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Matching Objectives to Instruction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Matching Objectives to Instruction - Essay guinea pigFor students to learn and remember a concept, they need to see multiple examples.They also need to gain initiation knowledge, and curb the concept via application activity, which is very close to the real world.The lecture and test approach requires students to acquire facts as the main objective (Beirne and Velsor, 2012). The strategy helps the instructor to evaluate the students understanding of the lesson content. It fits well in administering biography classes and opposite classes that do not require other activities apart from memorizing facts.If the lecture objective is to make the learners to apply lecture content, then the teacher has several activities to do (Rawlins and Metzger, 2014). After presenting the facts through reading and lecturing, the instructor essential show the learners how to make knowledge generalizations from background knowledge. The background knowledge presents itself from discussions, study pr oblems or assignments and provides the students with opportunities to apply the knowing principles in papers, laboratory experiments, case studies, examinations and small group projects. The application of the strategy is in teaching mathematics, sciences and other associated subjects that require content

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A Critical Literate Review Concerning Consumer Perception of Privacy Literature

A Critical Literate Concerning Consumer Perception of Privacy and Security Risks for Online Shopping - Literature review ExampleThe information provided by the New Media Age (2006) indicates that the total subjugate of internet users worldwide had big surpassed the 1 billion mark by the year 2005 a number that was only 45 billion a decade earlier. Accordingly, dozens of internet-based ventures have surfaced in record numbers, forcing the hitherto conventionally operated enterprises to turn digital in order to remain relevant (Yang, 2005). By definition, electronic commerce often called e-commerce or e-shop refers to buying and give for commodities (goods and services) from the comfort of a computer connection to the worldwide web. A number of recent studies points to a more often than not stagnating market share of transactions over the internet with scholars questioning whether the predicted enduring ubiquity will invariably become a reality (Grewal et al. 2004). The brave fi ve-year forecasts of consulting agencies in the mid 90s came to pass with relatively negligible enthusiasm over the internet than earlier envisaged. Similarly, many visions of total transformation of the world to a digital village, from Being Digital to The Third Wave, all became somewhat more remote than originally planned. Nonetheless, in that location still exists the momentum of integrating new information and communication technology as a innovational way of life across the globe, either in private life or into the business practices. Laroche, Zhilin, McDougall, and Jasmin, (2005) mentions in their piece that consumers adoption of online shopping would be shaped by an inevitable future demand a transformative process that has kicked-off, but yet to pick up substantially. In as much as e-shopping offers bulk the convenience of real-time completion of transaction from mobile locations, internet security is no longer guaranteed (Zhou, Dai and Zhang, 2007). Scholars in the comp uting sphere are fully aware of the ever-emerging challenges that they need to address by offering high-energy solutions. Central to the accepted concerns is the ever growing creativity among the technology savvy criminals skillfully breaking the concealment codes to access clients information deemed confidential. Issues of privacy and security risks emanating from unsolicited e-mails to security threats of point- transactions continue to generate combative debates in the realms of academia as well as policy conferences (Meinert et al. 2006). As the publications on online shopping experience expands, there is need to identify with the underpinnings of the shopping phenomenon and why then new experience seems dull in picking up in an era of pervasive technology. This paper endeavors to analyze decisively the current literature on online shopping with regard to consumer apprehension of privacy and security risks associated with the new trend. 2.0 Insights from the Current liter ature A large body of researchers has emerged communicating the criteria that consumers adopt when choosing to either to shop online or not. Lee and sunburn (2003) hypothesized that consumers do choose to shop online or physically in a store depending on their perception of utility afforded from the purchases while minimizing their exposure to risks. Alba, et al. (1997) argues that consumers attraction to the alternative retail arrangements is largely determined by the number of existing alternatives, their consumers capacity to scrutinize the alternatives, the availability and authenticity of information availed for a convincing comparison, credentials of the organizations manifold and the external the extra

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List of Individual Rights Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

List of Individual Rights - Research penning ExampleThe side prick declares that choosing the members of parliament should be unrestricted. As such, limits on speeches in parliamentary debates kindred early(a) bills. The English Bill of Rights is a manuscript that has a great significance in the English history. It is also a very vital chapter of the rights to those subjects under the English Law. The bill had some dissimilarity with US Bill of rights. The dissimilarities arose due to the difference in the process of enacting and undoing the bill (Vile, 2003). impertinent the US Bill of Rights, the English Bill of Rights could be enacted and undone by the statues. The US Bill of Rights could be enacted and undone by the constitutional amendment. Additionally, unlike the other Bills, which refer to the amendments in constitutions, the English one describes the rights for the individuals to petition the King (Vile, 2003). The US Bills of Rights 1789 In 1989, the Congress in the US received 17 amendments of which ten dollar bill were accepted and integrated into the constitutions. The ten integrated were named the Bill of Rights. The US Bills of Rights is similar to other bills like the English Bills of Rights. Some of the amendments in the US especially from amendment one to six have similar elements as those in the English Bill of Rights. Unlike the US Bills of Rights, the other bills of rights are more expansive. ... is a global customary law that describes the understanding of the good rights of individuals like the US and the English Bill of rights (Horvits & Catherwood, 2006). The document by the General Assembly has some similarities with the other bill of rights especially the US Bills of Rights. This is because it was adopted based on the US Bills of rights. Additionally, like other Bills of Rights it consists of a list of the rights of persons from their private lives to their participation in the society (Horvits &Catherwood, 2006). The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 is different from the US Bill of Rights and the English Bill of Rights since it is applicable globally. The others are only application to the states in which they were amended yet not other countries. Additionally, it describes the responsibilities of the international community members (Horvits &Catherwood, 2006). Philosophical underpinnings The creators of the lawful system in the countries gave individuals in the states the ideas utilize in developing the state particularly those who are within the Declaration of Independence and the constitution (Whitehead, 2008). In the Declaration of Independence, the words like life, autonomy, and contentment are very common. In the Bills of Rights, happiness is connected to somatic success and individuals are happy after owning property. In the present America, individuals love material things and the philosophical underpinnings related to the right to possess property are found in the books written by p hilosophers like tail Locke (Whitehead, 2008). In his book, John Locke showed that individuals correspond with the Natures harmony. According to the philosopher, God made man and mans disposition hence, it is possible for man to make his mind to be in

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FCC v. CBS Case Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

FCC v. CBS Case Analysis - essay ExampleCourts figure out if the discourse at the inquiry is viewed as profane or indecent. In the event that the discourse is viewed as profane, the court will figure out if the discourse is thought to be an infrequent, dart swearword, in which case the FCC does not so much keep up the privilege to right away a periodic expletive. The legislature must verbalize a convincing enthusiasm to manage sexually unequivocal material where minors are liable to view where through the slightest prohibitively implies accessibly.For this situation, there was a sexually unequivocal presentation amid the most recent few seconds of a live TV melodious transaction amid the CBS show of the Super Bowl. Despite the fact that the presentation itself is not an issue, the court here must figure out if such performance is viewed as a fleeting expletive such that a fine ought not to be maintained.During the year, 1978 case number 438 U.S.A 726 that was FCC v. Pacifica, the verdict by the court was that incidental, fleeting expletive ought not to be directed. The Court in Pacifica found out that FCC holds the power to preclude foul show when kids were prone to be tuning in. This is because comedy repetitive utilization of unequivocal dialect showed over the radio was obscene yet not profane. It confirmed that the occasion must be evaluated and examined on the realities of what happened and that an infrequent fleeting expletive does not climb to the level of regulation.In this situation, the event, pertaining Jackson and Timberlake happened toward the end of a performance amid the A-one bowl halftime show, enduring just a couple of seconds in respect to the ten moments long performance itself. This occasion was brisk and hard to see, as it was a live performance including numerous lights, cam edges, and entertainers.

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Is the 'Promise' of international institutions really 'false' Essay

Is the Promise of international institutions really false - Essay fountThe international institution has not conformed to its agenda maintaining world peace as it has been witnessed that institutions such as IGOs do not include its entire agenda in societal and international issues1. Some institutions relates to issues of economic spell ignoring cultural, and security issues.International institutions have encountered several(prenominal) critiques questioning their involvement in world issue. The arguments view these institutions as a basic reflection of power distribution in the world2. They have based their self-interest on calculations of achieving great powers and not possessing independent effects on behavior of the states. This shows that the institutions might be seen to be pertinent in spreading norms that are common to states but they lock up do not enhance interstate peace being that they still need to have complex institutional structure to reduce chances of conflicts among states.Besides, the IGOs that still do not include security issues in their agenda, but majors on fewer issues cannot go after management of conflicts in a peaceful manner .Therefore, the institutions should avoid creation of groups based on powers of those states so that they can abandon their individual interest and be in position to reach mutual agreement. By doing this the institutions can now receive favorable arguments that they are surely decreasing conflicts among states. These issues have therefore resulted to artifice of various theories that are concerned with peaceful conflict resolution among warring states3.There have been several empirical evidences showing that mercenary institutional peace research to have done commendable have in ensuring that the incidences of military interstate conflict reduced. This has been made possible through the following way firstly, commercial institutions haveensured that they increase the opportunity cost of war for various s tates. Secondly this institution has

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Aviation Labor Relation Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6250 words

Aviation Labor Relation - Research Proposal Exampleinually, therefore the consume of this transformation looks set to speed up in scope and size, calling for fresh generation of melody leaders (Steven and Fewster 56-69). The aviation industry comprises of various segments such as aerospace manufacturing, government aviation, general aviation, and air transportation. any segment of aviation industry of US consists of its own practices and aim law. No single organization, labor statute, or agency includes all employees in the aerospace/aviation industry. Any specified law and policies may or may not pertain to an employer or employee of aviation. A vital role is always played by labor relations in the competitive or viable performance of the airlines firms in the aviation industry (Kaps, Hamilton and rejoicing 9).In the US, the labor conflict is negatively related with productivity, service quality, and several financial outcomes of airlines. The most portentous influences on th e performance of airlines are the ordinary issues of the work organization like employee attitude, work rules, the structure and take aim of costs associated with labor, as well as the impact of these factors on service quality and productivity. The important spirit of this research proposal is to focus on the labor relations in the aviation industry.The rationale back end this research proposal is to explore how the labor act has an effect on the aviation industry on with putting emphasis on the labor problems which was noticed in the aviation industry.The airline industry is a very competitive, high technology, and safety-sensitive service industry. Here, the customers, employees, and people are the field of core competence of the organization, not the machines and products. The insinuations are pervasive and fast affecting the culture, strategy, structure, and operational activities of the organization (Fewster 59-71). This section will discuss about the main issues in the aviation industry and how they have an effect on the productivity

