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List of Individual Rights Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

List of Individual Rights - Research penning ExampleThe side prick declares that choosing the members of parliament should be unrestricted. As such, limits on speeches in parliamentary debates kindred early(a) bills. The English Bill of Rights is a manuscript that has a great significance in the English history. It is also a very vital chapter of the rights to those subjects under the English Law. The bill had some dissimilarity with US Bill of rights. The dissimilarities arose due to the difference in the process of enacting and undoing the bill (Vile, 2003). impertinent the US Bill of Rights, the English Bill of Rights could be enacted and undone by the statues. The US Bill of Rights could be enacted and undone by the constitutional amendment. Additionally, unlike the other Bills, which refer to the amendments in constitutions, the English one describes the rights for the individuals to petition the King (Vile, 2003). The US Bills of Rights 1789 In 1989, the Congress in the US received 17 amendments of which ten dollar bill were accepted and integrated into the constitutions. The ten integrated were named the Bill of Rights. The US Bills of Rights is similar to other bills like the English Bills of Rights. Some of the amendments in the US especially from amendment one to six have similar elements as those in the English Bill of Rights. Unlike the US Bills of Rights, the other bills of rights are more expansive. ... is a global customary law that describes the understanding of the good rights of individuals like the US and the English Bill of rights (Horvits & Catherwood, 2006). The document by the General Assembly has some similarities with the other bill of rights especially the US Bills of Rights. This is because it was adopted based on the US Bills of rights. Additionally, like other Bills of Rights it consists of a list of the rights of persons from their private lives to their participation in the society (Horvits &Catherwood, 2006). The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 is different from the US Bill of Rights and the English Bill of Rights since it is applicable globally. The others are only application to the states in which they were amended yet not other countries. Additionally, it describes the responsibilities of the international community members (Horvits &Catherwood, 2006). Philosophical underpinnings The creators of the lawful system in the countries gave individuals in the states the ideas utilize in developing the state particularly those who are within the Declaration of Independence and the constitution (Whitehead, 2008). In the Declaration of Independence, the words like life, autonomy, and contentment are very common. In the Bills of Rights, happiness is connected to somatic success and individuals are happy after owning property. In the present America, individuals love material things and the philosophical underpinnings related to the right to possess property are found in the books written by p hilosophers like tail Locke (Whitehead, 2008). In his book, John Locke showed that individuals correspond with the Natures harmony. According to the philosopher, God made man and mans disposition hence, it is possible for man to make his mind to be in

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