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Thesis On Iot Devices - 869 Words

Hackers will keep on using IoT devices to encourage DDoS assaults In October 2016, the world was acquainted with the principal Internet of Things malware, which is a strain of malware that can contaminate connected devices, for example, DVRs, security cameras and the sky is the limit from there. The Mirai malware got to the devices utilizing default secret word and usernames. The malware at that point transforms the influenced devices into a botnet with a specific end goal to encourage a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) assault. This assault wound up flooding one of the biggest site hosting companies on the planet, bringing slew of significant, understood sites and services to a sudden stop for quite a long time. This specific†¦show more content†¦This new information would then be able to enable the machine to realize what your inclinations are and alter itself in like manner. (3) Switches will turn out to be more secure and more quick witted Since a majority of these devices dwell in the home, and they cant have security software introduced on them, they are extremely helpless against assaults. With the surge of the IoT fever in the purchaser advertise, numerous makers are attempting to get their item to showcase rapidly, so now and again, security can be neglected. This is the place the home switch assumes a critical part. The switch is basically the section purpose of the Internet into your home. While the connected devices cant be ensured independent from anyone else, the switch can give insurance at the passage point. Albeit the present average switch provides some extra security, (for example, secret word assurance, firewalls, and the capacity to arrange them to just permit certain devices on your system), they dont accompany introduced security software. Which implies that malware can even now sneak through. With the notoriety of IoT devices, and the high vulnerabilities they convey, aggressors are as of now concen trating on approaches to misuse them. Along these lines its critical that we advance beyond the terrible folks and keep them out of our homes. (3) HOW, IF AT ALL, WOULD IT CHANGE THE NATURE OF BUSINESS? IoT IN MARKETING There are not aShow MoreRelatedHow Does Design Bring Meaningful Experience Persuasive Technology?1351 Words   |  6 PagesExperience to Persuasive Technology in IoT? Internet of Things (Iot) in recent years, with human technology’s extremely fast improvement, has become something more than it was meant to be. Henry Holtzman explained that IoT was defined as objects that contain some sort of digital shadows (RFID) while us human having a database to manipulate, share and organise these objects in a virtual environment. This very definition was put forward in 1990s, where in present, IoT has evolved into objects that hasRead MoreThe Current State Of Art1733 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract Over the last couple of years, the internet of things (IoT) has drawn a lot of attention from both academia’s and industries. The internet of things is often interchanged with the internet of everything. Presently, several devices can be connected at the same time, it is hoped that in the nearest future, billions of devices can be connected multifariously and will hopefully extend beyond the margins of physical components. This research will present the current state of art in research onRead MoreThe Security Of The Internet Of Things1785 Words   |  8 Pagesconnectivity and user-friendly interactions. IoT is defined by Forbes writer Jacob Morgan (2014) as â€Å"the concept of basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other). This [including] †¦ cell phones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, †¦ and almost anything else you can think of†. In other words, IoT is the glue that holds the world of technology together. Within this field we have developed a compelling thesis question. Its answer could help propelRead MoreUsing A Cloud Based System2715 Words   |  11 PagesThings aka IoT, is a network of things or objects implanted with sensors and other smart electronic devices which enables them to communicate with each other and other targets in the network through exchange of data. These sensors generate a lot of data that needs to be stored, managed and analyzed. There are options to connect memory cards or computers to these sensors or we can integrate the sensors in to devices with further networking capabilities. Most of the applications of IoT use a cloud-basedRead MoreThe Beauty Of Computer Science And Computer Engineering1029 Words   |  5 Pagesdata loggers and worked on automatic hospital beds. Under the supervision of Dr. Ghader Karimian, my thesis advisor, I have researched in the laboratory of digital systems in our department, where I investigated on embedded systems, digital design, robotics, computer vision and machine learning in the laboratory which helped me to experience the way of researching in the academic fields. My thesis project is about monocular tracking of a ball with a robotic arm using a computer, in which my understandingsRead MoreThe Benefits Of Telehealth For Personal Healthcare Service1444 Words   |  6 Pageshealthcare sys tem. Moreover, the development of communication technology, integrated circuit (IC), and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), wearable technology provides easy accessibility and opens new application regime, such as Internet of things (IoT). In order to maximise the capability of telehealth system, researchers in various fields including computer science, medical science, and communication systems have collaborated cite{chakraborty2013review}. Although it seems like a simple combinationRead MoreHybrid Android Based Home Automation1754 Words   |  8 Pageswhile automation greatly reduces the need for human sensory and mental requirements as well (Wikipedia, 2009). ïÆ'Ëœ Automation plays an increasingly important role in the global economy and in daily experience. Engineers strive to combine automated devices with Mathematical and organizational tools to create complex systems for a rapidly expanding range of applications and human activities. Many roles for humans in industrial processes presently lie beyond the scope of automation. Human-level patternRead MoreComputer Storage Is A Fundamental Component Of A Computer Essay2556 Words   |  11 Pagesdrives are used today. Floppy disks are susceptible to electromagnetic interface. By 1999 floppy disks could store a max of 200MB and the size was reduced to a size of 3 ½ inches. By 2007 floppy disks Optical storage devices commonly used in CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays . Optical storage devices are quickly becoming outdated nowadays it is hard to find a new computer that has a optical storage drives equipped in it. Optical storage works by. Data is recorded by making marks in a pattern that can be read back