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Harvard Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Harvard Case Study - Essay Exampleto boot to the continuous conflicts with her supervisors, Lisa has not been given the chance to participate equally in the development of projects in the picture of which she had a crucial role (Keyton 95). Instead, she feels that she has no chance of developing her skills a fact that seems quite perspicuous taking into consideration the behaviour of her supervisors towards her. As the first year within the organization has passed for Lisa, the following bed needs to be addressed since the chances for professional development of Lisa in the specific organization seem to be limited, alternative plans of action need to be developed. Lisa should consider her leaving from the organization and her return to Right-Away at least(prenominal) this would be the most appropriate solution for Lisa having in mind the challenges that Lisa has to face on a day-to-day basis in her current place. The identification of the reasons of the problem would help to suggest a series of measures that Lisa could take out before deciding to leave the firm. After examining the events described in the case study it is made clean that the incident problem is related with a series of facts a) Lisa was not adequately prepared for her position in Houseworlds category Care Division in accordance with the case study Lisa was not offered particular training before being hired in the specific position rather, she just visited the firm twice and was informed on certain issues related to the prospects of employees within the particular organization. The problem regarding the lack of recognition of Lisas skills seems to begin at this point. Even if Lisa was told that she would have the chance to be promoted in accordance with her skills, she was hired in a position which was rather inappropriate for her taking into consideration her professional experience and her background it should be noted at this point that in her previous firm Lisa was offered the position of the director of market, a position which is clearly differentiated from the assistant product manager position which Lisa currently holds perhaps, the problem would have been avoided if Lisa had met with her foreman before her hiring in the particular organization if the dialogue between her and Mrs. Linton had held before the hiring of Lisa in Houseworlds Home Care Division, Lisa would have thought for a second time her decision to leave her job in Right-Away b) both her boss, Mrs. Linton, and the associate product manager, Mr Scoville, avoid recognizing the efforts of Lisa within the organization their close relationship as another(prenominal) employee informed Lisa would result to problems for Lisa in case she would decide to discuss with Mrs. Linton the challenges she has to face daily because of the negative comments that Mr. Scoville addresses to her on a daily basis, c) Lisa had not worked in this organization in the past she is not aware of the organisational culture and practices referring especially to the nature of the tasks in which the employees of its job position are obligated to be voluminous as noted to her by Mrs. Linton in other words, the problems of communication that Lisa has within the organization may be related to her lack of knowledge on the organizational ethics and practices. The above assumption could be sustain by the following fact in Right Away Lisa felt very comfortable

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Diabetes type 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Diabetes type 2 - Assignment ExampleThis writing briefly explains type 2 Diabetics, its, causes, symptoms, consequences and possible treatments.Every day, more than 4,000 adults are diagnosed with diabetes and about 200 pot die from the disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Payne, 2009). Millions of people across the world are before long suffering from type 2 Diabetics. Many people are unaware that they are at lavishly risk of this disease. National Diabetes Statistics, (2007) shows that in adults, type 2 diabetes accounts for about 90 to 95 percent of every diagnosed cases of diabetes and moreover the Total costs of treating type 2 diabetics patients in America is around $174 billion in 2007 which include the direct cost of $116 billion (National Diabetes Statistics, 2007)From the above chart it is clear that most of the type 2 diabetics patients are currently undergoing treatments either in the form of insulin, oral medication or both insulin a nd oral medications. Obesity, family history of diabetes, lack of physical activities, peculiarities of race/ethnicity etc are some of the major reasons for type 2 diabetics. sluice though type 2 diabetics can affect any people irrespective age, culture or ethnicity, African Americans, Hispanic/Latino Americans, American Indians, and some Asian Americans and Native Hawaiians or other peaceful Islanders are found to be more vulnerable to this disease.National Diabetes Statistics, (2007) has pointed out that type 2 diabetics were previous mentioned as non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) or adult-onset diabetics (National Diabetes Statistics, 2007). Diabetics in general are a group of disease which is resulted from the malfunctioning of insulin production, use or both. Type 2 diabetics are a disease which occurred when the body resists the effects of insulin produces less insulin than need to maintain the glucose level.

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Hedging Strategies Adopted by Airlines Organizations for Hedging their Dissertation

hedge Strategies adoptive by Airlines Organizations for hedging their Foreign - Dissertation ExampleLiterature Review 2.1 institution 2.2 Risk trouble 2.3 hedge - Concept and Meaning 2.4 Brief Historical overview of Hedging 2.5 Impact of Globalization on Hedging 2.6 Type of Hedging Instruments 2.7 Hedging Strategies 2.7.1 Internal hedging strategies 2.7.2 External hedging strategies 2.8 Factors affecting Type of Hedging Strategies 2.9 Benefits of Hedging 2.10 Disadvantages of Hedging 2.11 Some of the major risks facing the global airline industry 2.12 Conclusions Chapter 3 explore Methodology 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Research Approach 3.3 Research Sample 3.4 Data Collection Methods 3.5 Methods of Data depth psychology 3.6 Research Validity and Reliability 3.7 Research Ethics 3.7 Conclusions Chapter 4 Findings and Analysis 4.1 Introduction 4.2 British Airlines (BA) 4.2.1 monetary Performance, BA 4.2.2 Hedging Strategies used by BA 4.2.4 Challenges faced by British airways 4.2.4 Fina ncial heathland and Hedging Strategies 4.2.5 Financial focal point recommendations 4.3 Thomas Cook Airlines 4.3.2 Financial Performance of Thomas Cook 4.3.2 Hedging Strategies Thomas Cook 4.2.3 Challenges faced by British airways 4.2.4 Financial Heath and Hedging Strategies 4.3.5 Financial management recommendations 4.4 uncomplicated Jet 4.4.1 Financial Performance, Easy Jet 4.3.2 Hedging Strategies Thomas Cook 4.3.3 Challenges faced Easy Jet 4.3.4 Financial Heath and Hedging Strategies 4.3.5 Financial management recommendations Chapter 5 Recommendations and Conclusions 5.1 Summary of Findings 5.2 Recommendations 5.3 Research Limitations and background signal for Future Research Hedging Strategies Adopted by Airlines Organizations for Hedging their Foreign Currency Risks Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Research overview and Background Due to the advent of globalization and the changes in the business environment, it is... From this research it is clear that payable to the advent of g lobalization and the changes in the business environment, it is now possible for organizations to conduct business from and to anywhere crosswise the globe. The business environment facilitates business operations that piece of tail be conducted through foreign specie denominated transactions. As organizations expand their businesses globally, they accumulate foreign currency receivables and payables in their financial statements. The large inclusion of foreign epithet transactions makes the organizations vulnerable to foreign currency fluctuations. Any negative changes in the exchange rate can end up impacting the company seriously. Organizations therefore strive to find ways of avoiding or combating risks associated with the foreign currency fluctuations. Some of the popular strategies of hedging such risks that organizations adopt are through using financial first derivative products - currency futures, foreign currency options, currency swaps and forward contract. Moreover, with the breakthrough in the Information and communication applied science that has made it possible the development of sophisticated financial management tools and techniques, organizations today have a some(prenominal) larger variety of hedging instruments and strategies to work with. There are several theories and theoretical perspectives that explain the rationale for using hedging practices and the effectiveness of the same.

The Traditional Tourism Impact on Kanbula National Forest Park Term Paper

The Traditional Tourism Impact on Kanbula National Forest ballpark - Term Paper ExampleTourism makes one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy. Developing countries are attempting to cash in on this expanding industry in an effort to increase foreign investment and financial reserves. Tourism is one of the pillar industries of Qinghai. On the same note, Kanbula National Forest Park ranks the provinces main phaeton attraction. Beautiful scenery has attracted many tourists to the park in recent years. consort to Dong Lizhi, deputy coach-and-four general of the Kanbula National Forest Park Tourism Development Co., Ltd., more than 10,000 people visited the park in 2006. This number has been increasing. In the recent days, the park receives more than 70,000 tourists by the end of each year (cite).According to Mieczkowski (1995), tourism industry impacts on the natural environment. Tourism has both positive and negative influence on the environment. Developing tourism l eads to the creation of revenues for environmental protection. Tourists who show an interest in the natural resource may enhance the pride of the Kanbula National Forest Park area. Local residents get involved in indirectly helping them to protect the natural resource and understand the value of nature conservation. Governments and private organizations need to be concerned about the negative impact of human activities.On the other hand, tourism is a saturated green industry or smokeless industry which has negatively impacted on the environment. Uncontrolled offshoot of this industry can result in serious environmental and social problems.

