Monday, June 10, 2019

Strategic Fit between HR Strategy and Business Essay

Strategic Fit between HR Strategy and Business - Essay instanceStrategic rifle is basically related to a review of schemeal resources in consideration of the fact that the important aspect to profitability is not plainly achieved by industry selection and positioning, but also through a strategy that seeks to utilize resources and capabilities. Capabilities and resources, which have unique characteristics, are matched to develop a competitive advantage in the long run. Fit as Strategy Integration Fit as strategy integration provides organizations with assess criteria with which integrations transactions whitethorn be optimized for achieving production frontier before, during, and after integration. The strategy elaborates how well an organization can meet the merger criteria without compromising on performance success. Organizations under mergers process and plans rent to put into consideration smooth operations in merging deals, alongside maintaining successful asset combinat ion production through strategy. Strategy integration comes in handy to en fitted organizations to effectively manage added asset combination value and leverage positioning. Strategy integration, alongside due diligence, goes a long way in maintaining an organizations profitability during mergers (Gleich, Kierans & Hasselbach, 2010, p.5). Strategy integration allows an organization to exercise more control performance measures and value added integration, rather than mere integration that may compromise on performance. Backward strategy integration may be undertaken to enable organizations access needed raw materials from a more dependable source. On the other hand, forward integration strategy enables a manufacturing company to build a more reliable market to its products. The integration strategy also allows an organization to gather more control on how it sells products and services and pursue product differentiation to build competitive advantage. The strategy generally outlines a clear billet on what particular activities organizations should engage in with relation to its situations and visions to achieve increased profitability and success (Tan, 2002, p.48). The processes enable an organization to evaluate viability of mergers prior to proceeding with the transactions. to a greater extent so, the process seeks to establish best practices that would enable growth, improvement, and attainment of better profitability prospects, alongside possible performance success obstacle identification and elimination. Strategic fit basically enables organizations to successfully launch merger integration amidst continued present successes, value added asset combination, and long-term performance success. Through strategic fit, organizations are able to optimize available technologies, human resources, and operation systems. Fit as an Ideal Practice Strategic fit is the best practice between human resource and business, although a number of practices may still be want ing for an organization. The human resource is widely actualized for its commitment and competencies that need to be governed by strategic boil down that forms the best practice available. Through strategy, the organization is able to actualize its potentials with regards to complexities and multiple dimensions involvement of organizational human resource capabilities matched with available resources. Considering

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