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Phrasal Verbs About Speaking for ESL Learners

This phrasal verb feature focuses on phrasal verbs we use when talking about speaking and conversation. Obviously, using tell or say or speak, etc. is absolutely correct when relating conversations. However, if you want to stress HOW the person said something, phrasal verbs come in handy (idiombe useful). Phrasal Verbs About Speaking Negative Speaking go on: to continue to talk about a subject after the interest of the listener has been exhausted.harp on :Â  inf. to repeatedly talk about a certain subjectramble on: to talk for a long time about something which is not very interesting to the other people in the conversationrabbit on (British):Â  as aboverun on (American):Â  as above Speaking Quickly rattle off: to say a list or impressive number of facts very quicklyreel off inf.:Â  as abovewhip off inf. (American):Â  as above Interrupting butt in: to rudely enter another conversationchip in: to add a specific point to a conversation Speaking suddenly blurt out: to say something suddenly, usually without thinkingcome out with: to say something suddenly Contributing come up with: to add a new idea to a conversationto go along with: to agree with someone else Not Speaking shut up: to stop talking, often used as an imperative (very rude)break off: suddenly stop speakingclam up: to refuse to speak or become silent during a conversationdry up: run out of ideas of interesting comments, finish speaking because you dont know what to say next or have forgotten what you would like to say Speaking Rudely talk at: to talk to someone without listening to what they have to saytalk down to: to verbally treat someone in an inferior mannergo off: to speak angrily about somethingput down: to criticize someone or something Sample Paragraph WithPhrasal Verbs Last week I went to visit my friend Fred. Fred is a great guy but at times he can really go on about things. We were speaking about some of our friends and he came out with this incredible story about Jane. It seems she had butted in while he was harping on his favorite complaint: Service in restaurants. Apparently, he had been running on for quite a while putting down almost every restaurant he had been to by rattling off a list of his visits to different restaurants in town. I guess Jane felt that he was talking at her and was fed up with it. She went off about what a rude person he was which shut him up pretty quickly! I thought about blurting out that maybe she was right, but decided to clam up in order to not upset him.As you can see by using these phrasal verbs the reader gets a much better idea of the dynamics of the conversation. If the above story was reported by saying she told him, he said etc., it would be pretty boring indeed. In this way, the reader gets a real sense of the personalities of the speakers.

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Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Open Or Closed

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: Open or Closed? The Physical Therapy profession has been around for many years. â€Å"The American physical therapy profession emerged during and following the First World War as a result of the need for trained providers of therapeutic exercise – who practiced under the supervision of a physician – for the rehabilitation of injured soldiers.† (Wrynn, 2014) The profession over the past few years has had a huge expansion in need. â€Å"Physical therapists (PTs) provide services that help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients with injuries or disease. (Physical Therapist, 2012) Physical Therapist work with the patient to make sure†¦show more content†¦In the past an injury to the ACL has been considered â€Å"career ending.† The anatomy of the anterior cruciate ligament is created to support the knee. The ACL creates a cross in the knee when prepared with the posterior cruciate ligament, PCL. The job of the anterior cruciate ligament is to keep the tibia from moving anteriorly and the femur from rotating. In recent years is has become one of the most rehabilitated ligament is in the body right up there with the bicep tendon. Over the past few years anterior cruciate ligament injuries have increased and are spreading across different age and gender lines. Most of the ACL injuries that we see can be classified as a contact injury. I use a contact injury here to mean that two people or even a person and an object, such as a ball, collide with a massive force and cause the movement of the knee in a way that tears the ligament. An example of this would be when two soccer players collide as they are going for the ball and the force of player one hits player two on the back of the knee causing the tibia to move in that anterior motion further than the limits of the anterior cruciate ligament and causing the tear. The fix for this is through surgery known and an ACL Reconstruction. The anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction is the most common option to repair the ACL after injury. An anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction consists of

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Volunteer Fire Fighter Dies While Lost in Residential...