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Aging and Addiction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

develop and Addiction - Essay Exampleccording to Hasin & Grant (1997), the impact which consumption of drugs or alcohol can prolong on the mental and carnal well being of a person, especially the older one includes mental problems, liver and kidney diseases, and wounds from falls. Dependence on drugs or alcohol in the older people also takes prop even if they have never had an addiction problem before.If used appropriately, drugs and other chemical center fields can be very helpful for ones mental and tangible well being. For instance, if implementd moderately, alcohol possess the substance which may provide cardiac benefits, moreover, it can also be used for the purpose of providing mental and physical relaxation and also for the purpose of diminishing nervousness.The issue in this regard is that the exclaim of drugs and medications, whether illegal and legal, including baccy and alcohol, has become an extensively grave issue in the older population (Hubbard & Racholl, 19 89).Many older ones consume various kinds of medications on daily basis, however, by consuming these drugs, they can cause harm to their mental and physical health, and for instance, when consumed with alcohol, drugs can cause some severe health issues. Often it happens that the older ones consider the adverse impacts of drugs abuse as usual symptoms of aging, which in actual are not. There are various kinds of drugs, which require the frame to consume higher doses of that particular drug for the purpose of realizing the original effect of that particular drug, and once the effect of much(prenominal) drugs are vanished then the consumer may feel withdrawal symptoms. This drug phenomenon is known as drug tolerance, which indicates that the drug forces your body to experience change in these ways. There are some kinds of drugs, which if consumed even in mild doses, can generate a hazardous desire for more. Moreover, often it happens that a drug when prescribed, initially was a bene ficial drug, but becomes a dangerous drug when consumed with

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Directive analysis of what to do in the evnt of a disatser that is Essay

directing analysis of what to do in the evnt of a disatser that is possibly due to global warming, such as a hurricane - Essay ExamplePreparing for a hurricane before it arrives involves making an emergency propose and getting together the essential supplies. The first step is to see what your insurance covers and see if any adjustments are needed in the policy. more valuables, like cars, are damaged so it is best to make legitimate that all costly attribute are insured. Also, have an evacuation plan and map out(p) the closest escape routes that will shell out you and your family away from the danger zone. Have emergency family or friend contact numbers and decide in front where to go in case of an evacuation. This also involves organizing a hark of the absolute necessary items to take on to avoid confusion and panic when a storm does hit. It is also important to locate the safest room or area of the abide, preferably on the lower level, if the need arises to stay inside r ather than evacuating. After a plan has been set up, it is now important to get the supplies and disaster kit ready. Make a list of the items needed such as a first aid kit, non-perishable food items, water, blankets, medication, hand crank power radio receiver, batteries and flashlights (Henthorn 2011). It is essential to secure all the important documents in water proof bags or containers. Make sure to have a sufficient amount of cash at home and do not seem till the last minute to fill up your vehicle with botch. Also get together plyboard or shutters and the required tools to board up windows and doors if hurricane warnings are close. If your budget allows, have a back up generator in case of power outages and electricity failure. Be knowledgeable about any bear changes and continue to listen to the news about updates. This will help you and your family make any necessary adjustments to the plan and hoard uped supplies. Knowing what to do during a hurricane is just as impor tant as planning for it. If staying inside, try on protection in the safest area of the house and keep yourself and your family away from windows and glass doors. Make sure to squirm off all heavy duty appliances, like refrigerators and microwaves, to minimize damage. Do not go out to check on the hurricane even if it seems cool down, because there can simmer down be flying debris and chop-chop increasing winds (Henthorn 2011). Through out the storm continue to communicate with your family in nine to engage in a normal activity and help with any feelings of fear and panic. Also, keep on listening to the radio to be informed of any changes taking place. If the need arises to evacuate, try to turn off all utilities and appliances, gather only the necessary items and follow the proper evacuation routes. Remember that during a hurricane it is important to stay calm and ensure the safety of your loved ones. It is equally critical to be precautious after a hurricane because injuries can still be sustained even if the storm has passed. Do not leave the house in order to check on the damage done until a clear sign is given by the authorities. void coming into contact with puddles, loose wires and smashed trees (Henthorn 2011). Try to use your phones for emergency purposes only, reporting broken gas or water pipes, and unstable power lines. If power had to be restored, carefully go about the house checking on food and other items, staying clear of electrical appliances and wires. In the

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An analysis asking a critical question about the ad Assignment

An analysis postulation a critical question about the ad - Assignment ExampleCoco Cola, stands extremely distant from the list of healthy drinks, and has been a subject of criticism for all the health and nutritional skilleds. One index wonder what is it about coke that makes the health experts criticize it so much. The fact is, no health expert or physician have been successful in finding a single trace of excellence in this drink to recommend it to person on a healthy diet. However, Coco Cola enjoys a humongous good will in the global market and it is powerful enough to reach to every(prenominal) nook and corner of the planet with minimum effort. Sadly, the age group which is largely influenced by Coke is undoubtedly the children and the youth of the current age. They are not only a prey to Cokes ad campaigns but also innocent victims of this malicious life threatening drink. It is sad to know that the globalization has reached such heights that goodness lost its value to t he unquenchable thirst of physical pleasure. Reference This is about the man Cup 2010 Coca-Cola Commercial Source - http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDwRkiHaOfI

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Zoning and Eminent Domain Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Zoning and Eminent Domain - Research Paper ExampleThese easy lay rights seen to be enjoyed by one-on-one property possessors are bestowed on them by the local or regional governance body. The giving medication bodies like municipalities, local, state and federal governments are responsible for allocating, issuing private property will author documents and authorizing the holds of such properties. The most valuable private property is land, which acts as the harbor for other properties like water supply and air. While private property remains an individuals domain to exercise their use, it is within the powers of the governing bodies that allocate the private properties ownership and use to regulate the excesses of utilization of the property. It is also within the governing bodies power to give or take away the ownership albeit in a legal manner that hatful prove the eligibility and legality of the exercise.Differences between Zoning and Eminent Domain Zoning and eminent d omain are two procedures that pertain to private property ownership and use contained within the powers of the private property owner and the governing body. The two processes signify the shift of exclusive powers of ownership and use of private property from the individual to the governing bodies. However, the two processes differ. Zoning is a process used to show the extent of governing bodies exclusive powers on private property use while eminent domain shows the governing bodies extent use of its powers on private property ownership.

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Formal Proposal 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Formal Proposal 2 - Essay ExampleThe selective information obtained from primary and secondary sources forget be analyzed. The study finds that the establishment of an environment which empowers affiliations and networking in the healthcare will facilitate safety and effectiveness to any clinical procedures. Therefore, this system needs to be integrated into all hospital settings. P.O. Box 25736 Shreveport, LA 71107 Date October, 12, 2013 I am attaching a proposal for a investigate paper on the base of Creating an Environment that Empowers Monitoring and Sharing within Hospital Settings for favor of your circumstance and kind approval. I will base my research on an extensive review of the existing books on the subject as well as ascertain relevant information from a prove population that will include the represent the patients and healthcare staff. In order to attain the objectives of the research, I think to collect primary data through interviews with nurses and secondary data by means of literature review. The topic will be of relevance to all hospital settings as well as scholars and academicians in the stadium of nursing and patient care. I will use the most credible and reliable sources for the research so as to render maximum authenticity to the data. I thank you immensity in anticipation for an opportunity to conduct a study of this nature that can be beneficial to professionals working in this field. Yours sincerely, Porsha Williams bow of Contents Introduction1 Research Methodology...3 Solutions and Criteria 5 Results7 Analysis and Conclusions.....10 Recommendation..12 audience Page 13 Introduction Medical errors can occur in healthcare settings if proper talk does not occur between patients and nurses as well as other healthcare professionals. The problem I am proposing to solve is that of How associations and interacting within clinical milieu impacts patient care and nursing enactment line of work in modifying societal crescendos, lack of cross ethnic understanding harmfully sways patients care. One of the solutions that I recommend is to, Embolden associations and interacting transversely diverse groups and sections for purely provided patient maintenance. Another solution that I prescribe forward is that of, Mentoring and allotment of participations within clinical setting upsurges patients maintenance provision and nursing proficiency close to of the expected outcomes that I expect when this solutions are implemented well are that the solutions aim at expression at associations and interactions as an imperative contrivance that greatly impacts a safe and effective clinical go for that drives and influences a higher competent nursing care. The criteria that these solutions when affected will put into effective use that of affordability on the side of the patients and the aesthetic values of the nurses. An ethical moral that must be executed by the nurses to secure that the patients interrelate with th em is

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The effects of media on prosocial behaviour Essay Example for Free

The effects of media on prosocial demeanor EssayThere has been hearty number of studies that has provided endorse for the potential value of the media for the development of prosocial behaviour. Prosocial behaviour rear end be defined as helping behaviour, altruism or generally any behaviour that is positive and calculated to promote the interests of society. video recording programmes contain many examples of good behaviour acting kindly and with generosity. Studies demonstrate that children may imitate forms of prosocial behaviour such as altruism, positive interaction with others when exposed to cases who display such behaviours. This is especially true when the model is rewarded for their behaviour. In Bryan and Bryans (1970) study, 6 to 9 year olds were shown a specially recorded filmof a character bowl and winning gift certificates. 3 conditions 1. the character gave some of his certificates to charity 2. He kept them to himself 3. The charater also preached the emnrt s of vainglorious to charity. After watching the film, the children were put in a similar situation and wer observed to follow if they also would give to charity. Results those who had seen character being generous were possible to display generosity whilstthose who saw him being stingy were less generous. Interestingly, it was the actions of the character that were infuenital whilst his words made no difference. One positive effect of television mogul be that witnessing others behaving aggressively helps viewers to get their aggressive feelings out of their systems and hence be less likely to behave aggressively. This claims that television can act as a form of vicarious catharsis. Singer (1989) provided evidence that shows television is only carthartic for a particular personality type or those who score high on cognitive measures of fantasy, daydreaming and imagination.Greenfield (1984) has claimed that television literacy involves teaching childrem to be informed consumer s of television. This includes distinguishing between social reality and the constitute world of television, interpreting and assessing sex role and minority company stereotypes. Huesmann et al. (1983) allocated young children who were known to have a large amount of exposure to T. V to a reign or experimental group. The experimental group received 3 training sessions designed to reduce the modelling of aggessive behaviour seen on t. v.They were taught that t. v does not portray the world as it realkly is, that camera techniqes and special effects give theb illusion that charaters be perofrming their exceedingly aggressive and unrealistic feats, and that most peopel use other methods to solve the riddles encountered by characters in t. v programmes. Results compared with the control group, the experimental group showed less overall aggressive behaviour and lowered identification wth televised charaters.These effects had persisted when the participants were followed up 2 years later. OConnor found that specially prepared t.v material can hel lonely, self-conscious children t falsify friends more readily. Children who have difficulty getting on with their peers can watch fictional scenarios in which they see how to mix with others in various social situations. Studies have shown that childrens willingness to help can be increased through and through viewing a televised example of a specific prosocial behaviour. Television productions such as Sesame driveway are designed to enhance the social maturity and responsiblity of young viewers.Children who watch this are able tp diagnose and remember the cooperative and helpingbehaviours are emphasised. They also showed increased abilities to learn from the exercises contained on the programme (e. g. counting, letter recognition) as well as being better prepared for school life (Lesser 1974). However this is not true for all children. Rockman (1980) found that when programmes have a character struggling with a particular problem (e. g bullying, divorce etc) but cannot make a decision, children are able to understand the content and can then generate prosocial rather than antisocial solutions to the problem faced in the plot.The more violence we are exposed to on t.v, the more densitised we become and so we are less likely to engage in violent behaviour, watching violence on t. v makes me less tolerant to violence in society. final stage/evaluation Research focuses too much on the influences of television and are not focusing on the benefits of the newspaper, radio, etc. According to Gunter (1998), the ordinary broadcast material can enhance a wide run for of helping behaviours. It is important that people should be able to see antisocial behaviour in the media so that they can distinguish between prosocial and antisocial behaviour.

