Thursday, July 25, 2019

Assessment and Evaluation Strategies Learning Essay

Assessment and Evaluation Strategies Learning - Essay Example The outcome that has been decided is that the learners will be able to relate to the need to maintain client confidentiality and the need to maintain confidentiality of organizational information to work-related situations. They will also be able to identify various types of work-related harassment and the consequences of such actions. The two weeks of online training has used online power point presentations, animations, and flash presentations to teach these issues, where students of various ethnic backgrounds and various experiences have interacted. Now the idea is to create a strategy to evaluate and assess the learning. The assessment process must consider students like Joe Antone, a member of the Pima Indian Community, who is experiencing work in the healthcare environment for the first time. Comparison: Two assessment methods that can be used in such programs are quiz and self-test questions. In this program, while going through the course, the students will come across the self-test questions, without attempting which no student can go into the next section of the teaching. Thus this becomes mandatory for each and every student to attempt these tests. Moreover, suitable software can be used to add a navigable menu and search function, where the students can search the answers from the module and answer it. Each student can get two chances. At the end of the session, there would be a quiz of multiple choice type questions, where the learner would have one chance to answer it. Leads in the form of images can be incorporated in the quiz, and the learner can post the answer to the tutor (Benjamin, Robbins, Kung, 2006). While the first one assesses the knowledge in steps throughout the module, most learners can get 90 to 100% with the use of search function. The last one ge ts a summative assessment of overall conceptual knowledge, and it can grade the results both in percentages and pass-fail methods (McFarlin, 2008). This could be also a

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