Volunteer Fire Fighter Dies While Lost in Residential Structure Fire Explain the issues that lead to his fatality --- During the month of October, 2008 we lost another fire fighter in a residential structure fire. The Victim was a 24 Y/O male fire fighter from Alabama who had been a volunteer with the department for two years. The firefighter training seemed to be standard for a new volunteer in the area which he served. As always it is tragic to lose a fire fighter and as always we try to learn from it. The NIOSH report is always written with great detail of their findings, so as we start to learn more about what happened we can get our facts straight, and hopefully make the changes so it does not happen again. The NIOSH investigators report did conclude some of the factors could have been avoided. With this case the NIOSH report was able put together a pretty lengthy list of what could have been different. NIOSH found the following (2009) Ensure that fire fighters receive essential training consistent with national consensus standards on structural firefighting before being allowed to operate at a fire incident, develop, implement, and enforce written standard operating procedures (SOPs) for fireground operations, ensure that fire fighters are trained to follow the two-in/two-out rule and maintain crew integrity at all times, ensure that adequate numbers of apparatus and fire fighters are on scene before initiating an offensive fire attack in aShow MoreRelatedThree Day Road Chapter Notes Essay6074 Words   |  25 Pagesargues that they have no choice but to eat or starve (37). Nothing it should be added, is to be wasted. - A young man named Micah leaves with his wife and child for better hunting. Their expedition proves disastrous, as Micah ends up freezing to death while fishing. His wife is forced into cannibalism (42) on behalf of herself and her child. -The wife returns to her clan, but she and her child slip into madness. This madness is personified as the windigo, a mythical wild beast 20 feet tall (44). NiskasRead MoreEssay on Fall of Asclepius95354 Words   |  382 Pagesshit insane. Everyone was killing and raping each other into oblivion, because we were under attack by creatures that was so beyond our understanding! Geez, there were many names given to these undead. Some called them demons, others called them lost souls. With all these names, I found only one that was truly worthy; Zombies. It was a simple word. At the same time it was the most complicated word to enter any human language. I mean just think about it... You say that word to anyone before theRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 Pagesvendor selection (.3.4.5) SWAT analysis Schedule compression Leadership skills G.1 Project leadership 10.1 Stakeholder management Chapter 11 Teams Chapter 3 Organization: Structure and Culture 2.4.1 Organization cultures [G.7] 2.4.2 Organization structure [9.1.3] 9.1.1 Organization charts 1.4.4 Project offices Chapter 4 9.2 Building the team (.1.3) [3.5.3] [App G.2 Building teams] 9.4 Managing the team 9.3.2 Team building activities 9.2.4 Virtual teams

Direct Democracy Vs Representative Democracy Essay

Direct Democracy vs Representative Democracy The term Democracy is derived from two Greek words, demos, meaning people, and kratos, meaning rule. These two words form the word democracy which means rule by the people. Aristotle, and other ancient Greek political philosophers, used the phrase, `the governors are to be the governed, or as we have come to know it, `rule and be ruled in turn. The two major types of democracy are Representative Democracy and Direct Democracy. Clearly the arguments for and against each form of democracy are plentiful. However, it is my belief that theoretically, Direct Democracy is the superior form of political rule. Due to problems with in the direct democratic system, its use as a practical†¦show more content†¦It is not even thinkable that all citizens will agree on what good is. Rousseau recognized this and accepted a term of majority rule. Those who voted against a policy which is found to be the best for the general, must have been thinking of personal gains, rather than the gains of the entire society. The feature which distinguishes direct democracy from other forms of government is the idea of agreement and the key to agreement is discussion. It is impossible to reach an agreement without discussion, because it is not right to think that everybody will have the same opinion on all matters. But, it is very possible, that through discussion an agreement could be reached by all members. Representation, on the other hand allows a select few to make decisions in their own best interest, which is not necessarily the best interest of the society. However, direct democracy is not the perfect method to produce a union of the community. For a direct democracy to work, face to face communication between all members of the community is needed. The only way this is possible is to meet in large groups. Due to the fear of high tension, many citizens will not participate in these large group meeting. So in order for these fearful people to voice their opinions they must get together in smaller, less tensions groups, where they are not as timid to say as they wish to see happen. A direct democracy can only work in a small group, so as a form of government for anShow MoreRelatedEssay on Direct Democracy vs Representative Democracy954 Words   |  4 PagesDirect Democracy vs Representative Democracy The term Democracy is derived from two Greek words, demos, meaning people, and kratos, meaning rule. These two words form the word democracy which means rule by the people. Aristotle, and other ancient Greek political philosophers, used the phrase, `the governors are to be the governed, or as we have come to know it, `rule and be ruled in turn. The two major types of democracy are Representative Democracy and Direct Democracy. ClearlyRead MoreThe Constitution Of The United States Essay2016 Words   |  9 PagesPaper Over time the democracy in the United States has changed a lot. On 1796, democracy was first ratified when George Washington published his farewell address, marking one of the first peaceful transfers of power in american history and cementing the country’s status as a stable, democratic state. I will be talking about the different types of democracy in the United States, how democracy has changed for the United States, and even go into detail about how democracy can benefit a country hasRead MoreThe European Union Essay1633 Words   |  7 Pagesreferendums making their way to European governments, this question may pop up in people s heads: Do we have enough influence on the decisions the European Union makes? Democracy has been around for thousands of years. However, the meaning of it has been altered as time progressed. Where the Ancient Greeks first used the word democracy to give a name to the city-states political systems, people living in the 20th and 21st centur y tied a more liberal version to the word, and thus the meaning. Read MoreApathy And Its Impact On Society850 Words   |  4 Pagesthis will is that it is the ‘real’ will of each citizen, and thus fuses personal with political liberty. For this