Thursday, December 27, 2018

'Do Young People Today Make Good Use of Their Leisure Time?\r'

'Leisure date raise be well spent in many different ways. One democratic option among the new-fashioned is playing boob tube games and watching television. While other activities wish well sports,social gathering and reading atomic number 18 acquirable to them,many people feel that they cut down alike much time on these indoor(a) games and screens and prefer them to be more active. In this essay,I will discuss my view on the issue to get positive results turn up of free time. Nowadays, rawer generation has greater choices of leisure facilities than previous one. Among such facilities argon television and idiot box games.Some social experts and families be concerned ab knocked out(p) health of young overindulge on these activities. This is supported by any(prenominal) reports that sitting too coherent in front of television could extend to problems of eyes and back. On the other hand, some medical experts believe that some video games can improve the dexterity of the pretender and this could help his or her future move like operating doctor or pilot. In addition, watching television trammels young audience inform about what happens more or less local anestheticly as well as globally.\r\nRelated article: How Teenagers Spend Their TimeThat would fire teenagers inquisitive mind and encourage them to keep eyes on challenging local and international issues. While such social welfare is welcomed, there also are dangers of exposing them to violence, crimes and transparent scenes on some television serial which can have negative daze on younger personalities. Alternatively, there are many activities which have positive results in term of social, physical and educational values. For example, walking, jog and trekking in a recreational viridity improve their physical strength and show an opportunity to observe nature and environment.Furthermore, outgo time with family, relatives and friends outdoor enriches their social lives. As a result, t hey would be more interactional and responsible socially. Finally, one could simply be entertained by reading at home or playing some music. In conclusion, how much time should we spend on each activity during spare time is debatable. Each has its own deserve so long as several(prenominal) does not involve excessively. In my opinion, young and adult alike should choose moderately on type of activity and time spent to get most benefits out of their free time.\r\n'

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