Create a spreadsheet Essay Example for Free

Create a spreadsheet EssayIntroduction For the last 6 stratums I declare been driving karts in the issue championship, I halt moved up through the junior ranks and am now into my last year of junior karting at the highest level of 100cc J. I. C. A. racing before moving into the senior karting classes next year. I contain noticed that although the results for distributively washout are recorded off transponders, arranging them into points and championship do green goddess be very slow and in immaculate. I plan to cause a spreadsheet, which quick and slowly adds up the points into a tcapable just by type the culture positions into one of the sheets. The administration depart automatic totallyy change the heaps for points and place them into a remit with points order. I ordain be able to broadcast this onto the Internet with a site I shall create. I for arse around past ask citizenry who want the scores to severally event to sign up, they result then be added to a notice distinguish and go out clear the results posted to them distributively time they are amend. I could also white plague this site to advertise for some sponsors. If enough people where to visit I think it would be worth(predicate) wile the sponsors advertising on my site.AnalysisFor me to be able to tumble each task successfully I will have to read the booklet carefully deciding what the tasks are, that I need to analyse and how many of the tasks there are. There of course many small problems which go to deliverher to make the gigantic problem these problems are as follows. 1. System to create a number one woods championship 2. use a database to create a mailing list 3. A4 sheet to display the championship table Problems This sheet shows an explanation of all the problems, I will demonstrate what exactly it is that I plan to do in a misfortunate account for all threeTask1 System to create a drivers championship Problem I must(prenominal) create a championship table using a computer program that I have at my disposal. The reason for my doing this is that over the past few years of karting that I have been involved, the organisation of karting has modify with the introduction of computers, but still the scouring is done in an insufficient way were as the scores are taken down by hand and then just simply typed out on the computer. My aim is to create a carcass to score a championship simply by typing in the finishing position of each driver.The number of points for each finishing position will already be stored in the computer and just by typing in the finishing position, the computer will work out which driver has how many points and the computer wil then sort the scores out into the order of the highest scoring person first in the table. Task2 Database mailing list Problem For my second task I will create a mailing list of all the drivers taking part in each championship, later each round in the race calendar I will send the amended r esults to each of the people involved in that particular race.I will have to use filters to steady down and make sure that I send he right table to the right driver at the right time. With there being over 200 drivers involved in each championship, sorting the decline table and sending it to the correct drivers may be quite a complicated task to do. Task3 Desk exit create Problem As my concluding task I shall use a desktop publishing program to create a distinctive piece of paper which displays the championship table, which I will have already created, so that it is easy to read and stands out. I will then use my database mailing list to send out the right number of copies required to each driver.Analysis Task1 System to create a drivers championship For me to be able to complete this task I first must analyse the points that will need to be output and the points that will need to be input. Information to output Various A4 sheets for each class showing the championship in the o rder of points this should contain the number of drivers in each class, the drivers race numbers, the points they have scored at each round and the total number of points scored by each driver. The round at which the points where scored this will have to be shown on the sheet to show after which round of the championship the points were in that order.Points for places the points that are available for each finishing position. These will have to be somewhere on the table so that the points can be checked against that of the table. Information to input When I am creating this scoring system I will have to input the necessary points that are scored for each finishing position. I will have to add in the drivers names so that I can just add the finishing positions along side them. My second input will be formulas this is because the computer will have to recitation from the points, who has scored what.I will also have to add any other inputs that are needed for me to be able to get the necessary outputs Judgement of completing the task I will know when I have completed the task because by inputting the drivers finishing positions the computer should workout the total points each driver has scored. This task will be complete when all tasteing has been finished and scoring system is accurate giving the correct points of each driver Testing For this task I will have to test whether or not my system and formulas work to give an accurate score for each driver.To test my system I will type in different finishing positions, which I know the total to. If the final score is different to what it should be I will know there is something wrong. I will then have to check I have typed in all the formulae correct and the points for positions are also correct. subsequently completing this testing I will have completed the task so that it works decent giving the right answers. Analysis Task2 Database for mailing list This problem also means that I will need to create a system f or informing the drivers who are competing in the championship what the points standings are after each round.When implementing this task I want the computer to show which drivers race in which categories, this is so I dont send the wrong table to the wrong driver. Information to output I will create a database using various fields for which I can have the necessary information, on addresses and the types of class each person races in. to do this I must first decide what information I need to get out of the computer and then following that. The information that I will need to put in, to get the out puts.Shows all the drivers names I want the computer to show all the drivers names in the database, along with their details. Filters there must be filters in use for this database to function properly, this is because I require the capability to send different sets of results out on different days. For example one category of karts may have not raced at a certain round and so it is not necessary for me to send them a copy of their championship table.

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Ethnic Minorities Essay Example for Free

Ethnic Minorities Es utterWe mystify no survival of the fittest over what color were born what we do have is some choice over what we make of our lives at a snip were here. This shows us that she feels the same way as Cassie does in that she thinks that blacks ar treated unfairly, but she thinks that we and have to get on with it. From this and throughout the whole book we can see that mummy is a very caring woman, but she does believe that people should take things as they come and get on with their lives, even if it means having to live with the violence and hatred towards the blacks from the whites. The second incident that I am personnel casualty to write nigh is in chapter eight where mama is fired from her job as a learner. In this episode, Mama is giving a lesson nigh knuckle downry when Mr Wallace and Mr Granger go in and say that they, Been perceive bout your teaching, Mary, so as members of the board we popular opinion wed come by and learn something. When they walk in Mama is teaching a lesson in history. The unlucky thing is that she is teaching the history of slavery. She speaks around how cruel slavery is and how the country profited from the slaves who were paid nothing and still not free.Then Mr Granger sees the books that Mama has pasted over and acknowledges that all the things Mama is teaching are not in the books. Mama says that she cannot teach what is in that book because, All that is in that book is not true. After this remark, Mr Granger tells her that she would be break away off not teaching if she cannot teach what is in the book. This storyline probably originates from Mildred Taylor herself because as mentioned earlier, she says she used to hate the history of blacks at school because she felt that it was all completely false.I dont think that Mr Granger and Kaleb Wallace would have been so willing to lose a good teacher such as Mary Logan because of her views if she hadnt been black. It shows what the whit es supposition of the blacks having their own view on things. It also confirms the suspicion that the Whites always thought that they were right and that was the end of it. Because Mama loses her job, it puts an even bigger stress on the Logan family because they have an even smaller income. Papas reaction to the news of Mamas unemployment is, hygienic get by Plant some more cotton maybe.But well get by. From this I think it means that he was worried but didnt want Mama to feel bad because he also believed in what she had been teaching. During this episode, even Mamas boss Mr Wellever doesnt stick up for her, because he is too petrified to stand up for what he believes. This shows how more than power the whites had over the blacks and also that the blacks rights to stand up for themselves and be able to say what they wanted to were completely dismissed because they knew what the consequences would be if they didnt do as the whites told them too.Teaching in the 1930s was very dif ferent to teaching now especially in the southern states of America. It used to be illegal for blacks to go to school and there were many illegal black schools taking place in peoples houses. Two other options were to have home schooling, which was quite hard if your parents were not very intelligent or to have gentility at your local church. In 1866 it became legal in the northern states for blacks to go to school with whites but in the southern states such as Mississippi, where set out of big H, Hear My Cry, is set there were separate schools for blacks and whites.The black schools were over-crowded and unwell equipped compared to the white school. We see this in the book when the black children at Great Faith are handed down books that were in some cases eleven years old and were given to the white children first. The slave trade was authoritatively abolished in 1807, but the Southern states of America continued to trade the slaves illegally. Effects were so bad that stud fa rms were set up where the most clever/strong humans were used to prove the model slave. In 1861-85, the American Civil War took place where the sumern States of American battled against the Southern states.The North won and finally put an end to the slavery trade in the Southern states. At this time large numbers of blacks left the South and headed for the North knowing that there was not as much poverty and chaos there. Even so, many blacks were left behind. As we see in Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, slavery was a very big issue. There was a short phase where the blacks and whites try to make peace with each other but it didnt work and soon the Northern states allowed the south to come out slavery at once again.The North didnt help the newly freed slaves to protect their rights and let them have their freedom once again. Before I first began to read Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry I had no image how much I would learn about racism. To me that word just meant when people made crue l jokes about blacks, but I didnt realise just how badly the blacks were treated at the beginning of last deoxycytidine monophosphate and before that. I think that the book is very interesting to read when you have never thought about racism properly before and also very interesting when you already know about these subjects.I think that the incidents I have described definitely describe the persecution of the blacks. After reading Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, I am undeniably thankful that these sorts of acts do not still go on today and I hope that they never will. Show dawdler only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be install in our GCSE Mildred Taylor section.

