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Informative Essay On Drug Abuse - 1920 Words

Drugs are any substance that can be consumed, smoked, injected, inhaled, transdermal, or intranasal causing a physiological effect when introduced into the body. Physicians use drugs known as medicines for healthy reasons such as people that suffer from ailments like asthma, cancer, HIV/AIDS, or etc. However, numerous people use drugs for recreational purposes (legal, controlled, or illegal) such as prescription drugs, tobacco, caffeine or illicit substances for pleasure, along with alcohol. These types of recreational drug use range from mild to severe addiction for millions, which the National Institute on Drugs Abuse would describe as a substance use disorder (SUD). Addiction is a prevalent and complicated problem that continues in†¦show more content†¦However, The company is better known for producing Aspirin the â€Å"drug of the century†. â€Å"The chemists who first developed this compound tried it on themselves, found it made them feel â€Å"heroic† an d so it was given the brand name heroin† (Doweiko, 2015). Heroin has a long history throughout the world. Due to the amount of soldiers being wounded in battles they were given opium to relieve the pain, and consequently addicted to opium, given the nickname â€Å"soldier’s disease† meaning the soldiers was either addicted to opium or suffered from withdrawal symptoms of opium use. Heroin was promoted to counteract numerous soldiers that were addicted to morphine during the 19th century battles. Heroin was slowly introduced in low doses to help with morphine withdrawals and long term replacing morphine. However, heroin backfired producing addiction exceptionally quickly in many. In the 20th century, companies were allowed to display any product without including the ingredients such as cocaine, morphine, and allowed to mislabel products. The turn of events when people witnessed a heightened awareness that psychotropic drugs have a great potential for causing addi ction. The abuse of opium and cocaine had reached epidemic proportion in the U.S. Therefore, the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 passed and companies have to label their ingredients in products. Later, the Harrison Act of 1914 was passed regulating opium, heroin, and cocaine making them illegal in the United Stated.Show MoreRelatedEssay on Internet Addiction636 Words   |  3 Pagestempting feature of the Internet. Unfortunately, with this new commodity, also comes the possibility of abuse and addiction. Internet addiction has become an exceedingly negative power in todays culture. What causes Internet Addiction? Several different causes could be to blame, but one of the most widely believed theories is that of a personality disorder. In the essay entitled Internet Addiction, Carol Potera says that the,lone, bored, depress, introverted, lackingRead MoreInformative Essay About Drugs1020 Words   |  5 Pages Drugs Wyatt Lehr Lamar High School APA Informative Drugs have been an effective way of reaching a pleasurable state, relieving pain, avoiding stress, and meeting social expectations for the past six thousand years. There is a controversy over whether drugs are good for people or not, but this essay is not an opinion of what drugs are and should be used for. This paper will explain the background and effects of drugs on the human body and mind (Scheme=AGLSTERMS.AglsAgent; corporateName=StateRead MoreDrug Abuse And The Nfl996 Words   |  4 PagesEnglish 1101 CRN 11790 Section 36 Veronica E. Brown Informative Essay 11/1/2014 Words: 995 Drug Abuse in the NFL What is the definition of drugs? Is it the simple explanation of a substance we consume that is alien to our bodies, for better or worse? Or is it much more complicated than that? Many would agree that people use them as an escape from reality, a way to hide their pain in life, or a way to deal with stress. People who use illegal drugs for their own benefit, whether it’s for stress releaseRead MoreSummary OfCanadas Genocide By Michael Downey Essay1084 Words   |  5 PagesMichael Downey’s essay, â€Å"Canada’s ‘Genocide’: Thousands Taken from Their Homes Need Help† (Downey 445-448), imparts a harrowing account of the hardships and trauma induced by the controversial child apprehensions, often referred to as the ‘Sixties Scoop.’ The essay opens with Downey’s heart-rending recount of Carla Williams’ story, detailing her first-hand experience as a subject of this abuse, who managed to survive and come out triumphant. This explicit topic introduction foreshadows and givesRead MoreAn Essay on Methland1094 Words   |  5 Pagesepidemic, serves as a painful example to the effectiveness of this â€Å"global economy,† or in terms of the subject of this essay, the modern national-level market. The concept of a market is one that Meredith L. McGill tactfully delves into in her essay Market; the concepts from her essay will be used to analyze the specific market for meth in the book Methland. SUMMARY OF ESSAY The essay in question offers historical background and context to the current meaning of a market. According to McGill, beforeRead MoreStanford Prision Experiment Reaction Essay858 Words   |  4 PagesExperiment Reaction Essay Jana Haight March 1, 2011 The Stanford Prison Experiment was to study of the psychological effects of becoming a prisoner or prison guard. The study was conducted by a team of researchers led by Psychology professor Philip Zimbardo at Stanford University in August 1971. Twenty-four students were selected after tests and background checks deemed them mentally healthy, free of medical disabilities and history of crime or drug abuse. All 24 studentsRead MoreDrug War Research Paper1354 Words   |  6 Pageslocated anywhere in the United States. Many of these people are mostly working part time retail/food industry jobs or internships for many of the people do not have time to balance school and an actual full time job. College is often pricey, so this essay would be targeting namely those in the lower-middle to higher class. Because this demographic is attending school, all of these people have at least some college education. As for religious and sexual preferences, any and every type is present withinRead M oreBandura s Social Learning Theory And Attachment Theory1260 Words   |  6 PagesBandura’s social learning theory and Bowlby’s attachment theory. Each of these theories has similarities and distinctions regarding the mechanisms that underlie the impact of child abuse. This essay will examine these competing theories to determine which mechanisms are most strongly supported for families at high risk for child abuse and/or neglect (Begle, Dumas Hanson, 2010). Social Learning Theory Social learning theory suggests that the mechanism underlying the continuity of violence is observationalRead MoreDomestic Violence And Child Abuse1186 Words   |  5 PagesDomestic violence is the physical, mental, emotional, and/or sexual assault, and/or other abusive behavior as part of a systematic pattern of power. A form of domestic violence is child abuse. According to Child Protective Services, each year more than three million reports of child abuse are made in the United States which involves more than six million victims. Cases can involve more than one child. Groups who are generally targeted are young females under the age of eighteen who are seen as vulnerableRead MoreHuman Trafficking Is The Illegal Movement Of People With The Use Of Force962 Words   |  4 PagesShemar Mclean Literature- Hamilton Human Trafficking September 21, 2015 Informative Essay Human trafficking is the illegal movement of people with the use of force. Human trafficking is a major trouble that is occurring around the world. People are taken away from their homes some live to tell their story however some don t make it out alive. Many Children, Women, And vulnerable men are used in human trafficking. They are stripped of their

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Essay On Post Service - 1011 Words

Change in Cognitive Processes of Soldiers Post-Service in the Military It is estimated between 20% and 30% of soldiers report psychological symptoms after returning home from combat three to six months post-service (Dohrenwend, Turner, Turse, Adams, Koenen, Marshall, 2006). Following the Iraqi and Afghanistan conflicts, there has been a raise in question of the mental health statuses of service men and women post-deployment (Hoge, Castro, Messer, McGurk, Cotting, Koffman, 2004). Many of the mental health injuries related to combat exposure or deployment-related stressors include PTSD, depression, stress, and sleep problems. These mental health concerns have resulted in different types of lecture based mental health training services†¦show more content†¦The Neurocognitive Assessment Tool evolved into Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics (ANAM), a culmination of various computer-based tests, by the Department of Defense in order to test soldiers for signs of cognitive dysfunction before deployment. These computer-based programs were designed in response to the increased risk of cognitive trauma or stress during deployment, and used as a way to recognize individuals at high risk for sustaining injuries that