Friday, April 19, 2019

An analysis asking a critical question about the ad Assignment

An analysis postulation a critical question about the ad - Assignment ExampleCoco Cola, stands extremely distant from the list of healthy drinks, and has been a subject of criticism for all the health and nutritional skilleds. One index wonder what is it about coke that makes the health experts criticize it so much. The fact is, no health expert or physician have been successful in finding a single trace of excellence in this drink to recommend it to person on a healthy diet. However, Coco Cola enjoys a humongous good will in the global market and it is powerful enough to reach to every(prenominal) nook and corner of the planet with minimum effort. Sadly, the age group which is largely influenced by Coke is undoubtedly the children and the youth of the current age. They are not only a prey to Cokes ad campaigns but also innocent victims of this malicious life threatening drink. It is sad to know that the globalization has reached such heights that goodness lost its value to t he unquenchable thirst of physical pleasure. Reference This is about the man Cup 2010 Coca-Cola Commercial Source - http//

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