reason, Rousseau rejected representative democracy as it existed in Britain at the time – it is impossible, he maintained, for one person to represent another. In 1789, the French revolution proclaimed the doctrine of popular sovereignty (democracy) as the foundation of legitimacy for all modern governments, which meant that apathy, in the sense of a purely private life, without any politicalRead MorePresidential Election Of 2000 : George W. Bush1516 Words   |  7 Pagesof the states to win the Electoral Colleges vote. Electoral College In presidential elections, each state has the same amount of electoral votes as to the number of its number of House representatives and an additional two votes for its senators. Currently, there are 435 members of the House of Representatives and another 100 senators, plus there are three votes for Washington, D.C. (added by the 23rd amendment to the constitution), for a grand total of 538 electoral votes. The presidential candidateRead MoreAmerica s Form Of Government1364 Words   |  6 PagesAmerica s form of government is not that obvious anymore, nevertheless, one thing is for sure; it is definitely making the idea of democracy, an obscure, abstract version of itself. A Democratic government provides every citizen of legal age with the free and equal right to play a role in a system that elects representatives of the population. It is done so by the majority of people’s votes, which promise to meet their will. America gives the impression to be headed in the orientation of PlutocracyRead MorePluralism vs. Elitism1417 Words   |  6 PagesPluralism vs. Elitism The term lobbying conjures up visions of a cigar-chomping interest group representative, his arm around the shoulder of an important senator or representative, advising him how he ought to vote on some obscure provision of the Tax Code and slipping an envelope, fat with currency, into his jacket pocket. Or it conjures up images of favors given: paid vacations to exotic locations, honorarium payments for brief speeches at association meetings, and other exchanges verging onRead MoreHow Democratic The European Union1645 Words   |  7 Pageslegitimacy it is important to define democracy itself. Democracy is a value-laden term that has various meanings and comes in different shapes (e.g. representative vs. direct democracy). As none of the member states in the EU practices direct democracy to a mentionable extent it would not be suitable to assess the EU on terms of direct democratic participation. A reasonable approach is to analyse whether the EU possesses quality in terms of represe ntative democracy (e.g. adequate system of checks andRead MoreEssay on Classical Liberalism Vs. Classical Conservatism1392 Words   |  6 PagesClassical Liberalism vs. Classical Conservatism In todays society, most people are unable to explain the differences between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. In fact, the two parties ideologies seem to be very much alike; and therefore, people tend to believe that a Republican candidate and a Democratic candidate running for the same office will not make a large difference from one another. Furthermore, both Democrats, the supposedly liberal party, and Republicans, the supposedlyRead MoreClassical Liberalism vs. Classical Conservatism Essay1422 Words   |  6 PagesClassical Liberalism vs. Classical Conservatism In todays society, most people are unable to explain the differences between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. In fact, the two parties ideologies seem to be very much alike; and therefore, people tend to believe that a Republican candidate and a Democratic candidate running for the same office will not make a large difference from one another. Furthermore, both Democrats, the supposedly liberal party, and Republicans, the supposedly

Motivation at New United Motor Manufacturing-Samples for Students

Questions: 1.Using three motivation theories/frameworks covered in this course, discuss what are the lessons to be learned about motivation from the practices of NUMMI? 2.What would you advise NUMMI management to stop doing, start doing, or do better? Asnwers: Introduction The role of human emotions and drives in employee motivation is explained by a workers cognitive and emotional motivation, perceived clarity of an organizations vision and the workers specific role in that vision, the belief that the employee has the necessary resources to get the job done, and self efficacy (Kreitner Kinicki 2007, p. 23). A persons drive is a hardwired feature of the brain that makes an effort to keep him/her in balance by adjusting deficiencies. Abraham Maslow identified human drives as the main movers of behavior given that they tend to bring about emotions. David McClelland in his Learned Needs Theory also suggested that a persons specific needs are achieved over time and shaped by the individuals life experiences. The individuals achievement motivation, authority/power motivation, and affiliation motivation were identified by McClelland as factors influencing effectiveness and motivation in particular job functions (Kotter 2007, p. 62). Looking at the case pres ented, it is clear to see that NUMMIs management implemented a few initiatives to motivate their employees. 1.Motivation theory #1: Maslows needs hierarchy The reopening of the Fremont plant and application of different management practices and philosophies may be considered a blessing to the staff. The new management aimed at concentrating on novel ideology targeting the construction of high quality vehicles at the lowest possible costs. This meant the involvement of employees in decision making processes, training, job rotation, job allocations and layouts, among other work components (Mylonas, Harvey Hodges 2007, p. 60). According to Maslows hierarchy of needs theory, individuals usually have a pyramid hierarchy of needs that they will fulfill starting at the bottom, all the way to the top. Significant to this theory is that unsatisfied needs at the bottom of the ladder tend to deter an individual from moving on to the next step. NUMMIs new management was well aware of the fact that using confrontational enforcement of rules would not be as effective in the new regime as implementing flexibility. Maslows theory identified five main needs that people have, and these are physiological, belonging, self-esteem, self realization, and security (Huczynski Buchanan 2013, p. 117). NUMMIs new motivational practices ensured that these needs are met, for instance, the use of only skilled and non-skilled hourly workers fulfilled the employees physiological needs. Their sense of belonging and feeling as part of a group was satisfied by their involvement in deciding training, job rotation, job allocations, and work standards. Self realization and self esteem needs of the employees are now fulfilled by the managements encouragement to work like their name is on the plant (Analoui 2007, p.53). The employees were also encouraged to do more than just finishing their assigned tasks. This ensured that their need to progress, develop and feel good about themselves was catered for. Effective managers and leaders are able to acknowledge the fact that individuals are different. To have