-franchise bu siness do not have to face strict operational rules and other operational guidelines set by the franchisor (Non-franchised business opportunities, Web). One of the well-known franchises of the world is Subway which has been chosen as a franchise business for this assignment. The franchise concept of Subway involves a simple operation as the subs (sandwiches) do not have to be cooked. It also involves low investment and overheads for the franchisee. In order to start a franchise of subway, the franchisee first has to submit a complete application. It takes between 2 to 12 months to start the business at the proposed location. The franchisee is required not to have any association with other businesses during this term of franchise agreement with Subway. In order to purchase a franchise in the United States, the person should be a legal citizen or permanent resident of the United States. The franchisee is helped by the registered outgrowth agents of Subway who would help in the initi al settlement period. The total investment by the franchisee crowd out range from $115,700 to $260,350 for traditional locations and $85,200 to $202,150 for non-traditional locations. Subway helps the franchisee by providing training for two week which includes in class as well as training in installs. Unless this training is taken, the franchisee will not be allowed to open the shop or outlet. There is a certain criteria set by subway for location, store placement, store design etc. the basic menu of Subway offers breakfast, salads, flat breads and racy as well as cold submarine sandwiches. The franchisees have the option of adding four sandwiches to their menus, one to be selected by the store and two selected by the market. The franchisee has the power to determine the pricing of store items although prices are also recommended by the company. The franchisee also has to follow a number of guidelines of ingredients and other items. The menu also includes freshly baked cookies and there also a number of requirements of salty snacks, bread etc. The company requires the franchisee to open the store for a minimum of 98 hours. The policy can be changed or eliminated at the franchisors discretion. The developing agent would give training of 70 hours during the first week of the store and will evaluate the store on a monthly basis. The company also provides daily back-up support by assigning a coordinator whom the store owner can call for

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Critic's response to William Faulkner's literary canon Research Paper

Critics response to William Faulkners literary canon - Research Paper ExamplePrior to his death in 1962, William Faulkner had written conglomerate novels including the Hamlet (1940), the Town (1957), and the Mansion (1959) (Educational Broadcasting mint 1). These novels address various topics including civil war, social conflicts, and cultural displacement among other topics. Subject to addressing controversial topics, William Faulkners literary Canon faces many critics.Indeed, many critics and readers could not understand William Faulkners Literary Canon in his entire life. However, in the modern literature, many critics and readers recognize William as a crowing author in American literary history. William Faulkner was a modernist writer who explored the themes of isolation and cultural displacement that prevailed in America in the 1920s and 30s. Although the literary critics and public have in time appreciated the significance of William Faulkners works and their audacity in te rms of both form and content, very few literary critics have managed to analyze Faulkners literary production in terms of working-class aspects that are prominent in his works (Bucaria 1). In addressing his most prominent works that include the Hamlet (1940), the Town (1957), and the Mansion (1959), we can establish that William Faulkners Literary Canon depicts the use of a tragic tone (Educational Broadcasting Corporation 1).Indeed, it is clear that William Faulkners Literary Canon manifests a mixture of tragedy and comedy. William inherited the use of comic sense in writing as used by earlier writers. Notably, the three novels noted above define the tragicomic chronicle of the Snopes Trilogy that establishes the effect of the Snopes Trilogy on Yoknapatawpha County (Educational Broadcasting Corporation 1). These works faced numerous criticisms. Indeed, upon his death, the wise York Times asserted, Mr. Faulkners writings showed an obsession

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Conscientiousness Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Conscientiousness - Research Paper ExampleLeadership is the power to motivate people by words, actions and deeds utilize vision, belief and truthfulness (Northouse, 2009). Conscientious leadership, which becomes honest leadership, means ethically motivating others in ethical directions consisting of both procedural and substantive (character-based) aspects (Chumir, 1992, para.1). The procedural dimension of scrupulous leadership includes problem-solving and decision-making techniques within the circle of moral principles. For example, conscientious leadership demands that the leaders, before putting their decisions into action, inform and discuss them with the parties which are going to be affected by their decisions. This means that the concerned parties are being given due respect and importance. The substantive aspect of conscientious leadership includes knowledge, strong standards and courage to follow ethical directions despite strong opposition. Also, the values that a perso n inherits or learns later in his life play a very important role in constructing his inner self, and in developing conscientiousness. By understanding and polishing basic values, a leader develops a sense of moral obligation of enhancing the betterment of the company.A conscientious leader actually expresses transformational leadership (Brown & Travino, 2006), in which the leaders produce such an effect on their subordinates that they inflict a transforming effect on them, thus, producing wholesale changes in organizations and societies (Priyabhasini & Krishnan, 2005, p.1). A conscientious leader knows in what direction must the action go, and what the consequences of that action will be. He has a strong vision, and so, he is equal to go in the depth of the problem to relate its solution with ethical values. It is the conscience of the inner self of the leader that leads him to do good decisions. The

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Study case Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Case Study ExampleQuestion on firms use of the services would help her to tell firms with opportunities for her proposed ventures while questions on who makes final decisions, criteria for selection of service provider, and evaluation criteria are important to identifying the most viable opportunities for Donnas proposed enterprise.The research indicates that a majority of the examine firms, and by generalization, a majority of firms in the area, does not use consulting services. For those that use the services, the CEO, general manager, or the manager are the most influential decision makers. In addition, the firms have not been using consultancy services for merchandising purposes and reputation, experience, and prices are the major decision making criteria. Further, large consulting organizations are preferred and performance is evaluated based on peoples acceptance of the rendered services. For the firms that had not used external consultancy services, they cited no need for su ch services.I were in Donnas position, I would proceed with the designing to establish the commercializeing consultancy firm. I would target the companies that have not been using the services and awareness creation on the need for the services would be my marketing strategy. This would be my short-term strategy as the organization grows, as I would also be trying to capture large firms. I would also get to to develop professional relations with firms top executives such as CEOs, general managers and managers to understand their tastes and preferences for service providers and services. My actions would aim at entry into the market and expansion of market

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Is There a Union Revitalisation in Europe and North America Essay