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Disaster in the alps Essay Example for Free

casualty in the alps EssayMy coursework is going to be based on a newspaper score called disaster in the alps. The report is taken from 2 different, British, newspapers The quantify a broadsheet and The reflect a tabloid I am going to be comparing the to news reports. The incident happened on the tertiary February 1998, at 325pm in Cavalese, northern Italy, where twenty masses plunged to their deaths after an American warplane flew through and through and cut the wire of a cable television service railroad car they were travelling in. The ii British newspapers can be precise different in style.The style of The Times is in the large broadsheet style and has a more(prenominal) than form-only(prenominal) register whereas The Mirror report is in a tabloid style and has a more informal register. The two reports both(prenominal) have some differences interchangeable the layout or arrangement of the two terms and the name and status of the people interviewed are differe nt, but both reports use the same amount of pictures and admit some interesting factual entropy. Both reports contain factual information, but they both present their information in different ways to overturn absent different but at the same quantify similar affects.Both reports have collected information that needs The disaster happened at 3. 25pm, 20 people died, it happened in Cavalese, northern Italy, The incident happened on the 3rd February 1998, the plane in the incident was a Marine corps EA-6B Prowler Jet and that the cable car fell 300 ft. The two reports both have their sustain individual factual information. The factual information stated in The Times is The cable car was aglitter(predicate) yellow, on that point was a steel wire supporting the cable car, the cable car could hold up to 40 people, there was no survivors, and that the plane was about 100 metres from the ground.All this information bes very formal and gives truth and realism of the incident, whil e the factual information in The Mirror states The car was ripped apart, the second car was left dangling in the air, the bodies were lying beneath sheets of metal, the victims were 9 women, 10 men and 1 child, at least six were German, two Hungarian and two Polish, and that the people in the incident were killed instantly.This information excessively gives the truth of the incident and how gruesome it was. The two reports use different language to describe the incident. In both reports the language is very dramatic as both reporters are smacking to give the readers a hardheaded feeling of the incident itself. The language used in the The Times to describe the incident and the plane is very formal as it goes deep into text and pulls out the striking information.In The Times the generator uses sizable words like roaring and Screaming which creates a feel of pain, agony and loud noises, but in The Times it also gives a personification saying screaming through the sky and like a thing in torment which again creates a deep sense of distress and suffering, this would entertain the reader see the scene at its worst point and become more expressive towards the incident, hence making them fate to read on. in that location are other words the writer uses like Wreckage and Crumbled which also gives an stunt woman of how disastrous the incident was.The Mirror creates a similar image to that in The Times in the member it says Warplane Screamed this to makes people see the image of pain and agony also in the article it says It is a indescribable scene of carnage which to a fault will give the impression that the incident was very devastating. The Mirror has a pull quote in it that states it opened up like a cardboard boxful which will make the reader think of violence and devastation so along with the other acute and powerful words in the article it too sets an emotional effect on the reader.The language in The Times is a lot more formal than The Mirror and addresses the reader more directly than the writer in The Mirror does, The Mirror is a lot more gruesome and a lot more intense . The Times gives a much more realistic affect than The Mirror as to how terrible the scene of incident actually was, the writer of the report goes a lot deeper into detail, which gives a more enounce picture.This report is also biased compared to The Times report, seeing that The Mirror gives a very clear sub-heading stating BRITS reveal OF HORROR IN SNOW subheadings are used in articles to break up the text and make it easier to read so by this sub-heading its giving the impression that the article is biased as the writer seems to punctuate on it, which would show the reader that there were British people at the scene of the incident. This would because thingamajig a British readers attention in particular, as they would stop and think that could have been me so they then want to read on.So the idea of this effect is to catch a British readers atten tion so they attract more people to the newspaper. Both reports use a range of midpoint witnesses and interviews to create their possess effect and impression on the report, the reporters do this by using different strategies and tactics. The first people to be interviewed in the The Mirror were Neil Harmar and Stacey ODonnell who were British they said Thank God we did referring to missing the cable car reasonable by minutes, the use of this effect was to give a feeling of sympathy to the reader, he creates this influence by using sensitive and sympathetic words like Thank God.These British people were used to wait on to be bias towards the Americans, so when a British person reads the article they think that each unitary of their family could have been in that situation, Whereas The Times tends to use a different strategy the article does not try and draw their readers attention by sympathy or by telling the story with a spin and making it seem sad, this article gets straig ht to the point, they simply base the article on facts and refer to but what happen on the day of the incident, But like The Mirror they do try and turn people against the Americans as it says in the article Local residents had complained again and again about the low level of straightaway by American warplanes showing this was obviously a problem in this part of the country, genius infuriated woman also says Weve had enough of these war games the phrase War games is giving the impression that the Americans are cleanup position the people for fun, so it is also showing us how enraged the people of Cavalese were. The Mirror also makes the Americans seem like they are hiding something from the reporter as it states in the article Base refused to give any details of the incident showing they felt guilty about their actions, so they knew what they had done but REFUSED to give any information on it. The two articles have some major differences and similarities.The style of the two r eports differ, for slip The Times report has no subheading, for the designation of the report it is presented in small font size and reduce case earn the article also has a range of diagrams and drawings that show where the incident took place and the typewrite of plane that was involved in the disaster EA-6B Prowler jet plane. In the article there is 1 large picture that shows the wreckage of the incident, The Times newspaper also has no pull quote throughout, whereas The Mirrors title consists of large font size, uppercase letters and bold writing style, The use of captions in the article like Death car and Devastation make it seem a lot more interesting, the article also has a small subheading that is made up of small font size, lower case letters and Bold handwriting style.The Mirror just like the The Times article has a range of pictures and diagrams. There are diagrams showing the incident and how it happened and there are pictures showing blood stains on the snow and the cable car making the scene seem more realistic and directed to the readers, also helping the formalities of the report. The Mirror is the most effective article of the two as it has a headline that is very eye catching and attractive, the large font size alone catches the readers attention, but the sub-heading also helps to make the article more informative, by giving the reader that little bit extra information, as it helps to break up the text and make it easier to read.The sub-heading in this article may even be used to attract the reader to the altogether article. This sub heading that reads Brits tell of horror in snow which will come across as intriguing to the degree that the reader gives the whole article a chance, the sub-heading is also aimed to appeal directly too British people as it would act like a cliff hanger, so they would see the heading, want too analyse it in order to gain foundation knowledge leading them too read on, whereas in the The Times the headline is a lot more uninteresting and stands out less than The Mirror. The Times also lacks a sub heading which could have given the times a more elaborated article, also helping to make it seem a bit more official.The use of no sub-heading in this article means that there is nothing to hook the readers attention to when they first see the article. Therefore the article may come across as informal (colloquial). Out of the two articles I think the one that explains what happened and gives the full effects of how devastating the incident was is The Mirror It achieves its full effectiveness as its a very detailed and progressed article, this article gets it point across, it is very descriptive and lot more attractive. The article also gives off its effectiveness by the presentation of the report, the use of pictures and the language is very realistic and dramatic giving a feel of the incident.

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SWOT Analysis of Regis Corporation Essay Example for Free

SWOT Analysis of Regis Corporation probeSection I Organizational HistoryRegis Corporation, a Fortune 1000 company, specializes in beauty salons, pilus restoration centers, and cosmetology education. The Company owns, franchises, or holds ownership interests in approximately 12,700 world vast locations (Regis Corporation, 2009).Regis corporate and franchise locations turn tail under concepts such as Supercuts, Sassoon Salon, Regis Salons, MasterCuts, SmartStyle and Hair Club for Men and Women (Regis Corporation, 2009).In addition, Regis maintains an ownership interest in Provalliance, which operates salons primarily in Europe, under the brands of Jean Louis David, Franck Provost and Saint Algue. Regis excessively maintains ownership interests in Empire teaching Group in the U.S. and MY Style concepts in Japan. System-wide, these and other concepts atomic number 18 located in the U.S. and in oer 30 other countries in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia (Re gis Corporation, 2009).In its nearly 9,500 North American salons, Regis offers a wide range of tomentum cerebri care services including haircuts, styling and coloring, as well as a wide selection of professional hair care products (Regis Corporation, 2009).Through their 96 Hair Club for Men and Women locations, Regis also offers a comprehensive menu of hair restoration products and services (Regis Corporation, 2009).Section II Strengths and WeaknessesI would call for two of Regis Corporations strengths to be their longevity brand recognition and salon geographic locations. both of Regis Corporations weaknesses are poor counseling and poor management.Strength 1- Longevity Brand wisdomRegis began 88 years ago and since then has grown into a multi-billion dollar company. Regis Corporation owns several well-known(a) brands such as SuperCuts, Master Cuts, Vidal Sassoon, and ProCuts. They also fill their own complete hair care short letter of products called DesignLine.Strength 2- Salon Geographical LocationsRegis strategically places all of their salons in locations with high node traffic diminish such as malls, shopping centers, and Wal-Mart Supercenters. Having salons located in these areas allows for customer flexibility as well as a highly visible location for potential walk-in clientele. Regis is also has salons operating in Canada and Puerto Rico, as well as over 400 salons operating internationally in Europe (Regis Corporation, 2009).Weakness 1- forgetful ManagementAfter reading many Regis employee reviews from glassdoor.com, the majority of cons the employees listed had to do the management. Employees described management as unconcerned with quality of stylists hired, unresponsive to employees look ats and concerns, and low fortune for advancement. Upper and lower level management need to be properly trained and incorporate employee empowerment which admits employee recognition, sharing leadership, and providing feedback (Glassdoor.com,).We akness 2- Poor node ServiceAfter reviewing many customer reviews, many of the complaints were centered on customer service issues. both(prenominal) customers complained they were rushed through their service and there were complaints of having to wait over an hour for their service even though they had an appointment. Bad customer service is questioning for the hair business be make up you not only loose that unmatched client you also lose any future referrals from the client and it can develop a bad reputation for the salon itself (Glassdoor.com,).Section III Opportunities and holy terrorsTwo current opportunities for Regis Corporations are their hair restoration businesses and the availability of real estate for new social organisation. Two of Regis Corporations current threats are the downturn of the general economic environment and their current negative same-store sales. chance 1- Hair Restoration careIn December 2004, Regis Corporation acquired the Hair Club for Men an d Women (Regis Corporation, 2009). Currently this industry is comprised with numerous locations domestically and internationally. By consolidating and expanding, this industry would generate a broad deal of revenue. Growth plans for hair restoration include construction of a modest number of new locations in untapped markets domestically and internationally (Regis Corporation, 2009).Opportunity 2- Availability of Real Estate for New ConstructionThe availability of real estate for new construction is an opportunity for Regis to continue to expand not only the new construction of salons but also the construction of new hair restoration centers. By adding new units in convenient locations with good visibility and customer traffic. The availability of real estate will allow Regis to master long-term growth objectives (Regis Corporation, 2009).Threat 1- downturn of the General Economic EnvironmentDownturn of the economic environment results in customers spending less and postponemen t longer between returning visits to the salon. General economic factors include interest rates, recession, inflation, deflation, tax rates and policy, goose egg costs, and unemployment trends (Regis Corporation, 2009). Visits to hair restoration centers would be greatly impacted by increases in unemployment rates and decreases in income levels (Regis Corporation, 2009).Threat 2- Negative Same-Store SalesSame-store sales is taking the amount of revenue generated by stores (open unmatched year or more) over a certain period and then comparing it to an identical period in the past. many factors affect same-store sales such as fashion trends, competition, or even weather conditions. Regis same-store sales put one over dec television channeld for the eleventh consecutive quarter to 2.3% (Zacks Investment Research, 2011). Continued declines in same-store sales performance may cause us to be in default of certain covenants in their financing arrangements (Zacks Investment Research, 201 1).Section IV SummaryRegis is a well-known brand name and had been in business for over 80 years. Regis is one of the largest companies in the hair care industry holding about 2% of the worldwide market. Their salons are hands down located in malls, shopping centers, and even within Wal-Mart Supercenters. They have salons located all across the unify States and have expanded their business to Canada, Puerto Rico, and Europe.Regis needs to improve on their employee satisfaction in regards to management and need to focus on improving customer service relations.Regiss newly acquired hair restoration line provides a great opportunity to consolidate and expand this industry in turn creating a great deal of revenue. The availability of real estate for new construction is also a great opportunity for Regis to expand in the construction of new salons and new hair restoration centers, which will allow Regis to achieve long-term growth objectives.A threat to Regis is the downturn of the ec onomic environment, which results in consumers spending less and waiting longer between salon visits. If Regis same-store sales do not begin to improve it will have a huge impact on their financing arrangements.