might compromise brain functioning. The ANAM became a baseline measurement of cognitive processes of soldiers used by the military (Vincent, et al., 2012). In addition to the altered cognitive processes and mental health traumas experienced by soldiers, investigation of intrusive cognitions (Shipherd, Salters-Pedneault, Fordiani, 2016) and the effects of combat deployment on self-destructive behaviors (Thomsen, Stander, McWhorter, Rabenhorst, Milner, 2011) were assessed. Intrusive cognitions, the development of distressing thoughts, images, or memories associated with traumatic events, became increasingly common among post-deployment military personnel (Shipherd, Salters-Pedneault, Fordiani, 2016). In response to intrusive cognitions, four training methods including training as usual, psychoeducation on intrusive cognitions,Show MoreRelatedApa Research and Bibliography Activity Essay656 Words   |  3 Pagessources. Not everyone is permitted to post |error free and will be sufficient to every reader preference. The site does include | | |and remove information from the website. |peer reviewed and scholarly journal and article. | |Arizona Department of |Arizona Department of Health Services Web Site is a reliable website. The |Arizona Department of Health Services Web Site is a valid website. TheRead MoreThe Revolution Of Texas Revolution1550 Words   |  7 PagesEssay on Texas Revolution Texas Revolution, a rebellion in late 1835 and early 1836 by residents of Texas, then a part of northern Mexico, against the Mexican government and military. The rebellion led to the establishment of the independent Republic of Texas. The short-lived republic was annexed by the United States as a state in 1845. These events were among the causes of the Mexican War between the United States and Mexico, after which Mexico relinquished all claims to Texas and much of the present-dayRead MorePublic Trusts Policy For Induction Of Labour786 Words   |  4 PagesThe purpose of this essay is to explore a local trusts policy for induction of labour due to a prolonged pregnancy and discuss how this has been interpreted from national drivers and then implemented at a local level. To begin with it will define induction of labour and outline the significance of this policy. Moving on it will discuss the national drivers and then look at how the policy has interpreted and delivered the national drivers at a local level. It will also discuss how national driverRead MoreHealth Economics And Antitrust Literature1735 Words   |  7 PagesThis essay contributes to health economics and antitrust literature as follows. First, this essay investigates change in transaction price for cardiac surgery. Instead of using list or average prices, this analysis adopted the transaction price of care, which is a much more accurate measure for price of care (Brooks, Dor Wong, 1997; Capps Dranove, 2004; Dor, Grossman Koroukian, 2004; Dor, Koroukian Grossman, 2004; Dor et al., 2012; Moriya, Vogt Gaynor, 2010). Second, this essay appliesRead MoreDoes Health System Formation Raise Negotiated Price Of Cardiac Surgeries?1729 Words   |  7 Pages Essay 2: Does Health System Formation Raise Negotiated Price of Cardiac surgeries? Price Differences Before and After Selected Health System Formations â€Æ' 1. Introduction Trend in US Health System Formations A process of transformation in the US hospital industry started in the 1980s, with a hospital consolidation trend that completely changed the entire health care sector in the US (Bazzoli, Dynan, Burns, Yap, 2004; Gaynor Haas-Wilson, 1999; Lesser Ginsburg, 2000). At the start of the 1990sRead MoreThe Scientific Management And The Bureaucracy Theory Essay1541 Words   |  7 Pagesresearch area under the essay, as there has no enough information from one region to support the arguments listed in the report. In particular, it focuses on the effect of four principles of Taylor’s theory to modern companies. How bureaucracy and post-bureaucracy theory work in contemporary companies has been included as well. Another content of the essay is the weakness of two theories applying to today’s organization. A research aim to investigate both bureaucratic and post- bureaucratic organizationalRead MoreImpact of Sales Promotion on Sales Volume, in Unilever (Nig.) Plc1171 Words    |  5 Pagesmarketing communication and promotional tools, package design firms, direct marketing agencies and sales promotion were generally considered as supplementary services and were only used on specific projects. Agencies on public relations were employed to handle the affairs, publicity and image of a company to the targeted public. However, these