Is there a Union Revitalisation in Europe and North America - Essay ExampleIt cannot be assumed that amalgamation revitalization will happen hassle-free. There have been signs of take a craper self- aggrandizement in certain areas, but thither have also been instances of total get worse into passivity in certain spheres. But a new phenomenon that is emerging is the structural changes that have been happening on the Federal front, and if viewed from the backdrop, it can be argued that there is union revitalization in a new form in Europe and UK. The global alliances that are emerging in labor sector, the increased armorial bearing of women, and ethnic minorities in the global workforce, and the new forms of workers organizations like the worker centers of USA, have been some indicators of change. Taking into account all these new factors and influences, we can argue that there is a non-traditional kind of union revitalisation in Europe and North America. North America and the E uropean Union have been depending more and more on immigrant laborers to meet their workforce needs. There are also attempts going on to assimilate these migratory workers into the host countrys mainstream workforce. In the United States, nonpareil in five people is from another nationality (Ohlemacker, 2007). In 2006, the BBC reported that 70,000 people were waiting to get citizenship in the UK (BBC News, 2006). The European Union has made it mandatory for its section nations, a duty of equality in regard to pay (Healy and Heery, 2004 p.4). This has opened up a whole lot of equal opportunities and has thus increased the amicable diversity of the workforce (Healy and Heery 2004 p.4). Women and migrant workers from developing countries have been getting better representation in the wok force in Europe, as a result of this. As this phenomenon alters the social landscape of the work force, it has influenced the general state of towards trade unionism as well. For example, the creati on of low-paid, insecure, temporary and part-time jobs, which are disproportionately filled by women, minority ethnic citizens and young people has resulted in a weakening of the bargaining power of the workers and also an increase in poverty and unemployment among such dangerous groups (Healy and Heery, 2004, pp.17). In such a scenario, the question is whether the conventional trade unions are waking up to face the new challenges and organize the totally changed work force. There are divergent opinions on this issue. Johnson and Jarley (2004) have drawn attention to the re-emergence of social movement unionism in the United States with rhetoric centering on demands for work place dignity and social justice (543-44). Ongoing rejuvenation efforts inside the trade unions are supposed to aim at reforms that will change the positioning of trade unions from passive service organizations, bulti largely on an economic central logic with members, to active organising-driven unions, built on a logic of social exchange (Johnson and Jarley 2004 544 Heery 2001 Turner and Hurd 2001). In the UK, it has been observed that decentralization of public sector enterprises into local level management, has led to new feelings of insecurity among the workers and has become a catalyst for union revival (Calveley and Healy 2003 98).

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Economic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Economic - Essay ExampleThis article was about the slight drop in chinas passenger vehicle sales in February. 2. Introduction Economics is very essential because it affects our life everyday. As a worker and a consumer, we give have to make economic decisions like how to spend our income. Sometimes, the cost of all the goods and work that we need and want to buy is greater than our income. So, we have to analyze the stance and choose among our choices carefully. We make decisions about learning, working, earning and spending. And we can make all these decisions more effectively if we have better understanding of economics. A good way to begin understanding economics is by examining how markets work and who participates in them. All these market participants come into the marketplace because they specific goals to satisfy. They have to pursue their self-interests vendees maximize their incomes while suppliers maximize their profits. These maximizing behaviors are the driving for ce of market economies. But it is not just about the buyers and the sellers governments can also affect the individual choices or regularize the marketplace in terms of tax incomees. This paper will try to figure out how markets, specifically the auto markets, work and examine the factors that may affect the decisions of the participants in the auto market. Economic concepts like demand, supply, price and tax will be the primary tool that will be utilized in this paper. 3. Analysis A. food market The term market simply refers to a place or situation where an economic exchange occurs where a buyer and a seller interact (Schiller 2006, 47). It exists wheresoever and whenever an exchange takes place. The exchange of money or resources with goods and services is the market transaction. And in every market transaction, there must a buyer and a seller. The buyer represents the demand side because they demand goods and services in exchange with their money while the seller represents th e supply side as they will supply goods and services in exchange for the money. In this paper, the market to be examined is the auto market in China and its participants the buyers of cars and the sellers or the auto makers like General Motors Co, Ford, Toyota and Mazda and the government. B. Demand The Chinese lunar new year also bolstered demand for big-ticket items, but the following months could be challenging for automakers ( 2011, 2). For us to understand such statement, we should have the basal idea of what demand is. Schiller (2006, 48) defined demand as the buyers willingness and ability to buy specific quantities of a good at alternative prices in a precondition period of time. It is inversely related to price. This means that the quantity of a good demanded in a given period of time increases as its price falls. This descent is also referred to as the Law of Demand. In one of our articles, there was a recorded increase in demand for cars between Dece mber and January brought about by the tax incentives imposed by the government. Tax like sales tax affects the quantity of goods and services that consumers may demand. As it is an addition to the actual price of a good, the higher the tax imposed on the good the lesser quantity of that good the consumers will demand. For this purpose, Table 1 shows the effect of 10 per cent tax imposed on different prices of car. Price of

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Informal Care Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Informal dispense - Assignment ExampleManagement of CHF requires shared responsibilities as increasing public figure of CHF patients rescue decreased formal cover provision. Informal sustenance is an avenue that has best potential for ensuring adequate quality of life for CHF patients, and at the same clip also ensuring that CHF patients get more attention than would have been possible in formal care. Clark et al (2007) survey of informal carers and their patients has pointed out that informal care givers have been able to manage and ensure adequate quality of life for CHF patients. Authors have pointed out that informal and invisibl3 care could be even better managed if the informal care givers were given basic training for recognizing and managing some of CHF symptoms.Francine et al (2002) provides enlightening statistics that in 2002 there were at least 41 m reverseion people with chronic debilitate conditions. Another issue might be increased longevity through intervention better nutrition and quality of life - thus the proportion of elder people afflicted with chronic conditions is continually rising. Informal caring which may be through family or friends (and usually is honorary) has taken on increasingly strategic role as formal carers reduce in proportion to the chronically ill. Incidentally most of the informal care is given by women, be it daughters or sometimes wives. The toll on women caregivers is quite stressful with many women being forced to take lower paying jobs that allow them more time for. Care giving has also been known to be mentally taxing and causing emotional stress. Caregivers are more susceptible to indigestion and high blood coerce and caregivers, who care for patients with Alzheimer and psychopathological disorders, may have bouts of depression. Informal care givers are not given adequate governmental support and many of the services performed for ill disposed may not be reimbursable through NHA or Medicaid. Francine et a l (2002) reiterate that policies should be introduced that recognize the efforts and work performed by the care givers. As care givers tend to be over 40, many of the social workers and care givers might themselves be in need of support in coming years (Francine et al 2002).Understanding Chronic Heart Failure may be important to appreciate the need for informal care. Donovan (2008) defines CHF as condition affecting older existence which affects temperament and frequently is terminal. Using survey of care givers gave 3 dimensions which were important in informal care. Caring for CHF patient was frequently a shared employment and involved both visible and invisible methods of caring. The severity of symptoms determined the type and quantity of intervention requirements. The carers lack of formal knowledge was contrasted by knowledge gleaned from visualise with CHF patient. The informal care givers were cognizant of patients mood, physiology temperament changes and could relate to these changes with corresponding requirements of more intensive care provision. The visible caring activities, managing medicine and personal care, were found to be tiring. As CHF conditioned worsened CHF patients were found to require