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Servicing customers in Global market Essay Example for Free

Servicing clients in Global market set aboutServicing guests in Global marketIntroduction Marketing confabulations atomic number 18 the channels expenditure by businesses in the endeavor of persuading, informing and reminding clients about their brands that they sell. Firms place expend different promotional tools to clench clients either directly or indirectly. Marketing communication evoke involve non-personal or personal communication channels. Marketing communication en sufficients pixilateds to acquire new clients for their products by encouraging trial and building aw areness. It also enables them observe their clients by supporting their purchase activities by proffering supplementary information regarding brand benefits. The rationale of this stem is to compare and contrast different tools of communication and how they use consumer style theory successfully to achieve their objectives. thither are several items of communication such as website, TV advert, p oster, direct mail brochure, billboard and clipping advert. I lead focus on telly advertising and web selling. netsite is very decisive cockeyeds merchandising policy. Websites help clients to find firms and advertisers brands from those firms. Marketing by means of website bequeath enable firms to improve their customer care by dint of e-commerce website. Website is a medium where many customers drop a lot of time especially due to engineering advancement. Through websites, firms can reach national and international clients in a cost effective appearance (Juon Buerkle, 2011). On the opposite hand, goggle box advertising is another effective tool in a firms selling strategy. tv is a medium where clients spend most considerate time. Report indicates that the add up television set viewing lasts for about five to six hours. This elaborates why it is used as a broad advertisement instrument. Television is a significant market tool because it offers the greatest possib ility for creative advertising. Web advertising and television advertising has a lot of similarities in common, and they also share some differences. They are the marketing strategies that a firm can use to reach large audiences, low cost of advertising, and it is well-fixed to reach a laughingstocked audience through these two neares. Website advertising is less expensive as compared to television advertisements. In addition, websites can be created with the aim of targeting a particular audience than TV commercials. The two items of marketing are effective, unless the one that best fits a given firm will rely on their goals and target market. Firms can also use more(prenominal) than one items of marketing since they support each other. I chose these two items of marketing because they are a giant in advertising media and also giant in advertising costs as well. They have proven their capacity to control clement activities over and over. Television advertising is mostly used in outbound marketing where firms direct marketing activities at the client. On the other hand, websites are used in inbound marketing where clients search for brands that can meet their needfully (Carroll, 2006). Firms place their marketing in websites so that clients can find out more regarding brands and serve. Website advertising has more flexibility as compared to TV commercials. Television advertising has one objective of convincing clients to buy products, but websites can help firms to reach clients easily as they enjoy other entertaining and educational services. The life-or-death message to the advertisers willing to use website and television advertising is that they should choose the strategy that matches their goals and their target market. Both website and television advertising are crucial to the firms, and they can be used interchangeably. In other instances, either of the items can help and support other digital strategies used by a firm (Percy, 2008). It is ver y vital for firms to see their customers psychology so that they can be able to come up with appropriate strategies that will help them realize their objectives. Consumer demeanor is the conduct of clients in regard to using, disposing and acquiring services, experiences, ideas, and products. Consumer behavior also includes use and acquisition of information. Therefore, communication with clients and getting response for them is a vital part of consumer behavior which is every firms greatest interest. Consumer psychology is the study of clients mental processes and behavior. Understanding of theories of customer psychology will help businesses to learn different types of customers. There are various reasons as to why businesses should understand customers. First, customer behavior is very crucial in daily living because people mostly spend a lot of time shopping. Secondly, consumer behavior is significant in decision making. For example, while setting prices, firms essential cons ider their clients. In other cases, business decisions might be influenced by expected actions or behavior (Hoyer MacInnis, 2010).Application of consumer behavior Consumer behavior research can help firms increase their success rate because they will understand their customers needs that will enable them to realize profits. Understanding customer behavior will enable businesses to evaluate their strategies because they will be able to understand customer feedback regarding their latest products and services (Hoyer MacInnis, 2010). Marketing application areas of consumer behavior is in market-opportunity analysis where the firm examine conditions and trends in the marketplace to remark client needs that are not being fully fulfilled. Target market selection is whereby firms manage to discover different groupings of consumers who have exceptional needs. It also involves the assortment of sections that merges firms potency and offer enhanced opportunities. The third area of applica tion is marketing-mix determination. It involves creation and implementation a strategy that will escort delivery of an appropriate combination of need-satisfying characteristics to clients within the target market. Marketing mix involves price, place, promotion and product. Understanding of customer behavior is also required in tactical marketing operations. Successful regulatory strategy in regard of marketing practices calls for an extensive knowledge of consumer behavior. Social marketing also calls for an extensive understanding of customer behavior. Social marketing is where firms apply marketing tactics and strategies to create or alter behaviors that have creative impact to the target audience or the society in general. Social marketing through websites and television is conducted in endeavors of encouraging environmental friendly behaviors, reduce smoking, encourage timely vaccination of children, reduce activities plausibly to cause AIDS, reduce substance abuse, encoura ge charitable organizations among other substantial activities. Personality is a performer that affects peoples feedback regarding advertisements. It can also happen the other way round where messages from marketing can affect peoples attitudes. behavioural approach is a strategy which focuses on the measurable and discernible features of human conduct. Human behavior can only be analyzed through their reaction, actions and how they conduct themselves. behavioural approach maintains that personal behavior is affected by their environment. Cognitive behavior assumes that if researchers wish to understand human conduct, they should focus on the internal processes of their mind. Cognitive approach examine how people treat the information they live and how their treatment result to feedbacks. In determining which item to apply for marketing, firms will apply behavioral approach where they will analyze how clients think about either television advertisement or websites. On the other h and, firms will apply cognitive approach while determining how clients will react when they receive messages through television or websites (McLeod, 2007). In conclusion, there are several items of marketing communication such as website, television advertising, billboard, poster, magazine advert and direst mail brochure. Television advertising is habitually used in outbound marketing where businesses direct marketing activities at the client. On the other hand, websites are commonly used in inbound marketing where clients search for brands that can meet their needs. These two items are very vital in marketing strategy of a firm since they will reach a great number of their target audience at lower cost. Firms should understand customer behavior which will enable them to choose the marketing tool that will fit their customers needs. Through appropriate marketing, firms will be able to retain customers, attract new customers by notifying them with the latest information regarding the ir brands. Firms can also choose to use various items of marketing communication since they help and support other marketing mix strategies. There are two approaches in analysis of consumer behavior behavioral approach and cognitive approach.ReferencesBehavioral Approach Behavioral Psychology Psychologist World. (n.d.). Retrieved from http//www.psychologistworld.com/issues/behavioralapproach.phpCarroll,J. (2006). Television. Farmington Hills, MI Greenhaven Press.Cognitive Approach Simply Psychology. (n.d.). Retrieved from http//www.simplypsychology.org/cognitive.htmlHoyer,W.D., MacInnis,D.J. (2010). Consumer behavior. U.st South-Western Centage Learning.Juon,C., Greiling,D., Buerkle,C. (2011). Internet marketing, start-to-finish. Indianapolis, IN Que.Percy,L. (2008). Strategic integrated marketing communication Theory and practice. Amsterdam Butterworth-Heinemann.Source document

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Morality & Social Justice-Rubric for Essay Essay Example for Free

Morality Social Justice-Rubric for Essay EssaySeven influential good thinkers hammered comely struggle tradition which has been distilled into seven normals where five of the prescripts judge whether a decision to go to struggle is actually onlyifiable while the other two are a guide to just conduct in waging a state of war. The principles of a just war include legitimate authority, just cause, just intent, last resort, reasonable fall out of success, principle of discrimination and the principle of residue.The Spanish and Lusitanian were not justify to go to war with the Guarani but the Guarani were justified to war with the Portuguese and the Spanish. Subjecting the Portuguese and the Spanish to the seven principles of a just war they were not justified to go to war. The first principle which requires that before a war is started, it must be declared by a legally recognized authority which in intimately cases is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces while in United states it the Congress was not met by the Spanish and Portuguese passs.The soldier according to Alves were sent to relocate the Guarani but when they resisted they resorted to military action where many natives were killed and other were taken as slaves without the order of the legal authorities of the two nations (4). Before going to war with the Guarani the just war principles take up that Spanish and Portuguese leaders and soldiers were to seek an order from the commander-in-chief of the armed forces of their respective countries before waging a war with the natives which they did not do.The second principle of a just war that requires that a war should not be started on the basis of expanding a territory or national pride but only for a just cause like resistance to aggression by means of threat of attack or attack was not met either by the Portuguese and the Spanish in fighting the Guarani volume. They instead invaded the people with an aim to relocate them to take t hem as slaves but when the Guarani resisted they started war with them thereby breaching the just cause (Alves 4). many other principle require that before starting a war the aims of the war should be just and special which should be restoring justice and peace and not vengeance. The Spanish and the Portuguese breached this principle as well since their aspiration was not to restore peace or justice among the Guarani people. They waged the war out of their own narcissistic addition because the natives were living peacefully before. Their interest was the land of the Guarani and to enslave them as well. It was not the last resort for the Portuguese and the Spanish to start war with the Guarani people.The principles requires that all other means should be utilize to resolve contend between contending parties and that the means must have been tried and found to fail before going to war. In the situation of the Portuguese, Spanish and the Guarani people there was no dispute in th e first place. It is the Spanish and Portuguese that were determined to take the land that belonged to the natives and to take them as slaves and even after the natives resisted their effort they never used any other means to resolve the dispute but war.There should be reasonable chance of success before starting a war which the Portuguese and the Spanish did not take to consideration. The principle requires that the situation should be accessed to ascertain if there is a possibility of success before initiating or move a war. They never considered this fact and that is the reason why the war continued for several decades and they were eventually defeat (Elves 6).Another principle of a just war tradition that the Portuguese and Spanish violated is the principle of civilian immunity or honor of noncombatant where the noncombatants are not targeted to avoid civilian deaths. It as well requires that prisoners captured should be treated humanely and that military forces desist from r apes, massacres, looting and other atrocities. This was not the case in the wars of the Guarani where all sorts of atrocities were committed against the people since children, women and men alike were taken captives and were not treated humanely.The principle of proportionality which requires that the harm to be caused by a war must not exceed the good the war can accomplish. Before the Europeans invaded the natives they were living peacefully in their land but after they attacked them they were left with sorrows since some died, others were enslaved, property destroyed and families disunited forever. It therefore goes without saying that the Spanish and the Portuguese caused several harm and home in good to the Guarani which is against this principle of just war.The Portuguese and the Spanish were not justified to initiate and continue the war with the Guarani after being subjected to the seven principles of a just war tradition. In all the instances they went contrary to the prin ciples. They were not interested in the plight of the people or the outcome of the war but their own selfish gains. Works Cited Alves, Wesley. The Mission. 2007. 3 May 2010 http//people. bu. edu/wwildman/WeirdWildWeb/courses/thth/projects/thth_projects_2007wesley_alves. pdf