services were not regarded as vital processes in marketing communication. Traditionally, marketing practices were founded within strong barriers wherein variousRead MoreA Local Trusts Policy For Induction Of Labour1429 Words   |  6 PagesThe purpose of this essay is to explore and evaluate a local trusts policy for induction of labour due to a prolonged pregnancy. To begin with it will define induction of labour and outline the significance of this policy. Moving on it will look at how the policy has interpreted and delivered national drivers at a local level. It will critically analysis the key national drivers and guideline s that have influenced the local maternity service of induction of labour . It will also examine the localRead MoreVeterans Adapting to Civilian Life1226 Words   |  5 Pagesafter military service. The essay probes three articles of various scholars in the field of media writing, nutrition, and psychology, using an analytical method, this essay examines the rhetorical appeals of scholarly reports that identify issues that affect veterans as they transit from military life to civilian life. For the purpose of this paper, three stories are considered: â€Å"War s Aftermath: Easing the Return to Civilian Life† by Sara Frueh and Christine Stencel; â€Å"Ex-service personnel struggleRead MoreFordism1526 Words   |  7 Pagesthe cars of Ford’s company had become a culture and can be seen at everywhere, such as movies and songs. This essay will describe the main characteristics and history of Fordism, then, it will introduce Taylorism, after explaining the reason for dec line in Fordism and describe the nature of Post-Fordism, finally, this essay will evaluate that Taylorism and Fordism have been replaced by Post-Fordism in capitalist societies. Fordism is named after Henry Ford (1863-1947) who is a pioneer and car maker

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Electoral College Should Be Here To Stay free essay sample

Essay, Research Paper Title: The Electoral College Should Be Here to Stay General Purpose: To carry Specific Purpose: To carry persons that the Electoral College is non at mistake for the 2000 Presidential election Intro I. Attention Getter- magazine screens ( 11/20 Newsweek and New Republic II. Thesis Statement- I am here to state you that the Electoral College is non to fault for the current province of the 2000 presidential election, but alternatively a combination of factors. III. Statement of Significance- Wallace Sayre, ? The Electoral College method of electing a President of the United States is antediluvian, undemocratic, complex, equivocal, indirect, and unsafe. ? IV. Preview a. Replaying Election Night and Beyond B. Explaining and Defending the Electoral College c. Introducing the Real Causes of This Election? s Problems Passage to organic structure Body I. Election Night and Beyond ( board one ) a. Indiana I. 6:00 pm- IN polls near two. 6:01 pm- Prediction spring IN to Bush b. Florida I. 7:00 pm- FL polls near two. 7:47 pm- FL goes to Gore based on issue polls three. 9:54 pm- FL goes back to? excessively near to name? four. 2:18 am- FL goes to Bush v. 4:04 am- FL goes back to? excessively near to name? c. Since I. Automatic recount to Bush two. Partial manus recounts to Bush three. Gore? s competition of consequences and tribunal conflicts Now that I? ve gone over some inside informations of the election, I now will explicate the Electoral College. II. Electoral College ( board two ) a. Definition I. Equal to # of senators and reps Example One two. Example One three. Example Two four. Add them up, acquire 538, 270 to win B. Reasoning I. Put up to give smaller provinces a say in taking a president two. Majority regulation w/ minority rights c. But My Vote Doesn? T Count in Indiana? It Would in a Direct Election I. One individual, one ballot? ca ndidates will run everyplace 1. WRONG, focal point will be merely on metropoliss, Indiana? s focal point stays the same 2. ? Battlegrounds? like WI, IA, NM, OR, NH will intend nil d. Small provinces will acquire no representation I. New Hampshire illustration ( Crawley ) two. CA = 54, smallest 16 states= 60 three. MT West will hold no influence, lumber illustration e. Would acquiring free of it solve the job? I. NO, Popular ballot difference is less than 400,000 out of 90,000,000 two. Result = 50 provinces of recounts alternatively of one = no pres by 1/20/01 So now that you know some background of election dark and the Electoral College, what was the job with this election? III. What Did It? Media, Exit Polls, and Voting Laws I. Early anticipations made based on canvassing electors after they voted so a president can be picked by bed clip two. Very bad! Don? T predict, delay until ballots counted three. OR- mail in vote system four. FL- absentees merely postmarked by election twenty-four hours, non at courthouses Decision I. Summary of Main Points a. Election Night B. Electoral College c. Real Causes II. What do we make? Necessitate all ballots in on Election Day? Possibly. Lock the media in a cupboard and non allow them out until all the ballots are counted? Couldn? T injury. But abolish the Electoral College. No manner. Bibliography ? 