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Report on family BreedloveEvaluator Morgan Bluebird, MSW internFebruary 12 2013All personal information collected and utilise is protected from unauthorised disclosure by thePrivacy Act. The Privacy Act also affords family of the clients the rightfield to challenge the accuracy and completeness of the information and have it amended as appropriate.Identifying learning and Referral SourceClients name Cholly Breedlove Clients name Pauline Williams Breedloveday of rescue 21-06-1901 Day of birth 13-03-1903 grapheme Man of the house Role lady of the houseCivil condition Married Civil perspective MarriedClients name Sammy BreedloveDaay of birth 11-09- 1925Role Son of mr. Breedlove and mrs. BreedloveCivil status Not applicableClients name Pecola Breedlove Day of birth 07-04-1928Role Daughter of mr. Breedlove and mrs. BreedloveCiv il status Not applicableThe hassle stated in this assessment relates to Pecola Breedlove, therefore when speaking of the client, it refers to her. The client is referred by her primary social worker, Dr.Trampene.Presenting the problemPecola Breedlove, daughter of Cholly and Pauline Breedlove is suffering on a lower floor the rough treatment at the hand of her family, what is more the functioning of her family in total. As mentioned before the development of the client may be discomfited if no intervention will be applied. The dysfunctional family causes the most ruin to her because of the everyday violence as well as it engenders several invalidating external factors. The client is facing problems that relate to an inferiority complex, also Anxio... ... cruelness - physical abuse - sexual abuse-Z62.4 Emotional neglect of babeCholly Breedlove -Z61.1 Removal from home in boorhood-Z62.4 Emotional neglect of child-Z61.8 Other negative life events in childhood-F43.1 Post-traumatic stress turnover-Z72.6 High-risk sexual behaviourPauline Breedlove -F60.2 Dissocial personality disorder, not step up of the question-Z60.4 Social exclusion and rejection-Z61.8 Other negative life events in childhoodTreatment1.Weekly individual psychotherapy to reduce depressive symptoms and improve social and occupational areas for all four client.2.Psychiatric evaluation to cry potential use of antidepressant medication, for Pecola and Cholly Breedlove. Antidepressant drugs may be used in addition.3.Out of home placement client4.Biweekly couples Therapy school term

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