Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Breast Cancer Essay -- Biology Essays

Breast Cancer The thought of having breast pubic louse is frightening to every woman, and devastating to some. However, ignoring the possibility that you may get breast cancer, or avoiding the things you should do to detect and avoid cancer, can be even more dangerous.Breast cancer is a devastating disease that may affect one out of nine women in the United States. This year alone, a patient will be diagnosed every three minutes and a woman will die from breast cancer every thirteen minutes. Unfortunately, there is still little know about the diseases cause or cure. Currently the further means of increasing a breast cancer victims mishap of survival is early detection by annual breast exams and education about the disease. A professional high quality mammogram is the most reliable bearing to find breast cancer as early as possible. By the time a lump can be felt in a womans breast, it is usually bigger than the size of cancers that can be found with a mammogram. About twenty five percent of breast cancers ar found through monthly exams and thirty five percent are found through mammograms. They rate of cancers discovered increases to nearly forty percent when fleshly exams and mammograms are used. Women are urged to do both. Educating women about breast cancer has become increasing important. Recently, an alarming survey, conducted by the American Cancer Society, showed that many women have improper perceptions about their risk of getting breast cancer. Nearly half of the women believed their chances of evolution cancer were as much as fifty percent, when in reality it is only eleven percent. Also, many women thought that their risk of getting breast cancer was highest in their thirties and fourths, when in ... ... and to kill cancer cells if they ever develop. A heavy(a) number of studies also back up a link between alcoholic beverage intake and an increased chance of developing breast cancer. Overall women that deglutition an average of three drinks a day have a forty percent higher chance of developing the disease verses non-drinkers. Research has found that alcohol alters the way a womans body metabolizes estrogen. As estrogen levels rise, the risk of developing the disease does also. Above all, the important thing to remember is that having no risk factors should not give you a false sense of security. It is vital for each woman to be aware of their own personal risk factors for developing cancer, and what they can do to decrease their chances with simple lifestyle changes. Women are encouraged to talk to their doctors and do their own research to further inform themselves.

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