Friday, June 14, 2019

Study case Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Case Study ExampleQuestion on firms use of the services would help her to tell firms with opportunities for her proposed ventures while questions on who makes final decisions, criteria for selection of service provider, and evaluation criteria are important to identifying the most viable opportunities for Donnas proposed enterprise.The research indicates that a majority of the examine firms, and by generalization, a majority of firms in the area, does not use consulting services. For those that use the services, the CEO, general manager, or the manager are the most influential decision makers. In addition, the firms have not been using consultancy services for merchandising purposes and reputation, experience, and prices are the major decision making criteria. Further, large consulting organizations are preferred and performance is evaluated based on peoples acceptance of the rendered services. For the firms that had not used external consultancy services, they cited no need for su ch services.I were in Donnas position, I would proceed with the designing to establish the commercializeing consultancy firm. I would target the companies that have not been using the services and awareness creation on the need for the services would be my marketing strategy. This would be my short-term strategy as the organization grows, as I would also be trying to capture large firms. I would also get to to develop professional relations with firms top executives such as CEOs, general managers and managers to understand their tastes and preferences for service providers and services. My actions would aim at entry into the market and expansion of market

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