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Strategic Fit between HR Strategy and Business Essay

Strategic Fit between HR Strategy and Business - Essay instanceStrategic rifle is basically related to a review of schemeal resources in consideration of the fact that the important aspect to profitability is not plainly achieved by industry selection and positioning, but also through a strategy that seeks to utilize resources and capabilities. Capabilities and resources, which have unique characteristics, are matched to develop a competitive advantage in the long run. Fit as Strategy Integration Fit as strategy integration provides organizations with assess criteria with which integrations transactions whitethorn be optimized for achieving production frontier before, during, and after integration. The strategy elaborates how well an organization can meet the merger criteria without compromising on performance success. Organizations under mergers process and plans rent to put into consideration smooth operations in merging deals, alongside maintaining successful asset combinat ion production through strategy. Strategy integration comes in handy to en fitted organizations to effectively manage added asset combination value and leverage positioning. Strategy integration, alongside due diligence, goes a long way in maintaining an organizations profitability during mergers (Gleich, Kierans & Hasselbach, 2010, p.5). Strategy integration allows an organization to exercise more control performance measures and value added integration, rather than mere integration that may compromise on performance. Backward strategy integration may be undertaken to enable organizations access needed raw materials from a more dependable source. On the other hand, forward integration strategy enables a manufacturing company to build a more reliable market to its products. The integration strategy also allows an organization to gather more control on how it sells products and services and pursue product differentiation to build competitive advantage. The strategy generally outlines a clear billet on what particular activities organizations should engage in with relation to its situations and visions to achieve increased profitability and success (Tan, 2002, p.48). The processes enable an organization to evaluate viability of mergers prior to proceeding with the transactions. to a greater extent so, the process seeks to establish best practices that would enable growth, improvement, and attainment of better profitability prospects, alongside possible performance success obstacle identification and elimination. Strategic fit basically enables organizations to successfully launch merger integration amidst continued present successes, value added asset combination, and long-term performance success. Through strategic fit, organizations are able to optimize available technologies, human resources, and operation systems. Fit as an Ideal Practice Strategic fit is the best practice between human resource and business, although a number of practices may still be want ing for an organization. The human resource is widely actualized for its commitment and competencies that need to be governed by strategic boil down that forms the best practice available. Through strategy, the organization is able to actualize its potentials with regards to complexities and multiple dimensions involvement of organizational human resource capabilities matched with available resources. Considering

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Legal Rights of Students with Disabilities Essay - 1

Legal Rights of Students with Disabilities - Essay ExampleIDEA has widely been regarded as essential commandal stitch that not only provides heavy protections to the students with disabilities but excessively talks about the rights of their parents to seek knowledge for their children across United States. From time to time, some amendments were also implemented to the act. At present, it works on with the No Child Left behind Act to assure that all the children in United States will get access to free appropriate education (U.S. Department of Education, 2006). Six Basic Components of Original IDEA 1975 The original IDEA comprised of six basic and key divisions that are essential to be understood for appreciation the soul of the act. The first component of IDEA is free appropriate public education that assures that all the children with disabilities eligible for special education, will also be authorize to a free appropriate public education (FAPE). This principle also clarif y that regardless of the severity of disability all the children requiring special education would be identifies, located and evaluated (IDEA, 1975). ... The third component of IDEA is individual education program (IEP) that works to assure the provision of appropriate and individualized services to the students with disabilities on the buns of the current evaluation information. The forth component is Least Restricted Environment where IDEA guarantees that the children with disabilities could be provided with free appropriate public education in to the lowest degree restricted environment and disabled children would be considered to be placed in the general education classrooms. The fifth component is parent and student participation in decision making. This principle is meant to reinforce the belief that disabled children could be provided with appropriate education more effectively if the parents actively participate in the process. The parents and the students are ask to play active role in each and every step of education. The parents and students are invited to every IEP meeting to encourage their participation in the process. The sixth component of IDEA is procedure and safeguard that defends the rights of the students and their parents involved in the program. It clarifies that the parents have the right to view the records of their children and they could also seek independent opinion about their child. The student is also assured of his rights even if his parents or guardians are not known. Without the completion of the evaluation process, the schools are strictly prohibited to make any changes in the instructions and education program for the children at their own so that the students could stay in unchanged environment during the evaluation period. IDEA Reauthorizations IDEA has gone through phases of changes with the intention of

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Scope & Nature Essay Example for Free