2000 Electoral College Map. ? USA Today. 22 Nov. 2000. 29 Nov. 2000. hypertext transfer protocol: // Crawley, Gary. ? Election 2000 and Its Aftermath. ? POLS 372 Lecture. Ball State University. 9 Nov. 2000. ? Post-Election Special. ? The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Comedy Central, New York. 8 Nov. 2000. Sayre, Wallace, and Judith H. Parris. Voting for President: The Electoral College and the American Political System. The Brookings Institution: Washington, 1970. Wildavsky, Polsby. Presidential Elections. The Free Imperativeness: New York, 1964. New Republic. 20 Nov. 2000: Screen. 1Newsweek. 20 Nov. 2000: Screen.

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When I First Constructed This Web Site Three Years Ago, Essays

When I first constructed this web site three years ago, I had no idea how much controversy it would cause. Honestly, I just wanted to post some of my own writing here. Soon, hundreds of students were e-mailing me their essays to add to my list. Along with essays, I received tons of mail from students who said they really appreciated my site, and that it helped them more than I could ever know. I received no complaints from teachers, just praise from students. I suspected students were plagiarizing from my web site, but I wasn't sure. It wouldn't have taken much convincing for me to take down this site. When it was first constructed, I had to spend hundreds of hours processing essays and answering mail. It was a lot of work, and if someone had sent a polite e-mail regarding the ethics of this site, I would have ended it in a minute! Then one day, the judicial affairs department at my university called me into their office. I had to have a private meeting with the dean regarding my site. I was shocked to find out that their department had received approximately 50 calls from upset teachers! Every single one of them was asking the dean to expel me from the university -- basically, kick me out! I never received any e-mail from these teachers. They never voiced their feelings to me, nor did they try to explain how my site hurt their students' education. They decided to ignore me as a human, and try to ruin my future by taking away my chance at a college degree. Aren't these people interested in protecting education? Obviously not, if they want to expel me from school. If any of these teachers had taken a minute to write a polite e-mail, they would have found out that I am a very reasonable, and compassionate person. They might have also found out that getting through college has been a major hardship for me. Neither of my parents went to college, and they had no interest in paying for my education. So, for the last six years of my life, I've been working full or part time to struggle through school. In my last year of school, those teachers were going to take all of that work away from me, without bothering to confront me about their feelings. At that point, I knew who my friends were! The students who sent me loving e-mail, praising me for helping them were my real friends! I learned that the First Amendment protected my right to have this site up, and those rude, insensitive teachers couldn't touch me. So, I put more work into this site than ever before! Three years later, judicial affairs continues to receive vicious demands from teachers, and I hear nothing ... until today! The letter copied to the right is the first polite e-mail I have ever received from a teacher. Because of Ms. Ball's thoughtful letter, I am discontinuing this site. I don't mean to ditch the students who used this site, but I really don't think my essays are helping their education. In the long run, I'm helping them more by taking down this site. Please, let this be a lesson to everyone: if you are offended by some action a person takes, you should confront them and explain your feelings to them. You will be much more likely to get your way if you treat people with respect. If you blindly attack them because you're angry, you'll never get anywhere. Note: Can you believe I took down this site just short of one million visits!?