this level of understanding means that the management is better able to motivate its staff. The NUMMI management system recognized that some of the employees come to work to earn cash and actually have not desire to get along with their colleagues or move to higher positions within the organization (Biron Bamberger 2010, p. 186). Other employees work to gain experience and get promoted while some work to meet individuals and have personal challenges combined with a sense of attainment. The management also acknowledges that some employees report to work due to a combination of all these reasons. That is why the novel management system aims at establishing a safe and good workplace environment and treating the workers as individuals. To motivate employees having relatedness needs, that is those who find it hard to get along with their colleagues, the NUMMI management aims at not only showing respect and giving recognition by awarding bonuses based on safety, productivity improvement and safety, but also involve the workers in decision making (Giri Santra 2008, 61). Notably, a firm organization that has clear responsibilities generally provides security. NUMMIs management has shown its staff that the senior executives now have lower need for social approval, and this has been exhibited through their open office plan and eating at the same cafeteria. The newly reopened plant has realized that application of Maslows hierarchy needs theory allows it to ensure that the organizational structure motivates employees to reaching their full potential. Motivation theory #2: Job enrichment Job enrichment simply means the vertical expansion of jobs within a given organization. This usually increases the level to which the employee controls the execution, planning, and assessment of work (Kumar 2008, n.p.). Enriched jobs arrange tasks so as to allow the employees to do a full activity, something which increases the workers autonomy and liberty, job responsibility and provides the necessary feedback. At NUMMI, job enrichment is all about giving employees more obligations for planning, coordinating and scheduling their own work. As already indicated, the new management system that has been put in place at the plant ensures that workers are involved in job allocations, training, job rotation, and work standards. Job rotation will allow workers to perform different varieties of jobs. Implementation of participative management will allow the workers to engage in strategic planning and decision making processes. Furthermore, provision of feedback will allow them to determine how well or poor they are performing their tasks. The newly revamped NUMMI has discovered that job enrichment is so far providing more interesting and stimulating work to its staff that adds challenge and variety to a workers day to day routine (Priyadarshini 2009, 70). As a result, the depth of the job is increased and individuals can have more control over their work. This is best illustrated by the new management philosophy where there are no time clocks, only self report time sheets (Unknown author 2013, p. 44). Line workers now have the right and duty to close down their portion of the production line to resolve any operation or quality issues that may arise. When keeping in mind organizational behavior and motivational theories, job enrichment influence on employee motivation is achieved through addition to the quality of tasks instead of their quantity. It is also achieved through the transformation of the work profile through behavioral interventions, rather than technical interventions affected by job enlargement (Mylonas, Harvey Hodges 2007, p. 81). According to McClellands theory of needs, job enrichment provides employees with a chance to take up top levels of duties and tasks, thereby satisfying their needs of power, affiliation, and attainment. At NUMMI, workers are officially acknowledged for their commitment and ideas, whether improving production, safety, attendance, or quality. To deepen its staffs knowledge through benefits or initiatives that encourage recognition, advancement, achievement, and responsibility ensures a more productive workforce. Motivation theory #3: Empowerment practices Employee empowerment practices have been embraced at the newly reopened NUMMI in an effort to improve organizational performance. The current business setting is oriented towards effectiveness and business process reengineering as much emphasis is put on performance improvement as a way of increasing such efficiency (Huczynski Buchanchan 2013, p. 120). Employee empowerment simply means giving workers the authority to make their voices heard to contribute towards decisions and plans affecting them, and to utilize their skills to work towards improving their performance and that of the organization as a whole. Empowerment usually incorporates giving workers the responsibility for hands-on service or production activities and the independence to take action or make decisions without prior approval (Meyerson Dewettinck 2012, p. 22). Under the new NUMMI management system, a no-fault attendance system has been put in place where workers are not questioned for absence and no external documentation is required. However, necessary action for termination to take place is taken if the staff is absent more than usual. These empowerment practices aim at improving employee performance due to the chances it provides for workers to work more efficiently. Furthermore, they make NUMMI employees to feel they have liberty and discretion, in addition to believing their work to be of great significance. The workers also have feelings of self efficacy and feel that their behavior eventually influences organizational success (Biron Bamberger 2010, p. 191.). The new management has observed that by empowering employees through the organizational structure, every one of them will have the authority to be more innovative, ensuring that their performance is good if not the best. 2.Stop Doing: Maslows needs hierarchy Maslows hierarchy of needs theory is considered by many organizations today, including NUMMI, to be a valuable approach of thinking about employee incentives and motivation while determining qualitative differences and similarities among them (Rastergar, Mahmoodian Alimadadi 2013, p. 674). Notably, Maslow only considered a small portion of the human population. This means that terms such as security and self esteem have quite diverse groupings in cultures across the globe. Furthermore, the expectations of this particular theory are most probably limited to western cultures. That is why NUMMIs management should stop implementing the Maslows hierarchy of needs theory and consider a more suitable and applicable one, such as Adams Equity theory. The theory advocates for a just balance between a workers inputs and outputs. To do so would mean ensuring that a firm and productive relationship is attained with the worker, and the total outcome being motivated, satisfied workers. As other organizations have observed, it is possible for some employees to be deprived of their lower level needs but still manage to strive for self actualization needs (Gupta Shaw 2014, p. 4). Interestingly, Maslows description of self