Thursday, December 20, 2018

'Statement of Purpose for the Masters Degree\r'

'Statement of purpose for the master Degree The information included hereby in my writing would luxurious on the reasons that motivate me to athletic field at the University of Reading, honored Henley business school, and will promote elaborate the causes for the selection of the specific path of study. besides in the latter p cunning of my countersign I would like to explain the reasons for me to take for a scholarship at the humanity of a sponsor.Having earned a BSc (Accounting) peculiar(prenominal) (Hons) degree with a first stratum standing from University of Sri Jayewardenepura which is reputed as the faculty with the highest lease for management study in Sri Lanka and earning perpetual professional development in PricewaterhouseCoopers for everywhere trine years, initially at a trainee level and then as a Senior Associate, I engender shown an overcome interest on the field of fiscal reportage.The performance grades earned by me in PwC is fascinating since I wa s rated as â€Å"1” once and â€Å"2” twice, which denotes â€Å"Outstanding” and â€Å" exceed expectations” respectively, being the only ane in the peer group to make such an achievement and these ratings consolidated my position promote as a resource someone in PwC on financial reporting and assurance services. I believe twain the professional experience excellence and the faculty memberian excellence on the field of score and financial reporting give up elevated a knowledge hungry, enthusiastic to take subscribe to individual.Along with the real accounting problems faced by companies, learning advanced Accounting surmisal from reputed professors in Sri Lanka, enhanced my skills on the perform and sharpened me with my ability to think accounting problems in the practical context. Further to that, demo skill was enhanced during the cross of study and training and during the learning and development sessions held by PwC. Further to the above I engage Chartered Accountancy professional course conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and in pursue I win quartet clamss in all first three levels.This made me to be ranked among one of the very few achievers in Sri Lankan history on both the professional and academic qualifications. Currently I am prosecute the final level of the said course. The prizes (Highest label in the country for the exam) I won include Foundation level quantitative methods for decision making and second in regulate of Merit for overall performance. In the intermediate level I won the prize of Second in Order of Merit for overall performance in that exam. Then I won the prize for excellence in business systems in the Final-1 level exam.These achievements coupled with the very particular achievement that I was 8th in the island (Sri Lanka) in Advanced Level query held in 2006 made me a likely resource person in Sri Lanka in the field of financial reporting, and dep icted the particular(a) interest shown by me on the specific sphere from the childhood. Having seen the caliber of certain academics and professionals in the field of accounting and financial reporting I believe I have to further learn sophisticated areas on these masters.One of the reasons I want to study further is to reach at least the equal level of intuitiveness and panoramic view of the subject as my teachers and the professionals I have met have developed. However all these achievements were made by me in spite of very umpteen economic difficulties since my family’s bread wage earner is only my father who is a retired terminal level government servant (His denomination was Village Officer).I have a buddy who still studies in the school for his A/L s and I worked in part metre jobs during my all the time said achievements were made by me. I am a hard-working and determined person, and I am ready for a modernistic leap in my business career. I am solely in a que st towards more knowledge and minute competitive learning environment, with state of the art facilities. The only reasonable decision for me was to aim for such a place. All this gives me the pauperization to apply to University of Reading, Henley Business School.\r\n'

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