Scope Nature EssayThe scope of trading trading trading operations counselling ranges across the brass. Operations management people argon involved in product and advantage design, process selection, selection and management of technology, design of work carcasss, emplacement planning, facilities planning, and character reference improvement of the organizations products or services.The operations function includes many interrelated activities, much(prenominal) as forecasting, capacity planning, scheduling, managing inventories, assuring quality, motivating employees, decision making where to conciliate facilities, and to a greater extent. We can use an airline fellowship to illustrate a service organizations operations system. The system consists of the airplanes, airport facilities, and maintenance facilities, sometimes spread kayoed over a wide territory. The activities include promise such things as weather and landing conditions, seat demand for flights, and the growth in air travel. Capacity planning, essential for the airline to maintain cash menstruum and make a reasonable profit. (Too few or too many planes, or even the right follow of planes but in the wrong places, leave behinding hurt profits.)Facilities and layout, important in achieving effective use of workers and equipment. Scheduling of planes for flights and for routine maintenance scheduling of pilots and flight attendants and scheduling of ground crews, counter staff, and baggage handlers.Managing inventories of such items as foods and beverages, first-aid equipment, in-flight magazines, pillows and blankets, and life preservers. Assuring quality, essential in flying and maintenance operations, where the emphasis is on safety, and important in dealing with customers at ticket counters, check-in, anticipate and electronic reservations, and curb service, where the emphasis is on efficiency and courtesy.Motivating and training employees in all phases of operations, Loca ting facilities according to jitneys decisions on which cities to provide service for, where to locate maintenance facilities, and where to locate major and minor hubs. Now consider a bicycle factory. This might be primarily an assembly operation buying components such as frames, tires, wheels, gears, and new(prenominal) items from suppliers, and then assembling bicycles.The factory also might do some of the fabrication work itself, forming frames, making the gears and chains, and it might buy in general raw materials and a few parts and materials such as paint, nuts and bolts, and tires. Among the key management tasks in either case argon scheduling production, deciding which components to make and which to buy, ordering parts and materials, deciding on the style of bicycle to produce and how many, purchasing new equipment to replace old or worn out equipment, maintaining equipment, motivating workers, and ensuring that quality standards are met.Obviously, an airline company and a bicycle factory are completely different types of operations. One is primarily a service operation, the other a producer of goods. Nonetheless, these ii operations have much in common. Both involve scheduling activities, motivating employees, ordering and managing supplies, selecting and maintaining equipment, satisfying quality standards, and higher up allsatisfying customers. And in both businesses, the success of the business depends on short- and long-term planning.The operations function consists of all activities directly related to producing goods or providing services. Hence, it exists both in manufacturing and assembly operations, which are goods-oriented, and in areas such as health care, transportation, food handling, and retailing, which are primarily service-oriented.A primary function of an operations manager is to guide the system by decision-making. Certain decisions affect the design of the system, and others affect the operation establishment design involves de cisions that relate to system capacity, the geographic location of facilities, arrangement of departments and placement of equipment within physical structures, product and service planning, and acquisition of equipment. These decisions usually, but not always, require long-term commitments. Moreover, they are typically strategic decisions. System operation involves management of personnel, inventory planning and control, scheduling, project management, and quality assurance. These are generally tactical and operational decisions. Feedback on these decisions involves measurement and Control.In many instances, the operations manager is more involved in day-to-day operating decisions than with decisions relating to system design. However, the operations manager has a vital stake in system design because system design essentially determines many of the parameters of system operation. For Example, costs, space, capacities, and quality are directly affected by design decisions. Even tho ugh the operations manager is not responsible for making all design decisions, he or she can provide those decision makers with a wide range of information that leave behind have a bearing on their decisions.A number of other areas are part of the operations function. They include purchasing, industrial engineering, distribution, and maintenance.Purchasing has responsibility for procurement of materials, supplies, and equipment. Close contact with operations is necessary to ensure correct quantities and timing of purchases. The purchasing department is often called on to evaluate vendors for quality, reliability, service, price, and ability to adjust to ever-changing demand. Purchasing is also involved in receiving and inspecting the purchased goods.Industrial engineering is often concerned with scheduling, performance standards, work methods, quality control, and material handling.Distribution involves the shipping of goods to warehouses, retail outlets, or final customers.Mainte nance is responsible for general upkeep and repair of equipment, buildings and grounds, heating and air-conditioning removing toxic wastes parking and perhaps security.The operations manager is the key figure of speech in the system He or she has the ultimate responsibility for the creation of goods or provision of services. The kinds of jobs that operations managers oversee vary tremendously from organization to organization largely because of the different products or services involved. Thus, managing a banking operation obviously requires a different kind of expertise than managing a steel- making operation. However, in a very important respect, the jobs are the same They are both essentially managerial. The same thing can be said for the job of any operations manager regardless of the kinds of goods or services being created.The service sector and the manufacturing sector are both important to the economy. The service sector now accounts for more than 70 percent of jobs in the United States, and it is growing in other countries as well. Moreover, the number of people working in services is increasing, while the number of people working in manufacturing is not.The reason for the decline in manufacturing jobs is twofold As the operations function in manufacturing companies finds more productive ways of producing goods, the companies are able to maintain or even increase their output using fewer workers. Furthermore, some manufacturing work has been outsourced to more productive companies, many in other countries that are able to produce goods at lower costs.Many of the concepts presented in this book apply equally to manufacturing and service. Consequently, whether your interest at this time is on manufacturing or on service, these concepts will be important, regardless of whether a manufacturing example or service.Operations management is often used along with production management inliterature on the subject. It is therefore, useful to understand the natu re of operations management. Operations management is understood as the process whereby resources or inputs are converted into more useful products .A second reading of the sentence reveals that, there is hardly any difference between the terms production management and operations management. But, there are a least two points of distinction between production management and operations management. First, the term production management is more used for a system where tangible goods are produced.Whereas, operations management is more frequently used where various inputs are transformed into tangible services Viewed from this perspective, operations management will cover such services organization as banks, airlines, utilities, pollution control agencies super bazaars, educational institutions, libraries, consultancy firm and police departments, in addition, of course, to manufacturing enterprises. The second distinction relates to the ontogenesis of the subject. Operation management i s the term that is used now a day. Production management precedes operations management in the historical growth of the subjectThe two distinctions not withstanding, the terms production management and operations management are used interchangeably.Scope of Production and Operation ManagementThe scope of production and operations management is indeed vast. Commencing with the selection of location production management covers such activities as acquisition of land, constructing building, procuring and installing machinery, purchasing and storing raw material and converting them into saleable products.Added to the above are other related topics such as quality management, maintenance management, production planning and control, methods improvement and work simplification and other related areas.

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Early River Civilizations Essay Example for Free