actualization and how self actualized individuals acted and felt were generally founded on writing and speaking with selectively chosen individuals, rather than thorough sampling. Therefore, NUMMIs management should stop focusing solely on self actualization of their workers, and start acknowledging individual and cultural differences. Start Doing: Types of rewards in workplace task performance According to the case study presented, NUMMI awards bonuses to all workers depending on productivity, quality, and safety improvements. Incentives and rewards in any given workplace have great advantages for both employers and workers. There are different types of rewards that are being implemented in todays organizations, for instance, profit sharing plans, paid time off, bonuses, and employee stock alternatives (Bass 2008, p. 101). Monetary rewards are what NUMMI is using to encourage friendly competition between employees in terms of task performance. The other type of reward that is being employed in this particular organization is non-monetary, such as training opportunities, the ability to work autonomously, and flexible work hours. Though NUMMIs new management system aims at promoting a sense of equity and treating workers with dignity, it has not yet implemented other forms of rewards to improve employee performance. Therefore, the organizations management should consider introducing employee recognition as a form of reward. This largely satisfies the psychological desires and needs of workers. Incentives such as employee of the year certificates are effective in boosting employee morale as workers are acknowledged for their outstanding efforts (Unknown author 2013, p. 45). Appreciative feedback from managers and team leaders tend to serve as employee recognition, boosting morale in the process. NUMMI should therefore keep its workers needs and desires in mind when planning the organizations reward system. Do Better: Empowerment practices Similar to any new organization, NUMMI also needs to improve on its organizational performance so as to maintain a competitive edge in todays rapidly changing and harsh business environment. Contemporary organizations are now aware of the worth of empowered workers and are actively striving to structurally increase employee empowerment (Mylonas, Harvey Hodges 2007, p. 83). As already indicated, empowering employees or organizational staff usually encourages more capable, motivated, and confident workers. Furthermore, empowerment results in better performance and higher operational effectiveness. NUMMI has already put in place a number of empowerment practices to ensure job feedback, autonomy, task significance and consideration of individual factors such as ability to carry out the tasks. When delegating responsibility over to its staff, NUMMIs management should consider diversifying authority, which would in turn create more voices, and potentially more dialogue and conflict. These elements tend to slow down the decision making process. Therefore, the organizations management needs to put in place protocols that will alleviate failure and improve decision making effectiveness (Huczynski Buchanchan 2013, p. 124). More importantly, team leaders need to have confidence in their teams. They should also set goals that inspire employees. Conclusion The case study presented is a good example of how todays organizations are making an effort to motivate their employees. The paper has discussed the application of motivation theories and how they assist managers to understand what exactly drives individual behavior. Employee empowerment and job enrichment practices have also been highlighted as motivational approaches that organizations such as NUMMI use. Employee empowerment is the key driver of organizational performance. As stated, money tends to play a significant role in motivating individuals up to a certain level, though other intrinsic motivators are also effective in transforming these behaviors. References Analoui, F 2007, Strategic human resource management, Thomson Learning, UK. Bass, BM 2008, The Bass handbook of leadership: Theory, research, and managerial applications, 4th edition, Simon Schuster, New York, NY. Biron Bamberger, P 2010, The impact of structural empowerment on individual wellbeing and performance: Taking agent preferences, self-efficacy and operational constraints into account, Human Relations, 63(2), pp. 163 191. Giri, NV Santra, T 2008, Analysing the association of leadership style, face-to-face communication, and organizational effectiveness, Management and Labor Studies, 33(1), pp. 53 63. Gupta, N Shaw, J 2014, Employee compensation: The neglected area of HRM research, Human Resource Management Review, 24(1), pp. 1 4. Huczynski, A Buchanan, D 2013, Organizational behavior, 8th edition, Pearson Education Limited, New York. Kotter, JP 2007, Leading change Why transformation efforts fail, Harvard Business Review, 73(2), pp. 59 67. Kreitner, R Kinicki, A 2007, Organizational behavior, McGraw-Hill Irwin, Boston. Kumar, K 2008, Recruitments in companies: Changing times, HRM Review. Meyerson, G Dewettinck, B 2012, Effect of empowerment on employees performance, Journal of Mgt Studies, Vol. 2. Mylonas, A, Harvey, J Hodges, J 2007, Business organization and management for Queensland, Macmillan Education Australia, South Yarra, Vic. Priyadarshini, GR 2009, Importance of role efficacy and self efficacy in organization and its relationship with human resource practices, Management and Labor Studies, 34(1), pp. 57 72. Rastegar, AA, Mahmoodian, M Alimadadi A2013, Studying and identifying affecting factors on employees empowerment, Journal of Behavioral App Sci. Res., 3(2), pp. 666 674. Unknown Author 2013, Application of the Maslows hierarchy of need theory: Impacts and implications on organizational culture, human resource and employees performance, International Journal of Business and Management Invention, 2(3), pp. 39 4

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The Evolution Of The Mvs Operating System

Question: Describe about The Evolution Of The Mvs Operating System? Answer: 1: There is a need to take care of the enterprise solutions which are able to maintain and take care of all the PaaS which deliver a better application to provide resources important to engage in the management for building up a well-defined centre. There is a need to hold the space of the operations which matches to the devices depending upon the networking operations. In order to meet and resolve the issues, there is a need to manage the stress depending upon the virtualisation factor. The assigned bandwidth and other system focus on the storage and other development of web and other features. To build a layer of the enterprise virtualisation, there is a need to take care of the network and physical later along with virtualisation techniques which deliver the highest quality of outputs. To serve the performance as per the leadership of the model, there are certain solutions which match the environment and take care of the different centres of control. The virtualisation techniques handle the services and other security features depending upon how the desktop and other servers are important to be used and fast