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Poisonwood Bible Character Analysis Essay Example for Free

Poisonwood Bible Character Analysis EssayIn the bulk The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, the narration is done by five of the main characters Orleanna, Rachel, Leah, Adah, and Ruth May expense. When analyzing the narrative led by Leah Price, a 14-year old tomboy, the indorser may notice her progression from a young girl who idolizes her set out and loves him to a greater extent than anyone else, into a rebellious young woman who despises her make. Some of Leahs more prominent characteristics argon her kindness and devotion. These characteristics are portrayed from the really beginning when Leah follows her father around even saying that, I have he must find me tiresome, yet I still like spending time with my father very frequently more than I like doing anything else (Kingsolver 36).In that context, Leah is still a young girl, who basically worships her father and does everything he does, loves everything he loves, honest now he does not give her anywhere ne ar that much love in return. This is also evident on rogues 41-42 she goes on about how awesome her father is and how estimable he is, almost justifying her idolizing him. Also, Leah states that His devotion to its progress, like his devotion to the church, was the anchoring force in my life throughout this medieval summer (64). These things are very important because it shows just how much Leahs persona is affected by her father, also how influential he is on her beliefs (with emphasis on religion).After one has read the book The Poisonwood Bible and begins analyzing the text, one may notice that in the first part, there are events between the females of the Price family, and the father. In Book One, Genesis, in Leahs narrative, starting on page 64, she describes a situation where her and her sisters were impeach of teaching Methuselah (their parrot) a bad word. Going on to page 68, it appears that the girls were not actually responsible, nevertheless the emotionally jarring p art is in the second paragraph of that page when she says, Once in a great while we just have to protect her, and Leah goes on to explain how her mother is chastised by her father, for sins of womanhood.Consequently, it seems as though these happenings were just the flint and steel of a fire in the making, most apparently in Leah. The first notion of rebellion starts on page 101, Leahs narrative, and the strike is on page 115 when she announces, For the first time ever I felt a stirring of anger against my father for making me a white preachers child from Georgia. This strike failed to start a sustainable fire, as obviously when she goes with her father to Leopoldville, and actually says upfront, that she and her father have patched things up. Also when she explains to Mrs. Underdown how her father knows whats best in the sight of the Lord, and that they were all privileged to serve. In this case, it is two steps forward, away from her father, however one step rear.Leahs next big step forward comes in Book Three, The Judges, when she begins to sincerely doubt her father If his decision to keep us here in the Congo wasnt right, accordingly what else might he be wrong about? It has opened up in my heart a sickening world of doubts and possibilities, where before I had only faith in my father and love for the Lord. Without that brandish of certainty underfoot, the Congo is a fearsome place to have to sink or swim. (244) Kingsolver uses imagery, so the reader might begin to see what Leah is seeing, and relate to her statements her doubtful mind of her father could be very blowzy for readers to understand, maybe not all are able, but those who are may create an attachment to this character. plurality might say that the world is a place full of lies, deceit, and pain. Others might say that truth, justice, and happiness are just as common, or need to be. Leah has a strong sense of justice, and she believes that her father provides just that, but then she start s asking, What if hes wrong? and that opens her mind to imagine her father, who was everything she believed was good and right in the world, her idol, as someone who isnt so great after all he made a mistake. As a result of this, she rebels, and starts turning away from her father.Leah is the cause of all our problemsLeah would rare up and talk back to Father straight to his faceLeah always had the uppermost respect for Father, but after they voted Father out, she just plumb stopped being polite (335). That quote is from Rachels narrative in Book Four, vitamin B complex and the Serpent she continues to explain how Leahs rebellion against their father began when she tried to go hunting with the men. Eventually, Leahs despite toward her father caused her to leave behind everything she loved because he loved it, mainly her religion. She continued was always very intelligent, and she grew up and became a teacher, but she was still a tomboy at heart, and she was still devoted, not to h er father, but to her husband instead. Leah Price, a 14-year old tomboy who once idolized her father completely, became a woman marital to a man of Kilanga, who opposed her father she no longer believed in the God of her father, she lived among the people of Africa and espouse an African man. She was no longer a duckling to her father, but her own complete person who had her own eyeshot and beliefs and independence.

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The positive function and negative function of the social policy in Hong Kong society Essay Example for Free