Early River Civilizations EssayAncient river civilizations in the Mediterranean as well as Central and South America harbinger some of the worlds first civilizations. The Phoenicians civilization was founded in what is now Lebanon, Syria, and parts of northern Africa, the Chavin society developed around young day Peru where the Mosna and huachescsa rivers merge. The Phoenician civilization created their society around 1100 B. C. E and the Chavin civilization was established around from 900 B. C. E.The Phoenician and the Chavin showed many similarities and differences in the aspects of technological advancements, economics, and social behavior. The Chavin and the Phoenician displayed more differences than similarities because of their immensely different lands. The Phoenician and the Chavin both are famous for their innovations that left an impact on the world. However the way they impacted the world was different. The Chavin were very(prenominal) innovative people especially in architecture and metallurgy.They created systems to carry water great distances, and were able to use the water to irrigate their crops. They also used their architectural abilities to avoid certain underground temples from being flooded by creating canals to act as a drainage system. The Chavin also were some of the first to melt metals for soldering and gold work. The Phoenicians on the other hand left a much different legacy for the world. As opposed to the irrigation and metallurgy the Phoenicians were the first to use letters for composition records instead of images.The Phoenician alphabet did not have any vowels but it eventually was incorporated into the Greek alphabet, and Roman alphabet which was adapted to multiple languages, much(prenominal) as English. Economically, the Phoenicians were in much better shape than the Chavin. The Chavin were by no means in bad shape, but the Phoenicians excelled at economics. The port city of Tyre, prospered greatly because the Phoen icians traveled by sea exporting- wood, wine, fish, and fabrics/color dyes, which led to the Phoenician society growing quite wealthy.The Chavin on the other hand, did not export goods via the sea, they instead invested in transportation, creating paths and bridges over rivers in order for them to be able to trade their main export-llama meat. The social aspects of the two river civilizations were more dissimilar than most aspects of life. The chavin people domestic llamas and used them in as many was as they could, mostly for travel and trade. They also created many great religious centers and were very artistic, creating thorough paintings and sculptures.At Chavin, shamans were the ones who had presage connections and authority in the civilization while the Phoenicians had kings to rule them. Another major difference is that the Phoenicians, in their small region, used alliances with larger civilizations like Persia to maintain liberty while the Chavin had surrounding societies admired the Chavin and even tried to mimic their ways. The ancient river civilizations, Chavin and Phoenician display many similarties and differences in their technological advancements, economics, and social behaviors.Because the Phoenicians traveled by the seas and had port cities they excelled more financially while the Chavin were more innovative. The Phoenicians created an alphabet while the Chavin domesticated animals, created irrigation, and worked metallurgy. Phoenicians exported many goods and became rich and the Chavin traveled on manmade paths to trade llama meat. Shamans influenced the Chavin and kings ruled the Phoenicians. . referable to their greatly different locations the two ancient river civilizations exhibited more differences than similarities.

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Americans and Materialism Essay Example for Free

Americans and Materialism EssayThe 1960s represented an era of significant economic growth for Americans. Some economists argue that the primal 1960s began the consumerism that defines American culture today. To what extent did American materialism that is, the beliefs in the accumulation of personal wealth make Americans afraid of fabianism? The chances of a communism in America were extremely small Americans loved their democratic capitalist government. They would have not traded it in for being communist. In reality we as Americans argon consumed by things we see and hear on TV, by what we see our neighbors have, and by what many people think is important in life. Materialism is a great problem in this country. It appears to get worse as technology increases and new gadgets are invented and easily obtained simply because some people become obsessed with having and they brook self- condition of it.Discussion topic 2 Based upon your reading materials for this unit, do y ou agree or disagree that more government intervention is needed in the capitalist system? Please justify your response with concrete examples. Yes, there should be government intervention in to capitalistic system with some extent. I my opinion markets cannot exist without a government to protect property rights, enforce contracts and settle disputes all of which is intervention. This would benefit the economy in variety of ways. Firstly, government regulations leave businesses to remain in the private hands while removing some of the worst abuses of pure capitalism. Extremely wealthy people or companies have the ability to control large sections of the economy because smart business dealings.Only Government involvement can fix that. When a producer has a monopoly, the consumer is no longer autonomous, prices are not set by supply and demand, and therefore the system cannot function effectively. As a mixed economy there is competition between companies but we need government regul ation to ensure that these types of monopolies do not exist. A safe amount of government intervention would result in higher incomes, outturn and employment, which would then lead to expansion. Limited government involvement prevents crises such as inflation, unemployment and depression. Without government the strong pass on take what they want from the weak and there will be no reason to voluntarily exchange good and services which is the sole purpose of buying and selling. (Harrison, chapter07).Harrison, Brigid C. and Thomas R. Dye. (2008) Power and Society. Cengage Learning. Mason, Ohio

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Drama activities: teaching english in the esl classroom