accessed. Enterprise Virtualisation Environment In order to improve the cloud computing features, there is a need to handle the system which depends on how the system is managed under the different virtualisation factor. The server try to hold the identification and manage with the sharing of resources depending upon the activity process. The computation and centralisation needs to improve the scalability depending upon the centre points. With the virtualisation techniques, there is a lowering of powers and costs which fluctuates as per the change in the server change. There is a need to hold the footprints of data which consolidate the server and track the networks. With the virtualisation factor, there is a need to own the resources of hardware and other machines depending upon the virtualisation process. There are platforms which measure the systems and take care of the binary translations depending upon the consumption of the different operations. With the achievement to take care of VMM support, there is a need to provide with the different functionality as per the hardware systems which contains all the components important to take care of the specific designing force. The security and protection matches to the different control. The functionality and other features take care of the memory which handle the codes and match with the para-virtualisation techniques. The memory needs to handle and look forwards for the reduction of the functionality and take care of the costs depending upon the maintenance and other inventory features. For setting up a fast performance system, there is a need to scale out the factors which depends on the performance and other logistics. There are different memory which holds as per the virtual machine support. To take care of the 4TB data memory, it is important to take care of the different results of the benchmark which performs with higher number of well performed servers. The enterprise solutions tackles with the workload and other configuration which manage with the change in SAP and other Microsoft purpose. For a throughput of different inputs and outputs, there is an exchange of the systems which consolidates and try to take care of the different servers. The consolidation of different features and other enterprising solutions are generally handling the different enterprise which scale out important changes depending upon the servers. The management of the infrastructural approach forecasts on the resources which try to match and handle team of easy management system. With t he different approaches of technology, there are enterprises which are able to mark the economy and handling the alternative hypervisors. To control the plane and migrate to the different systems, it is important to import and requests depending upon the lifecycles which improve the environment automatically. Hardware, Software and Peripheral Components of a Computer System With the different systems of computer, there are roles which are set up as per the control of the assessment. There is a need to handle the ability and remote to the process the words which will take care of the access of internet solutions. There are certain processing of the word which handles the different apps. The research and operations consolidate an environment which is powerful enough for the VMworld. The provision and administration tracks how the systems is operated and the applications are measured depending upon the lock in of the vendors. To improve the disaster, there is a need to receiver solutions depending upon the consolidation factors. The complete protection and access of control as to how the trap of power and protection connects with the automatic transfer of the data. The different power efficiency ratios match with the detection to execute the code and leak out to protect on a multiple stream outline. The data centres and other features which implement the interconnection generally replicate to holding higher operations. The VM ware specifications and other supporting systems handle the performance as per the utilisation of the software. The numbering of the clusters needs to match with the different servers which outperforms the configuration and try to restore the different layers depending upon the machine. The scheduling and other consistency features needs to track the availability with which the support and features enterprise the different automations and monitoring depending upon the migration problems. To handle the solutions and other features, there is a need to set up operating systems which can br ing a change in the layers and give a proper solution depending upon the usage of Virtual Box. Different Computer Systems There are network servers which are available for handling the Dell 2950 Dual Core System. The Dell PowerEdge 1950 Blade servers It is mainly handling the redundancy power and a higher amount of memory which equips with proper range of the system. With the edges of network, there is a need to take care of higher computation which clusters and take care of wider range of applications. Apple Xserve It needs to handle the duty and serve the lines depending upon the models and other architectural support. The rack of industry are mainly framed in the form which provide a proper space system. Dell Power Edge 2850 This is mainly handling the plugs and other higher supplies of power which launches important systems which is capable to handle and reduce the sharing depending upon the OS images. Depending upon the different systems, there is a need to plug in to the different banks of memory which are able to analyse and take care of the different drives. To improve the system of recovery, there are components which organise and handle the venders depending upon the consolidation of servers. The virtualisation leads to the automation and handling the planned work. For better extension, there are hard disk and RAM which is able to install and properly recognise depending upon the drives. The plugs and other components measure the system depending upon change in the data and other services. The Plug and Play factor utilises the ability to handle the memory which sticks to hardware range as per the different usage of files and data. The software and the internal storage is apt to take care of the flash drives depending upon the networking interfaces. The ports and other USB systems needs to handle the sound cards which could take care of the files of data as well as other software utilities. The applications and other software measure the peripherals which are the keyboards and other storage lie camera etc. for handling the monitors, there is a need to replicate on the data ports an take care of the different tasks which matches with the backup factors. There are certain rollback and other important updates which could improve the installation and upgrade the system depending upon how much accuracy is there. The server of the computer contains the operations which can carry out the different messages within organisations. To take care of the same, there are: Desktop computers which take hold of the processor and other units to handle the display and other inputs of the devices. The computer which is portable is generally transported