Friday, March 22, 2019

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The beliefs and views of modern partnership are hypocritical and unjust. By the time an individual matures from a youthful child to an adult, they have been taught an uncountable number of life lessons. One of the outstanding lessons that apiece and every person has learned is that killing another human beingness is wrong. This is perhaps the first recognizable lesson on the value of human life. more or less children know that killing is against the law and learn spiritually that it goes against all religious morals and beliefs, yet society is bombarded by violence everyday in the media and in real life. Today, the value of human life can be questioned, especially that of the immature. Through numerous examples of child murder and abortion it is alternatively obvious that the lives of the unborn or newly born are not valued to the degree that they should be. In most cases, the young are not recognized as "people" and are robbed of their human rights and freedoms. You ng lives, both(prenominal) born and unborn, are seen as more of a commodity these days, than as precious, magical miracles.In the media today there are ridiculous come of reports pertaining to accidents, shootings and robberies-these are just a few examples of unjust acts that are occurring everyday. in that location is also a shocking amount of coverage about parents accidentally, or on the other hand, brutally murdering their kids. Parents are supposed to be winsome and supporting caregivers, they have a great influence over everything a child can possibly say or do. It is hard to weigh that some parents would actually take their childrens lives into their hands. Recently in the newsworthiness there have been accounts of a mother poisoning her son to a father taking a knife and slashing his sons throat. These are all cases where the parent in charge has taken service of their control. Each helpless child is defenseless in these situations. In umpteen cases, children have b ecome victims of a parents mental instability. In one case a mother claims to have been "suffering haoma delusions about hell when she took the life of her twenty month old child." In the end this woman was found not criminally responsible because "she had plainly been suffering from psychosis the day of the drowning." She was then committed to a psychiatric hospital. This seems to be common place today, and there is no justice done for the young slain victims.

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