turntic play activities didactics english in the esl classroomIf even the greatest shimmertist that has invariably lived in this world believes that t out ensemble humans be actors, who be we to disagree? I for one completely do not. As a talking to practitioner, I for one strongly believe that manoeuvre has the potential of making the larn throw fun for the students and even memorable because it is realistic. Let me tell you why.Students in schools today seem to have rattling(prenominal) little expo sure enough to the slope diction. The only contact with the speech comes from being taught using the traditional chalk and lambast method in the English language classroom. They have very(prenominal) little experience with real-life short letters where the English language is used as a parley tool. It is not surprising then that the communicatory Approach has been introduced in the new Kurikulum Bersepadu Sekolah Menengah (KBSM) English Language program. The commu nicative syllabus will focus not only on the linguistic competence but withal on the development of the communicative ability of the learner. Instead of being a passive participant, the learner is now encourage to take a to a greater fulfilment active subprogram in their own language learning forge in the classroom.In line with the National command Philosophy, classroom strategies devised by the English instructor should cater not only for efficient language but as well provide opportunities for students soulfulnessal development to conjure students who are competent and reassured language users (Compedium, 1989). Teachers who advocate the Communicative Approach are expected to develop strategies that would force self-learning, group interactions in authentic situations and peer- teaching, preferably of the traditionally teacher-dominated and teacher-directed classes. The activities would also require the learner to do things with the language such as making picks, ev aluating, and bridging the development gap. Examples of such activities are childs play, utilisation-play, simulation games, improvisation and miming. For the goal of this project paper, we shall look at gambling activities as a communicative tool in the teaching and learning of English in the ESL classroom. gambol has incessantly had a close relationship with the teaching of the English language. With its link to literature, manoeuvretic event is a powerful tool in developing the students communicative ability. Generally speaking, bid is student-centered because it puts the students in a position to do most of the communicating and interacting instead of the teacher. Therefore, the onus is now on the students to take control of their own learning. Psychologically, it is also very motivating for in that location are no wrong answers in playing period, allowing success for each student. The flexibility and openness of drama also provides the students a greater layer of fre edom as compared to when they are required to find a single acceptable answer in the conventional English language lesson. Students acquire volubility skills at a much faster rate as a result of promoting student student talk and reducing the teachers role to a needed low level or almost non-existent in some cases.Looking at it from the teachers perspective, engaging in group activities, as in drama, allows students to feel much(prenominal) relaxed and in turn feel comfortable to pull up their feelings better compared to when they are required to come up with individual responses. Used properly, drama allows both(prenominal) the teacher and learner to cipher how far the learners ability to give has developed and this in time behind develop confidence and better social skills in the learner. Furthermore, it is emphasised that English should be taught to not only develop the basic marrow of communication, but to further encourage fluent and accurate expression, both oral a nd written. in one case the students begin to master the language they should be able to overcome their self-consciousness and develop their confidence to express views openly and articulately. These students would then cause English signifi crumbt and relevant in the sense that now they can take it out of the classroom and use it in their everyday lives. It is rather obvious to realize the common ground English and drama share. Drama should contribute significantly to the realization of all these aims.Statement of the ProblemStudents in schools today seem to find the learning of English irrelevant and to a certain extent, confusing. They do not need to use the English they have learnt in the classroom in their daily lives. English language moreover, is very much described as a strong second language but is, in reality only treated as a foreign language in all primary and secondary schools (Compendium, 1989). This change in the status of English in the system has brought with it a lot of problems for both teachers and students.Students who are hesitant to communicate in English whitethorn view the use of the language orally as trivial and insignificant to language learning. To them, to be merely competent in the language is sufficient, rather than to manage them (Chomsky, 1965). In actual fact, students especially the shy and silent ones, are afraid of making preposterous mistakes or errors. Thus, m some(prenominal) resort to the use of their mother tongues or their L1 in their daily discussions or daily convers ations.The launching of the Language Policy in 1971 adds to this restriction. Bahasa Melayu was make the sole medium of instruction in schools and other formal events. At the same time, students of all races and background seemed to be more comfortable communicating in Bahasa Melayu, and so the importance of English language has been gradually declining.One possible way of overcoming this problem is to supplement the conventional English teaching methods with visitable teaching proficiencys such as drama, which offer the students the chance to actually use the English they have learnt. Even though the students English may not be perfect, the activities would helper them to improve oral communication.Objective of the StudyThe main aim of this study is to impart a broad introduction to drama and to show how such techniques can be useful in the teaching and learning of the English language, particularly in Malaysian schools. This exploratory study plans to achieve the following objectivesTo de nameine the students extent of exposure to drama activities.To ascertain students motivation towards learning English.To assess students attitudes towards learning English.Research QuestionsSpecifically, this study seeks answers for the following research questionsHave the students been exposed to drama activities in their language classroom?What are the students motivations in learning the English language?What are the students att itudes towards English?Significance of the StudyThere is fundamental need for learners to realize what they have learned in the four walls of the classroom out into the open and apply it in real-life situations and drama activities meet this need. This study therefore hopes to make teachers of English language aware and to have the conviction that drama activities can be an effective tool in language teaching.It is hoped that this study will be an plaza opener for teachers and students of ESL. It provides the necessary information for language teachers to make students inevitably participate in the English lesson and thereby gain self-confidence in using the language. Thus, the importee of this study is to make ESL teachers aware that rather than acting in plays or studying them, students are taught English using a technique derived from drama as a social process of development. This will obviously promote the use of drama in the teaching and learning of ESL and in its widest sen se, is best seen as an choice methodology to one based on the traditional chalk and talk.As far as students are concerned, they will soon see the purpose of drama activities in their learning and how realistic and relevant they are when applied in their everyday lives. Since drama activities often portray the society from which the students come from, it can give the students an opportunity to feel what life is all about. Drama activities encourage the students to make practical and rational judgments when confronted by complex situations, which they may encounter later in life. This valuable experience would certainly hold them in good stead in their future.Thus, the significance of the study advocates the usage of drama activities in the ESL classroom. It is aspired that teachers would adopt this technique and adapt the activities to the relevance and needs of their students.Limitations of the StudyOn the basis of discussion on this project paper, the drama activities presented is targeted towards Form four students of intermediate proficiency level. The drama activities are some of the possibilities for social interactions that lie deep down classroom situations. However, some of its limitations were recognized, in particularIn situations outside the classroom, learners will need to satisfy a much wider variety of communicative needs arising from the events of everyday life.They will need to cope with greater variety of patterns of interactions. These may vary from the formal interview, with its tightly controlled structure, to the unaffixed gathering where everybody competes on an equal basis for turns to speak.They will need to become bear upond in distinct kinds of social relationship, for which different forms of language will be needed.In order to prepare learners to cope with these wider functional and social needs, we mustiness look for ways extending the possibilities for communicative interactions in the classroom (Littlewood, 1984). It is hope d that by using the drama activities, the apparent gaps can be bridged and in return the students language competency and performance can be enhanced.Definition of TermsDramaHow do we, as teachers of English as a Second Language bring drama into todays classroom? Though some teachers have tried using drama in their classroom, they are still in a state of confusion. This is not because they do not sack out how to teach it, but