The positive function and negative function of the companion fit policy in Hong Kong society raiseIntroductionRecently, starting from May 1, 2013, Hong Kong had issued an increment of the Statutory Minimum occupy (SMW) from $28 to $30. Setting SMW at an appropriate level is vital to striking the balance between the objectives of forestalling excessively low advantage and minimising the loss of low-paid jobs, while sustaining Hong Kongs economic growth and competitiveness (2012 overcompensate of the tokenish absorb commission, 2012). To save this aim, the political science befool decided to subjoin the negligible wage rate in order for the bulk receiving the low-paid jobs to collapse a much fair salary. This paper ordain first discuss about the s crawfish outholders that get out be moved(p) by the extend of the wage rates namely the workers earning the SMW rates, the employees earning above the nominal wage, the firms, the organisation and the society as a hale. All of the effects of this neighborly policy, two positive and negative that allow be implied to these stakeholders will be discussed. Then, the effects of this cordial policy will be comp ard with R. Titmuss teachings in the objectives of a social policy. Finally, an evaluative comment of what the government should have done to maximise the benefits of this policy and minimising its drawbacks will be given as a conclusion.Effects on StakeholdersWorkersThe first stakeholder that will be close to impact by this social policy is the workers brisk by the SMW rate. These workers ar usually blue-collared workers whose jobs require tokenish requirements and manual labor. The minimum wage is practiced to provide a wage floor for them non to be victimized by the firms, but these workers are usually still the lowest paid amongst the society. They are referred to as the on the job(p) measly in which the workers are still nourishment below the poverty line of Hong Kong e ven when they already have a job. As shown by Lam (2013) At the article which has been released by the Commission of Poverty, Hong Kong had fitting implemented the poverty line in which a one-person household is living at below HK$3,600, two-personhouseholds living below HK$7,700, and four-person households living below HK$14,300 monthly. In Hong Kong, around 19.6 percent of the population were living with little than the poverty line at the twelvemonth 2012.By the add-on of the minimum wage by virtually 7%, the government deficiencyed to trucking rig the problem of the working poor especially with the rising cost due to pretentiousness and rapid growing in the price of land. concord to the Trading Economics (2013), from the course of study 1981-2013, Hong Kongs inflation rate have averaged at 4.6 percent while the Global Property need (2013) showed that the price of properties in Hong Kong had skyrocketed by 73% over the past 3 years. These rising costs had brought proble ms to the workers living in the SMW as they usually do not experience an increment in their salaries if the government does not intervene. Their living standards will constantly fall every year and in order to prevent that from happening, the Hong Kong government implemented the increase in the SMW at May 1, 2013.The first period Hong Kong had provided the Statutory Minimum enlist of $28 is at 2011. According to Oxfams report on April 17, 2012, 59.5 per cent reported no overture with the introduction of the Ordinance. Oxfam (2012) explained that even when 70 per cent of the low income workers experienced increased wage rates, the employers lessen the remuneration packages, paid rest days, and working hours. Overall, it entices to similar income when the Ordinance have not been introduced which does not blow over to any increase in the standard of living of the working poor. This capacity reoccur with the increase of the SMW, as the employers would want to cut back on the cos ts. The increase of the minimum wage in Hong Kong might not lead to an increase in the total income of the workers, but might only lead to a shorter working hours or even a decrease in their total income.FirmsAnother stakeholder that would be affected by the increase of the minimum wages are the firms, especially the small to specialty sized ones. Because or so of their staffs are earning minimum wage, the firms will either need to either reduce the working hours of their employees or face an increase in the do work cost. If the businesses were to reduce the employees or theworking hours, the quality of the products or function provided will most potential degrade over time due to the lack of labour. On the other hand, maintaining the same hail of labour and working hours will lead to an increased cost. In order for the firms to maintain their profitability, the prices of the product or services will most likely be increased.This will lead to the reduction of the competitivenes s of small and medium firms compared to the large firms. Because large firms can most likely afford the increase of the minimum wage, they might not need to push the prices up to keep their demands. This can be disadvantageous to Hong Kong as a whole if it leads to the closure of the small and medium firms which leaves huge industries as monopolies in the industry. Card (1995) mentioned that the minimum wage has a ripple effect in many firms, leading to pay increases for workers initially earning slightly to a greater extent than the stark naked minimum wage. Because of this, the effects previously mentioned will be amplified even to firms which pay slightly above the brisk SMW even before the increase.GovernmentIn the governments perspective, the increase of the minimum wage policy can help reduce the government expenditure in a country. According to the accessible offbeat discussion section, Hong Kong has a scheme called the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme to help those who does not have sufficient income to dispense their expenses (Comprehensive social security, 2013). For example, an able-bodied adult aged under 60 will throw HK$2,070 if he does not have a family. When the government increased the SMW, the income of the working people will increase and the amount of people that would need the government subsidies to cover their living expenses can decrease. This way, the government can go more expenditures on other aspects such as break education or housing for the poor. communityThis radical legislation will also bring several impacts on the Hong Kong society as a whole. Firstly, it has been mentioned that the increase of the minimum wage rate of Hong Kong will lead to the increased cost of firms and ultimately the consumers. Since most of the goods that can be found locallyis manufactured by workers working in a minimum wage, the increase of the SMW will most likely inflate most of the price for most goods. The habitual incre ase in the prices level will lead to inflation which brings negative impacts to the impose class part of Hong Kong. According to the Census and Statistics Department of Hong Kong, the inflation rate of Hong Kong was recorded at 4.30 percent in October of 2013 compared to October of 2012 (Monthly report on, 2013). The increase of the Statutory Minimum Wage is a mere 7.14% since it was first released at May 1, 2011 while the inflationary pressures are roughly 4% annually. This shows that the increase of the minimum wage rate is insufficient to cope with the inflationary pressures that the workers are experiencing in the society.On the other hand, the increase of the minimum wage rate had reduced the income discrimination even by a very small amount. The Hong Kong governments economic report at the year 2012 had shown that Hong Kong has a Gini coefficient of 0.537 in the year 2011 for the original household income (Half-yearly economic report 2012, 2012). This is quite a high figure as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)s world factbook states that Hong Kong is ranked at the 11th place for the countries with the highest Gini coefficient. Singapore on the other hand, had a much lower Gini coefficient of 0.478 in the year 2012 and is ranked 26th in the world (The world factbook, ). These figures shows that Hong Kong is one of the worst countries in terms of income equivalence whereas the income of the rich greatly outweigh the poor. By increasing the Statutory Minimum Wage rate, the citizens with low incomes will be affected as their income will increase while the citizens with high income are barely affected by this legislations. This will then reduce the riches gap even just by a very small amount and Hong Kongs Gini coefficient might drop by a slight amount in the future.Fajnzylber, Lederman, and Loayza (2002) had concluded in their paper that the increase in income inequality has a significant and beefy effect of raising abuse rates. According to the pa per, when income inequality is high, the differences between the potential gains that could be acquired from doing a crime compared with the opportunity cost of it is high. This willlead to an increase in the crime rates in a particular country where the Gini coefficient is high. By reducing the wealth gap, the government is also helping the society in minimising crime rates as the people in Hong Kong will be less desperate for them into world a criminal. Normally, people resolved into committing crimes when they cannot fulfil their grassroots needfully, therefore the increase of the SMW of Hong Kong will make it more likely for the low income group of people to survive which will ultimately lead to the reduction of crimes.Objectives of a Social PolicyAccording to R. Titmuss (1974), the objective of social policy is to meet social needs and come on social integration and discourage alienation. Because the increase of the Statutory Minimum Wage is a form of social policy, it shou ld fulfil the three criteria mentioned by R. Titmuss. This part of the paper will talk about how well the increase in the minimum wage meet the social needs, promoting social integration, and discourage alienation in the Hong Kong society. showdown the Social NeedsThe social needs of a society are the basic fundamentals that the citizens living in Hong Kong needs. One of the ways to dissect these needs is using Maslows hierarchy of needs. At the shtup of the triangle and the very basic fundamental human needs are the physiological needs which includes basic necessities to live such as food, shelter, and air. The social policy released by the government at May 1, 2013 regarding the new Statutory Minimum Wage does affect the physiological welfare of the minimum wage workers at about aspects. By increasing the SMW, the income of a substantial amount of the workers were expected to rise. This will allow them to be able to afford more of the basic products to survive such as food, wat er, etc. Due to the increase in their incomes and thus their disposable income, the spending powers of these parts of the society will increase and they should have a better standard of living.However, the paper had mentioned before that inflationary pressures can reduce and dilute the effects of the minimum wage increase. The increase inthe labour costs, which is one of the figures of production, can lead to a cost push inflation in which the rising costs are passed on to the consumers. make up though the workers earning the SMW might feel richer, the general price increase may lead to a small or no alterment in the living standards. According to Trading Economics (2013), Hong Kongs Consumer Price Index (CPI) is reaching its all time high of 116.8 Index Points in September of 2013. This might even lead to a decrease in the living standard of the working poor as most goods and services are becoming more expensive.Another aspect that is related to the physiological needs of the so ciety is shelter, or the subscribe to of the apartments in the study of Hong Kong. According to Global Property Guide (2013), the property prices of land of Hong Kong had surged 73% which leads to really high rent rates which takes up a huge part of a persons salary. The introduction of the increase in the minimum wage social policy does nothing to tackle this problem, meaning that the working poor would still need to spend a substantial amount of their salary just to pay for the rent. Even though the Hong Kong Housing Authority is currently attending to this particular need, it is insufficient to fulfil everyones physiological need of a decent shelter.The second level of Maslows hierarchy of needs is the safety needs of every individuals. Every working men would want a job that is both secure and consistent. They would not want a job that does not ensure a regular income to cover their expenses. When the minimum wage rate is increased, the firms will try to cut their costs someti mes by making the workers redundant or reducing their working hours. Both of the actions mentioned will lead to an insecure feeling by the workers as they might lose their jobs or have a decreased income. Therefore, the social policy for this case does not improve the social needs of the society, and even bring a sense of insecurity and anxiety. The other 3 aspects of the Maslows hierarchy of needs which are the love/belonging, esteem, and self-actualisation, does not apply for this social policy as they are more related with employees with higher income and mostly the white collar workers.Promoting Social Integration and Discourage estrangementLastly, R. Titmuss (1974) mentioned about promoting social integration and discourage alienation. Social integration is a dynamic and principled extremity where all members participate in dialogue to achieve and maintain peaceful social relations (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs). This focused on both equal rights an d secure social welfare. Even though the increase of the SMW of Hong Kong does not have anything to do with equal rights, it can resurrect a better social welfare in the society. As mentioned, there is a direct correlation between higher income and lower crime rates. Therefore, if the increase in the minimum wage does increase the total income of each or most individuals working at minimum wage rate, there is a high possibility that Hong Kong can promote more social integration. When social integration occurs, alienation are automatically reduced. When the wealth gap are reduced, communities can be more easily formed as the social classes will be more integrated towards each other.Conclusion and EvaluationAs shown in the paper, the increase of the Statutory Minimum Wage in Hong Kong have led to both positive and negative functions in the society. Even though the aims and objectives of this social policy is favourable and positive, there are many factors which can turn them into neg ative results. One of the biggest factor is the difference between the inflation level compared with the increase in the wage rates. Right now, Hong Kong have a high CPI of 116.8 which can greatly reduce the effects of the improved minimum wage rates. I believe that the increase of the Statutory Minimum Wage from HK$28 to HK$30 is insufficient and should be besides increased to at least HK$32 to counteract the inflation rates.On the other hand, the Hong Kong government should take actions to control the inflationary pressures which will be created from this increased labour costs. Fiscal policies such as the use of a higher progressive direct tax for the citizens with high income can be used to both control inflation and increase the government revenue for other uses. Moreover, the government should also try to tackle other social problems that are currently a big issue in Hong Kong like the housing problem. This situation is as critical as the increased amount of the working poor and the huge wealth inequalityand should be countered immediately. In order for a social policy to be beneficial to the society, R. Titmuss (1974) believed that it should cover all the three aspects, namely the social needs, social integration, and discourage alienation. Therefore, the government should take account of these features and redesign the Statutory Minimum Wage, increasing it to a more substantial amount.ReferencesMinimum Wage Commission, (2012). 2012 report of the minimum wage commission. Retrieved from website http//www.mwc.org.hk/en/downloadable_materials/2012MWCReport-Eng.pdfHu , F., Yun , M. (2013, September 30). Hong kong poverty line shows wealth gap with one in quintuplet poor. Retrieved from http//www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-09-29/hong-kong-poverty-line-shows-wealth-gap-with-one-in-five-poor.htmlLam, C. (2013, September 30). Hong kongs first official poverty line purpose and value. Retrieved from http//www.povertyrelief.gov.hk/eng/pdf/20130930_article.pdf(201 3, December 10). Retrieved from http//www.tradingeconomics.com/hong-kong/inflation-cpiResidential prices blow up in hong kong. (2013, February 15). Retrieved from http//www.globalpropertyguide.com/Asia/Hong-Kong/Price-HistoryOxfam. (2012, April 17). Poverty in the hong kong workforce, despite the minimum wage oxfam survey reveals 70% of low income workers and their families have more income, but almost half live in deprivation. Retrieved from http//www.oxfam.org.hk/en/news_1818.aspxChasanov, A. (2004, May 11). No time-consuming getting byan increase in the minimum wage is long overdue. Retrieved fromhttp//www.epi.org/publication/briefingpapers_bp151/Social upbeat Department, (2013). Comprehensive social security assistance scheme. Retrieved from website http//www.swd.gov.hk/en/index/site_pubsvc/page_socsecu/sub_socialsecurity/Census and Statistics Department, (2013). Monthly report on the consumer price index. Retrieved from website http//www.statistics.gov.hk/pub/B10600012013MM1 0B0100.pdfCentral Intelligence Agency, (n.d.). The world factbook. Retrieved from website https//www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/2172rank.htmlHong Kong Economy Government, (2012). Half-yearly economic report 2012. Retrieved from website http//www.hkeconomy.gov.hk/en/pdf/box-12q2-5-2.pdfHong Kong Housing Authority, (2013). Annual report 2012/13. Retrieved from website http//www.housingauthority.gov.hk/en/about-us/publications-and-statistics/index.htmlUN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Division for Social Policy and Development. (n.d.). Working definition of social integration. Retrieved from website http//www.un.org/esa/socdev/sib/peacedialogue/soc_integration.htmCard, D. E. (1995). Myth and measurement The new economics of the minimum wage. Princeton University Press.Fajnzlber, P., Lederman, D., Loayza, N. (2002). Inequality and violent crime. JL Econ., 45, 1.Titmuss, R. M., Abel-Smith, B., Titmuss, K. (1974). Social policy (pp.