through different systems and as per the convenience the communication is done. 2. The Dell Power Edge 1950 tries to focus on the efficiency and the performance with which the models relying on the same. The optimisation and other servers track all the root problems which handle the remote areas and take care of the monitors which are local to work depending upon the machines ability. As pre the servers, there are different processes which handle the suspension as try to monitor to locate and get over the abilities as per the different apps on the server. The dell server try to handle the capacity which take care of the network systems depending upon the applications and other features. The 23 bit system needs to handle a standardised function as per how there is a possibility for supplying a standard drive for backing up the data. In order to keep the system on hold, there are certain controllers which take care how to back up the data and control the system. If protecting the supply and plugging as per the support of the redundancy, there are certain supports which drive the data and leads to control the system to handle the backup along with designing some important servers. The performance needs to match up with the services which are able to match up the PowerEdge server system. The local and remote areas try to handle the different address which are capable to take care of different applications of the network scenario. When the network is able to share the files and other resources, there is a support with increased security as well as efficiency. The file sharing feature has access to control the files and handle the delicacy as per the storage of the systems. The resources which are shared among the networks give a supply to the different networks depending upon the model availability. The handling of the administrator to control the file system depending upon the capacity to store in the systems. The concern to handle the independence and track how to resolve the consents generally handle the virus and other malware function. If the server is not linked properly to the robustness, then there is a crash and it becomes useless for the computer. The interdependence feature focus on the intensity with which the clients are able to communicate on the network and take care of different system requirements. Design Specification The requirements of the processor are 300MHz * 86. The memory of the RAM is 64MB. There is a need for the disk space and installation of the graphic cards. Evaluation of the suitability of the systems design The recommended additions are the sound card along with proper connection of the internet. The disk space should be more. Depending upon the analysis, there are certain requirements for: IPhone which should have an IOS of 8.33 and work with different IWorks. The Mac system should be able to run the Safari and Firefox as per the work. The PC should be able to support the cloud and other windows depending upon the outlook With the configuration of the control panels, there is a need to set up technologies which matches the panels and varnish the different systems. As per the solutions, there are supports which handle the components and other features to take care of the operating systems. The programs and other features need to figure out how the data is backed up and how the computer is able to take care of the peripherals as per the different transferrable programs. With the control over the RAM of programs, analysis and process needs to be done which enable to store important files as per the functioning of the system. The panels and other operating system handled the programs depending upon the storage of the file structure and arrange the time to process and take care of other issues. There is a set-up of the computer which needs to be handled with a proper support and network. Depending upon the control and applications of the network, it is important to take care of different topologies which matches and effectively handle the costs with which the system could shorten the network systems. For a suitable traffic support and other operations, the software needs to handle the access and ease with which the software needs to match with the availability of the data. 3: With the consolidation of different features, there is a need to test the cases and applications depending upon how there is a crash in the environment. To apply and install the system, there are balance with dynamic load to recover and utilise all the efficient resources. The recovery provide with the transitions of the operations and take care of how the expenditure handles the different flexible approaches. The collection and management focus on the software to improve the utilisation purpose, depending upon the systems and other supporting techniques. The architecture and other technologies matches with the associated consumption of power which matches and look forward for handling the para-virtual machines monitor. The process and the system eliminates other features and serves important management techniques of computation which deals with the different activities and help to develop the proper network computation system. 4: The system needs to be taken care along with highlight then updates of the software and other hardware scenarios. There are different measures which match the pursuits and take care as to how to manage and research the communication process depending upon the settings. The activities which are updates and categorised needs to be schedules under the usage of the different text tables which allow to analyse the security of the system. There is a need for the verification on updating the antivirus with a full scan of the system. The updates and other scenarios needs to measure and reside important changes depending upon how there is a compromise in the malware settings. To work properly, there are regulations of passwords in different systems which pay high to the storage of data and clean the files accordingly. The options of automation match with the process of ability to clean the different unwanted files and work towards a better performance. The automation tool matches with the schedule and other recovery approaches. The supply of power and to recharge the cycles, there are batteries which are set up to handle and take care of the system power forms. The updation of the drivers match with how the data needs to be recorded and how the software is able to match up to the expectations with proper clean-up of the stored data. References Auslander, Marc A.; Larkin, David C.; Scherr, Allan L. (1981). "The Evolution Of The Mvs Operating System" (PDF). IBM J. Research Development. Deitel, Harvey M.; Deitel, Paul; Choffnes, David. Operating Systems. Pearson/Prentice Hall. ISBN 978-0-13-092641-8. Bic, Lubomur F.; Shaw, Alan C. (2003). Operating Systems. Pearson: Prentice Hall. Silberschatz, Avi; Galvin, Peter; Gagne, Greg (2008). Operating Systems Concepts. John Wiley Sons. ISBN 0-470-12872-0. O'Brien, J.A., Marakas, G.M.(2011). Management Information Systems. 10e. McGraw-Hill Irwin Leva, Alberto; Maggio, Martina; Papadopoulos, Alessandro Vittorio; Terraneo, Federico (2013). 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