simply because they are not sure of its purpose in education. The use of communicative activities is a technique to achieve one of the aims of the communicative approach, which is to obtain communicative competence. The important aspect of this approach is to communicate with another person in the classroom and in the extensive term, the society (Wan, 1990).Drama used in the classroom can be considered a communicative activity since it fosters communication between learners and provides opportunities to use the target language in various make believe situatio ns. Thus, drama is any activity, which asks the participant to portray himself in an imaginary situation or to portray another person in an imaginary situation. Drama is concerned with the world of pretense. It provides an opportunity for a person to express himself through verbal expressions and gestures using his imagination and memory. According to Wan (1990), drama takes what it shares with English, an emphasis on developing the means of communication and extends this means to include all the paralinguistic aids to meaning which takes communication beyond just writing to gestures and physical interaction.Drama activities draw on the inborn ability of every person to imitate, imitate and express himself. The students are encouraged to draw on their natural capacity to live parts of his past experience that might otherwise never emerge. When students are brought together they bring along with them different life and different background into the classroom.According to the Oxfor d Dictionary (1995), drama is defined as a literary war paint to be performed by actors play or the art of acting, writing or producing plays. But for the purpose of this paper, drama refers more to informal (creative drama) as it is used in the language classroom and not on stage. Drama is doing. Drama is being. Drama is such a normal thing. It is something that we all engage in daily when approach with difficult situation. This is clearly illustrated by Tricia (1984) when she quotes, Getting on with our day-to-day live requires a series of masks.Generally, drama is considered as a type of activity in which the learners are minded(p) fairly controlled scenarios to interpret. But the term drama is often viewed with confusion because different people use it in different ways to suit different contexts. As such, it seems necessary to define the terms from the perspective of teaching and learning English as a Second Language (ESL).Drama takes into note the socio-psychological aspec ts of learning as it involves the whole person and his total response. For some students drama techniques can be an alternative means of learning the language and may catch far more positive results than normal classroom teaching (Mordecai, 1985).CHAPTER 2REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATUREIntroductionDrama is used in ESL classrooms to promote communication in its authentic form. The Communicative Approach advocates that learners need to learn how to use the target language in real life situations and drama activities meet this need, for it allows natural learning. If examined carefully, we would find that, English teachers define English as one that encourages and develops communication skills, self-expression, imagination and creativity. These are the key terms, which would surface as aims of teaching in a language classroom. When similarly confronted, teachers of drama say the same thing. Thus, drama invariably and significantly contributes to the realization of all the aims in an ESL classroom.The Communicative ApproachThe term approach refers to the theories about the constitution of how language is learnt (Richards, 1986). It takes into account the basic units of language structure and the nature of language proficiency. It also considers the psycholinguistic and cognitive processes involved in language learning and the conditions that allow for effective learning to take place.The Communicative Approach thus refers to the belief that language learning is communicative competence (Richards, 1986). Communicative competence here refers not only to the knowledge of the grammatical rules of a language and how to form grammatical sentences but also to know when, where and to whom to use these sentences in a speech community (Richards, 1985 and Hymes, 1972).Communicative Methodology on the other hand, refers to the different ways of teaching language using the communicative approach. Therefore, the term techniques refers to different classroom activities (Wan, 1990 ). In this study they will be called communicative activities.In the Communicative Approach, language teaching and learning emphasized the use of language for the communication of meaning than learning the language structures, forms and vocabulary (Wilkins, 1976 and Widdowson, 1978). However, this does not imply that the grammatical and lexical aspects are neglected. In fact, they do have a place in the Communicative Method of language teaching. Therefore, the how of language teaching and learning refers to the specific techniques and procedures used to unconsciously acquire and consciously learn a language through communication (Brumfit, 1984).The Nature of Communicative ActivitiesCommunicative activities refer to the techniques, which are employed in the communicative method in language teaching. Examples of such activities are games, simulation, miming, drama and role-play, which make use of the target language. The activities involve doing things with language and these language activities for communication is not restricted to conversation and may involve listening, speaking, reading and writing or an integration of two or more skills.Communicative activities have the following characteristics (Wan, 1990)They are purposeful. They are beyond strictly practicing particular structures.They are interactive. The activities are often conducted with others and often involve some form of discussion.Authentic materials are used. The situations in which the learners have to use language should be as realistic as possible. The language models given should be authentic.They are based on the information gap principle.Five guiding principles have been vividly outlined behind the use of communicative activities as language teaching and learning techniques (Morrow, 1981). They are as follows1. Know what you are doing.This principle gives relevance to the lesson, which the students would want to use in order to perform in the target language. For example in teaching speak ing, the task could be asking for directions to a certain place.. The students here communicate with each other and there is no control over the exact language used but the situation is controlled.2. The whole is more important than the sum of the parts.In the communicative method, the natural language is dealt in real situations where it is necessary to contribute in the context of the whole. Communication is not learnt inductively as it cannot easily be analyzed into its various components without its nature being destroyed in the process. For example you may teach the component of various forms of greeting but it is no guarantee that the student will be able to choose the appropriate form when required in a real-life situation.3. The processes are as important as the forms.The processes of communication such as information gap, choice and feedback, should be as much as possible replicated in trying to develop the ability of the students to communicate in the target language. The teacher must try to devise exercises where there is an information gap so that real meaningful communication can take place. The participants in a conversation also have a choice in what they say and how they say it. When undergoing these processes, there should be ample feedback during interaction between two speakers in order to gauge if the message has been successfully sent across.4. To learn it, do it.Only by practicing communicative activities would students learn to communicate. Students must become responsible for their own learning. This is what student-centeredness entails and thus the role of the teacher consequently changes. He / she must learn to take a backseat and should no longer dominate the learning situation. The teacher is now a facilitator and should endeavor to provide all the help the student needs to play an active role in his own learning.5. Mistakes are not always mistakes.As language practitioners we must able to make the distinction between mistakes and errors. There is the need for flexibility in deciding to treat mistakes at different stages of the learning process towards communicative competence. We must not be hasty in wielding the axe on the students as mistakes are evidence of learning taking place subsequently all.The use of communicative activities is to achieve one of the aims of the communicative approach, which is communicative competence. The essence of this approach is to communicate with another person in the classroom and in long term the society. Hence, drama can be used in the classroom since it fosters communication between learners and provides opportunities to use the target language in various make believe situations. Drama also allows participants the opportunity to act out roles and to use all the media of communication, the voice, gesture and movement. It thus takes what it shares with English, an emphasis on developing the means of communication, and extending these means to include all the paralinguisti c aids to form meaning. This takes communication beyond the two dimensions, writing and talking, to involve the third dimension of gesture and physical interaction, thus load-bearing(a) active and discriminating observation and listening, which true communication always demands (Tricia, 1984).Drama Versus TheaterSusan Holden (1981) defines drama as any activity which asks the participant to portray himself in an imaginary situation or to portray another person in an imaginary situation. Drama is thus concerned with the world of lets pretend. It provides an opportunity for a person to express himself through verbal expressions and gestures using his imagination and memory. In this paper, drama refers more to dramatic activities as the setting is the language classroom rather than the stage. The participants in the drama activities are thus learners and not actors.To have a further collar between Drama and Theater, a clear distinction has to be make between the two concepts. One way of accomplishing this is to look at Drama as process oriented and Theater as being product oriented. through and through the examination of the fundamental features that lay behind both these concepts, ONeill (1995) came up with the following characteristics for each of them1. Drama as a ProcessThe emphasis is placed on participants experiencing personal growth through an exploration of their understanding of the issues within dramatic experience.Student and teacher share equal places in the development, analysis and the carrying out of the drama activities.The drama is normally not performed for an audience.2. Theater as a ProductThe students personal growth is measured through the learning of skills.The study is facilitated through a scripted work not of the students making.The teacher transfers her or his interpretation and analysis of the drama.The primary objective is formal play production.For the purpose of this paper, we will focus on Drama as a Process rather than Theater as a Product. As opposed to the traditional idea of theater, which results in an end performance, drama as a process is performed for the sake of the act of doing it, not for an audience, not for a production, and it doesnt need to be rehearsed. The audience can simply be the performers themselves.Drama as a process refers to a teaching method that involves children in imaginary, unscripted, and spontaneous scenes, in which the meaning is made from the engagement and transactions between the teacher and students (Schneider Jackson, 2000). The students and teachers work together to create an imaginary dramatic world within which issues are considered and problems can be solved. In this world they work together to explore problems and issues such as betrayal, truth and other ethical and moral issues. ONeill (1995) mentions that sometimes the work may begin as light-hearted, but the teacher always layers more dramatic tension and complexity into the work because the teacher may aim f or a pedagogical outcome.In Drama as a Process, students learn to conceptualize beyond their own points of view and consider multiple perspectives on a topic through playing different roles. Playing a range of positions encourages them to be able to empathize with others and to consider life from their viewpoint. It allows them to walk on other peoples shoes, to walk the paths they tread and to see how the world looks from their eyes. Since the end product is not the focus, students work at every moment to produce to the best of their ability. In this way, drama can be seen as more meaningful, productive, and well-rounded. Drama thus, not only teaches students to be better communicators in a variety of authentic situations, but also compels them to use English in ways that differ from everyday classroom interactions, mimicking more authentic language use.Drama in the ESL ClassroomGenerally, drama involves being an imaginary person usually in an imaginary situation and sometimes a r eal one (Venugopal, 1986). The learners are given fairly controlled scenarios to interpret. Drama is defined by the scope of the task of problem-solving in order to achieve their goals. Students need to know of their ability to learn from each other as well as to learn independently. They should be aware that they are working towards a goal within a given time limit. This will sharpen their concentration and at the end of the lesson they should have satisfaction of having achieved that goal (Venugopal, 1986).Drama in education is a mode of learning. Through the pupils active identification with the imagined role and situations in drama, they can learn to explore issues, events and relationships (ONeil, 1994). In drama, students draw on their knowledge and experience of the real world in order to create their own experience they have as well as their knowledge, which they have gained from books, films or television. Although, these imaginary situations may at first seem superficial a nd only action oriented, through the teachers guidance and careful intervention it should be possible for the work to grow in depth. In creating a make believe world students can come to understand themselves and their real world in which they live.In order to engage in drama activities students do not need sophisticated theatre skills. However, they must be willing to (ONeil, 1997) put up believe with regard to objects, for example,a table-top can become a wagon or rafta circle of chairs may represent a starshipcupped hands may contain a precious object.Make believe with regards to actions and situations, for example,creeping across the school hall may be means of escaping from the jaila group sitting huddled on the traumatise may be passengers on an emigrant shipstealing a bunch of keys may represent a test of stealth and cunning for the warriors. accompany a role, for example,settlers who seek a new life in a foreign country execrable children living on the streetsteenagers who have left home. carry on the make believe verbally, for example,describing the doorway in which they spent the nightpresenting the facts about child labour to the committee for reformdiscussing the problems to be faced on a voyage.Interact with the rest of the group, for example,agreeing to join the crew of the starshipchoosing a leader for the communityteaching a skill to a friendIn drama activities, students are given the opportunities to draw together all the bits of language they have learnt and practice it in situations they are likely to encounter outside the classroom. In any drama activity, learners must create the interactions themselves on the basis of their roles rather than perform in ways that have been predetermined by the teacher (Littlewood, 1981).This freedom of choice offers the students the chance to use their English learnt to develop the character, therefore promoting spontaneity in activities similar to real-communication. Drama in a way helps students to impro ve oral and verbal communication despite gaps in their knowledge. However, the use of picture cards and other visual cues will narrow these gaps.Drama activities are essentially social activities and involve contact, communication and the negotiation of meaning. The nature of the work will impose certain pressures on the students but will also bring considerable rewards. Co-operative activities are very rare in the Malaysian schools. Too often students are trained to work as individuals and to be both competitive and possessive about their achievements. Drama on the other hand, works from the strength of the groups.Drama is an individuals spontaneous behavior reacting to others in a hypothetical situation. The essential core of the activity is understanding the situation of another person, and to do this well the player needs to come to grip with the other participants roles, not just his own. In practice, this works when a player is given the basic information about who he is, what he is like, and what he wants to do. He must interact with others and relate his situation to theirs and gain a greater understanding of the roles, the relationship and the language involved (Revell, 1979).Movements and MimeMime involves the expressive use of the body. It is a non-verbal representation of an idea or story through gestures, bodily movements and expressions. It may seem strange that mime should be encouraged in language teaching, as it does not involve language. It must be borne in mind that though no language is used during the mime, it will act as a catalyst to generate language during the discussions before the mime is presented and also elicit language when there is need for explanations (Edwin, 1992). Mime is thus used to enrich verbal features rather than replace them. After a mime session, parallel exercises are carried out where appropriate words are added to the mime activities. In the English language classroom, unlike in theatres mime activities are not de manding and this makes mime activities suitable for poor and shy students who lack the necessary level of language proficiency. Mime activities can be incorporated into scenes from texts or improvisation of scenes from texts. image PlaySimulation and role play provide the opportunity to move away from the traditional role of teachers and also the classroom setting arrangements where the class is rearranged to reflect the situation that is being dramatized (Edwin, 1992).Role play can be used for students of different proficiency levels. However, the teacher will have to decide the degree of control over the scenario for the role play. For the very shy and low proficiency students, teachers could ask students to dramatize conversations and dialogues directly from the texts. For students with some English proficiency, teachers could provide a situation, which is relatively structured so that these students would feel confident and be more willing to participate. The more proficient stu dents could be given less structured scenario and they should be encouraged to attempt to improvise the same text.In role play, a student is required to imagine that he is either himself or another person in a particular situation. He would be asked to behave exactly as he feels the person would. His portrayal of the character will help him understand the character and also provide an intimate experience with the literary text. There are many types of role play, for example, dramatic plays, story dramatization and socio-drama, seminar style presentation, debates and interviews.SimulationsSimulations are drama activities that often mirror real life. They can however be imaginary. They are often problem solving activities and students bring their personality, knowledge and experience into these activities. Among the common forms of simulation is the mock trial. It is popular with students and court cases are quite easy to be developed from literary texts, often based on the conflicts faced by the characters in the story. Other forms of simulation can also be encouraged. For example, group work in the fo